Bonded Goddess


Alternative Title :

I Went To Another World and Bonded With a Goddess So I Might As Well Have Lots of Sex and Rub it In My Ex-wife’s Face


Author: Ruki

© 2018 Ruki All Rights Reserved


My name is Kyou, a divorcee. I used to have family that I build for 20 years. I got almost everything until that bitch ruined it. Yes, I was divorced after learning that my wife was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. The betrayal really started to bite into me when I found out that my daughter took her mother’s side.

And 2 years pass by just like that…

I’m still bitter…  but then one day, everything changed…

Genre  : Action, Adult, Fantasy, Isekai, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life, Modern and Harem (In future chapters)

Tags    : Incest(In future chapters) and R-18

Update : Every Monday, 9.00 PM (GMT +8)

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