Inma no Hado chapter 110

Chapter 110: Mother daughter meat hell

Having sex with this married woman persistently for a while, Kenichi looked up and grinned suddenly. From absorbing Chizuko´s sex energy, Kenichi´s super sense was sharpened and he already know that the special guests opened the door exactly now and have entered.

However, Chizuko´s ears doesn’t hear it, because she agonizes in the living room.

However the special guests have heard them and entered the living room where Kenichi and the others were abruptly. And they saw how the exhausted Chizuko leaned on Kenichi, after raising a penetrating scream.

“Hiiii!!! No, Noooo! Nooooo!!!”
“Ma, Mamaa!”

And the good-looking mother-daughter pair look at each other with unbelievable eyes. Anyway, Ruriko sees how her mother has intense sex with a young man who isn’t her father. Furthermore the dick of that young man is inside a different hole, which cannot be seen because of Masako´s head.

“Noーーーー!! Not good! Not good!! Dont look! Dont loookk!!!”

Chizuko raised a soul-tearing scream from agonizing herself and she hugs Kenichi´s body, while his huge meat pillar is deep inside her in which nothing can enter so easily. Next Chizuko can’t hold it anymore and looks down while covering her face with both hands.

However her anus shrunk to the very limit from her intense shyness and it could be understood that the penis is almost bitten off from the tightness. Thereupon, Kenichi´s meat weapon reacted by erecting further and tortures Chizuko´s vital spot.

“Se, Sensei…”
“Ou, welcome home”

Kenichi speaks to Ruriko in a light tone from behind Chizuko’s body. Chizuko feels an intense uneasiness and with that her head becomes more confused by the improper tone.

“Welcom home, Oujo-sama. Now, Madam, I and the two of you will make love to Kenichi…”

The maid´s face which is full of saliva and love liquid smiles brightly as if she has no worries at all, while she welcomes Ruriko.

The tennis practice seems to have ended and she might have hurried home. Ruriko paused for a long time on the door in her tennis attire, before she raised her head and murmured something in a low voice.

“So. Mama was already a companion…”
“Ru, Ruriko-chan…”

Without understanding the meaning of her daughter’s monologue, Chizuko’s confusion reached the peak. And seeing the appearance of her unfaithful mother, Ruriko is still calm.

“Sensei…. I couldn’t meet you recently all the while, therefore I wanted to meet you terribly…. Because I heard that Sensei comes to my house today, I thought that mama was also here as expected”

Ruriko ignored her surprised mother and came near the sofa. At that time did Chizuko noticed that there is another girl with a similar figure standing at the door.

“Right. Aiko-chan also wanted to come desperately, so I brought her here…” (TL note: For those who forgot or can’t remember because it is a long while, but Aiko was the second girl captured by Kenichi in Arc 1)

Ruriko disregards her mother while saying so and cling to Kenichi who leaned on the sofa. And in the net moment Aiko Kawashima who is Ruriko´s kouhai in the tennis club also clings on Kenichi.

“Ah…, sensei is amazing. To completely make Ruriko´s mother yours”

Chizuko´s presence darkens from hearing the words of Ruriko´s friend.

(Aaa…su, such…such a thing…)

What is said. Chizuko´s beloved daughter who she tried to protect to the cost of her anal virginity had already been poisoned by this man.

As soon as Chizuko understood, she made some noise and felt how her blood flows backwards through her body. Chizuko´s values and moral view which she cultivated so far were destroyed instantly.

“Mama, I roll up your skirt to see”

When Kenichi says so, the two girls turn in front of Chizuko who is still connected with this man.

Chizuko raged. However Kenichi who smirks moved his hand from behind and sealed her resistance easily. This pitiful mother has no way to escape any longer.

“Noo! Don’t look at it!!”

Hearing her mother’s sharp voice, Ruriko who flinched momentarily rolled up the flared skirt in her hand gradually.

“Hiiiii!!” “Uwaaaa!!” “Amazing!”

Three people scream at the same time.

Inside the stained white thighs is a red flower that is already blooming. Because Kenichi´s bold penis had been accepted until just now, that place was in a terrible condition. Thick pheromones are sprinkled to invite a male and Chizuko´s secret place is full with honey liquid and semen.

This noble wife who doesnt put on a swimsuit doesnt maintenance her pubi hair that has grown around her pussy thickly. Ruriko and Aiko swallow their desire down, when they witnessed the lustful pussy in front of them. You can’t think of her as a noble lady at all and instead seems to be a prostitute from the outskirt who has sex with many man.

And a male genital is deep inside her other hole at this moment.

“No, mama´s…, hips…”
“Don’t look…Ruriko-chan!”

Chizuko wanted to close her legs but the mean Kenichi hinders it and shows more of the connected part to Ruriko.

“Aaa!! Noo! Move…hiii!”

While Kenichi´s meat pole goes in and out after getting wet with intestinal juice, Ruriko who would normally look somewhere else looks at it as if she is in trance and murmuring.


Seeing her daughter´s appearance, Chizuko has already forgotten her shameful shape and was filled with a sense of despair. Her daughter’s innocent body has already been touched by the poison fangs of this devil. And verifying what is before her let her become blood red.

“Look, is your mother´s pussy lonely? Here is a vibrator you can use”

Aiko who said that with an astonished expression laughed immediately.

This pretty tanned girl with a lovely smile has a mischievous face and took out a vibrator from her sport bag. This female senior high school student carries a pink maximum size market article around.

“Uhuhu. Because I couldn’t meet sensei and was lonely, I bought it from a catalog. Its named Kenichi-kun”

When Aiko said so and showed the pink vibrator did she licked up the silicon surface. Its really erotic to see a female high school girl with ponytail and wearing a tennis uniform tasting the vibrator. The high school boys who fell in love with Aiko and were waiting at the station or at the school gate to hand her a love letter would be disgusted seeing this.

“Yesterday, I and Ruriko-senpai played with Kenichi-kun in the club room”
“No, Aiko…. It was a secret”

This lovely fairy that makes the vibrator muddy with her saliva disclosed an embarrassing fact about Ruriko.

“Because Sensei doesn’t play with us at all recently, we have done it with Kenichi-kun. Ruriko-senpai called sensei´s name many times during it…”
“Do, Don’t say such a thing…it’s embarrassing…”

While Ruriko masturbated she imagined that this vibrator is Kenichi´s huge and strong penis.


Chizuko nearly reached the height again by the impact, however she was scared to disgrace herself in front of her daughter, so she hit the brakes desperately. The tip of her toe in the stockings warps and tells the depth of the pleasure.

“Hey Ruriko, you put it in”
“Aaa…understood…. I’m sorry, Mama…”

Ruriko who holds the huge vibrator which is full of Aiko´s saliva put it against her mother´s vagina.

“Aa…su, such a frightening thing, stop…”
“I’m sorry, Mama. However, my heart and body belongs to Sensei. If Sensei orders, then I’m a good child and do everything…”

But still Ruriko who seem a little sad buried the vibrator inside her mother´s vagina.


Chizuko tried to use her last strength to run wild, but Masako and Aiko hold down her arms and feet and smash the last hope of this wife who opens her wet eyes and glance hateful around.

“Great…it tightens terribly and doesn’t let something enter so easily…”

Her sphincter shrinks before the abnormal situation occurs in were Chizuko is penetrated by Kenichi from behind and a vibrator in her pussy. However it’s understood, that her vagina swallows the silicon vibrator slowly.

“Ohooooooo!!! Aaaaaahiiiii!!”

An explosive expression of pleasure appears on Chizuko´s face who raise a roar which isn’t considered from her usual modest expression.

That’s also reasonable. It was complete in heat and addicted, so that it felt uneasy when the silicon rubbed against her sensitive meat. Even that let this wife feel pleased, because the Inma shot his semen inside many times.

Moreover, it is her biological daughter that creates the pleasure. This abnormal situation bakes Chizuko’s brain and rationality which made a masochist’s blood bloom.

“Ooo…intolerable…its tightening forcefully and my son is bitten off…”

The Inma who fought many battles is excited at the taste of Chizuko´s back hole which squeezes his dick intensely. Even slaver drips down from the edge of his mouth unconsciously.

“Hiiiiigaaaaa!! Huguuuuuuuu!!”

With the impact which means that the vibrator is buried deep inside, does Chizuko raise a beast-like roar and bends backwards. Her whole body trembles and she was pushed into paradise, that she even fainted suddenly.

Kenichi´s overwhelming mass is blocked and both Chizuko´s body and brain are melting away from this unreasonable stimulation. Both Kenichi´s hot penis and the false dick occupied both holes and create such a pleasure.


Ruriko who buries a huge vibrator into her mother who agonizes on the sofa sweatily and is sitting on top of Kenichi sees her mother and feels a mix of sadness and love. This mother- daughter duo won’t escape this pleasure hell anymore, which they couldn’t think of one month ago.

The intelligent and good-looking daughter who realized that clearly deals to her destiny the last fatal blow.

“Let’s fall to hell together…. Hey, mama”

Ruriko put on a switch on the bottom of the vibrator to drag her mother into hell, while murmuring with a delighted voice.

Chizuko who agonized herself away fainted as if she became insane. Her orgasm felt like infinity and this lady´s brain has become short-circulated from enduring this high-pleasure.

An enormous amount of semen ws released inside Chizuko´s back hole, so that even Kenichi couldn’t believe it.

Ruriko and Aiko fastly clinged to the dick from right and left and licked the mix of semen and love juice eagerly.

And after tasting it, they all took the fainted Chizuko and moved to the parents bedroom on the third floor. The huge double bed which is put in the bedroom where perfume from last night floats and the other furnitures are luxurious.

“Now, who do I eat…”

Chizuko was thrown off and Ruriko who was absendminded caught her has her thighs licked by Kenichi who put his head into her skirt.

“What is this…”
“Aaa…it’s embarrassing…”

Ruriko´s bottom is soaking wet with a great deal of love juice and even overflowed like a river that it even reached her socks. Originally Ruriko´s body wasn’t like that but since her body ripens from bathing in Kenichi´s wave motion and has become a body like AV actresses have.

“You can’t become a bride anymore…”
“No, sensei. Take responsibility…. Please receive Ruriko…”

This pretty girl is fawning and opens her legs voluntarily for her middle-aged teacher. Kenichi grins, when he sees her swollen paradise.

“Huhuhu. You’re having your period…”
“Nooo…. Its shameful…”

Next did Kenichi applied his nose to her swollen crotch and smelled the lovely fragrance of sweat, semen and blood so that he becomes excited. This fragrance gives an intolerable stimulation to a middle-aged man like Kenichi.

“Aiko. You also have your period”
“Noo, how do you know that, sensei…”

Kenichi put his head between Aiko´s legs next and his nose is in front of her pink panty, before he sniffs this shameful smell.

“Aah, Sensei…. Because I’m sweaty, will you smell it?”

Aiko laughs brightly. It can’t be imagined from her smiling face that she opens her legs freely for Kenichi. And Aiko really enjoys that her dear lover smells around her crotch, while she is licking her lips.

Her pussy that get stuffy by the intense movement in the morning raise the bittersweet smell fragrantly. Both girls came straight here after club activities and didnt even took a shower. Both did that because Kenichi loves a woman smell which accelerate his lust.

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