Inma no Hado chapter 274

Inma no Hado chapter 274: In front of her son




Primitive desires rise from the back of her waist. It is a desire to get familiar with this guy after getting acquainted with it. Reiko has been reminded several times of the indecent blood flowing in her body.

And she understands. That this is not her true desire. Certainly she has sexual desire, but it is not on a abnormal level so far. This is something that was forcibly evoked by the immorality and unnaturally amplified by Kenichi’s red tentacles.

But that being said, the vicious sexual desire that is now battered in her body is a reality. A fundamental desire as a human imprinted in DNA. Cells in her whole body are seeking instinct to mate with Kenichi and wants to leave their offspring and pleasures associated with that act.

(Aaa…I want to do it…now…this…)

As boiling water becomes steam and pressure increases, the rising desire is likely to blow away the lid of the name of reason, and Reiko sweats all over her body in fear. If she had no son in front of her, she had already insert it from herself. She wants to swallow the lustful male genital which is an order of magnitude more than the one of her husband to the deep part of her body, shaking her waist as much as she wants and taste the lingering pleasures.

(Better yet…sex…or, kill…)

If it is neither, it will be easy. It is not an act that can be taken as a mother or a human being, such as interacting with a man other than her husband before her son. However, if she was swept away by the inner tsunami, she would be likely to do this shameful act.

“Not good…stop…al, already…dont do it anymore…”

Hard steel pressed against her flower petals. Something hot from there flows in and erodes her body. It is obvious what it is as a member of SHADO. This is the magical power that a male Inma shoots when catching prey. The black wave swells desires more and more. The engorged small labia opens its mouth large and the vagina and pores are filled with thick mucus.

“Hey, be honest, Reiko…”
“Ahuuu!!! Aaaiyaaa…”

When she was bitten in her ear, a voice came out of her nose. The clitoris is rubbed by the penis that moved and her body becomes numbed by the sharp stimulation. As if aimed at her, the hands of Kenichi who sees the breasts which fully cover the bra are stretched out. Unpleasant pleasure spreads and it mixes with that of the crotch, running up the spine and burning the brain. A devilish caress combo that knows all the weaknesses of Reiko’s mature body.

“You wanted to have sex with me, therefore you emailed me. Is it still enough for you to be lewd? Look… you want it? Be professional and be obedient”
“Aaa…don’t say that…”

Reiko is confused by the words of temptation. When she looks at her son, she sees a sad face. Despite being a young but intelligent son, he seems to be at odds with his inner reason and desire conflict despite being 12 years old.


Mother and child call each other and stare with a crying expression. It seems as if they are trying to hold back each other’s bonds that is likely to be cut. But for Kenichi, it is nothing more than an exciting show.

(How far are you going to do it?)

The mature body of this married woman who sweats all over her body and sprinkles thick pheromones is about to be materialized. It is not satisfied with sex with her husband, and frustration has accumulated just before boiling, so it is likely to burst with a slight stimulation like a balloon that has reached its limit.


It is unconscious. Reiko moves her waist slightly and rubs her wet pussy rigidly. When she let a little of the magic force flow, she will shake her body vigorously and draw in tightly. Since the waves are already highly resonant, Reiko’s sexual feeling and desire control is equal to that of a child.

“Hey, you know? My cock wants you, and it’s getting lively now”
“If you’re fucked now, you will feel good! I’ll push my cock deep inside and take you to heaven which you can’t taste so easily…. Hey, let’s make it go easy”
“Naaaaa!!! Th, That’s…ahuuuuu!!!”

The erect penis rubs the labia and scratches the clitoris. If Kenichi strengthen the magic slightly, Reiko’s patience will surpass the limit. The sexual desire that overflows overflows and burns the reason, so she would like to forget about it and jump in there.

“Kill me…now…kill me…”

Reiko says it to distort the floating beauty of greasy sweat into agony and to exhale blood. Rubbing the vulgar part which is congested using her waist to the inquisitiveness and indecent while having her bust kneaded from behind. Despite being watched by her son, she cant stop her cunning hip swing. She hates the lewd blood flowing in herself and despairs of her body dominated by desire.

“Nhiiiii!!! Don’t look…don’t look, Rei-chan…”

Eventually, though slowly, the plump hips are lifted. The meaning of the movement is obvious to her son who has no sexual experience at all. Waist movement like searching for something. Soon it will find what it wants and the huge tip gets stuck in the mud by a few millimeters.


If either one moves his or her hips, the lonely meat will tear his or her body. Reiko waits for the thrust from the bottom as it is. However, the nasty and pervert Kenichi makes no sign of doing anything.

“Let’s show your son how you have sex. Show off mom’s cheating sex to your cute son”

(Devil…aaa…he’s a devil…)

This guy just wants to let her work on her own in front of her son. Her nipples are teased from the top of the bra cup and seven colored sparks fly in front of her eyes from the sharp stimulation.

“Hey, answer the previous question”

Reiko’s heart broke when Kenichi poured his wave from the nipple to the end. No, maybe it was known from the beginning. Reiko cant resist this man from the beginning with the pleasures that this horrible man gives.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry, Rei-chan…. Mommy is…Mommy is a weak woman…. I no longer…”

The waist was shaking. Stopping the movement as she has decided. Reiko raises her face and looks straight at Reiji. A beautiful mother and a brilliant son staring at each other with tears in their eyes. The mother is in her harsh destiny and the son is in the illusion of family happiness.

“Mom loves dad…. Not only dad, but both Rei-chan and Ho-chan, mom loves you…”

A teary voice with a gentle tone. Reiji instinctively realizes what his mother is trying to say and he distorts his face.

“But…I’m sorry…I’m sorry, Rei-chan…. Dad…I’m not good with daddy´s…. Mama…Mama is no longer…already, no good…. Mom’s body has become someone else´s possession… ”
“Mama…Ma, Mama…”
“I’m sorry…Rei-chan…. Please forgive your weak mom…”

Reiko smiles with a crying expression and slowly sits down. The horny vagina which was loosened to the inside by the sexual intercourse a while ago swallows the head of the penis.


Reiko bows her neck backwards in front of her son’s eyes and spits out a cry that sounds like the soul. The cells of her whole body boil to the strength of steel finally obtained and it instantly decays to a hot ecstasy like hell. It is the pleasure of the hyperpigment that is dazzling so that it seems that sex with her husband is no good anymore. Her ripe pussy blooms and dissolves in mud like butter, which has been ignited by the pleasure that Kenichi brings.


The reaction is tremendous as she endured for so long. Her trembling thighs have reached their limits and reiko sit down as she cant stand anymore. The penis almost falls into her body and pushes up to the innermost part.

“Hiiiiiiii!!! Ikuuuu!!!! Cumcumcumcumminnggg!!!!”

A large amount of love juice coming out of the womb blows out like a geyser,and small splashes land on Ema´s face, but she doesn’t notice that Reiko is swaying at the climax. With the open crotch and exposing the joint part the whole body is trembling and the beast-like voice keeps rising. A bright, intelligent and gentle mother, has her reason burned to extravagant pleasures and exposes a living shame in front of her son.

(It’s really cool…. It seems to have been greatly effective that the child is seen)

His penis is squeezed with great power and Kenichi also put out his tongue from the intense reaction. Reiko’s interior is hot enough to burn and she finally sucks in the meat pillar that she wanted for a long time and tightens it completely without any gap from the tip to the root. Her body pierced in the back sitting position shakes and is standing up to the goosebumps on the whole body.

The entire vagina curls up and entangles around the embedded penis and pulls it deep to encourage ejaculation. The turtle head is especially tightly wrapped with meat and the rough projections stimulate the whole body. In addition, the uterus comes down and the erosive uterus will come in contact with the bell’s mouth. It is a response up to the gloom that the pleasant instrument familiar with squeezing semen shows. The mature woman who tries to squeeze off the seed with her whole body so as to remember even the itching.

(I thought it was enough, but there is still room for development…. This woman’s body is so sculpted that she is scoopy…)

It is a body that has been held for more than half a year. The mature woman who was 40 years old was going to be tasted to every corner, but it is the first time, she has such a strong reaction. A sense of despair that her son is watching how she is having sex and becomes intense excitement and the reaction which can be played only for the part which has put up desperately becomes a tremendous thing.

“Hooooo!!! Yesssss!!! It’s been a long timmeeee!!!”

With the top of the vagina orgasm, it lasts for a long time. While blowing like a geyser, the hips move with ease in search of pleasures. The hungry married woman continues to show a tremendous response as it only accumulates for a month.

“Amazinngg!!! Aaaa, your penis is greattt!!!!”

Reiko instantly said those words. However, the strength of a battle or one hundred battles does not cause such swelling of the mucous membrane or even biking and it can only happen as she was left alone for a while. Kenichi´s dick which is sharpening the deepest weakness even now, without moving is tightened strongly. Such pleasures, such loneliness, such feelings of goodness, who will go against it.

After spending a few minutes which felt like a long time, Reiko finally is overpowered. She uses her whole body energy for intense acme and sweats all over her body, before lying in bed.

“Because it’s so dirty, clean it up to every corner…”

When he pulls out his penis, Kenichi draws Ema near who was standing by his side and brings her close. A strong sexual smell has risen from the penis that has dense female honey, but the beautiful girl keeps her mouth open and licks the surface that has become dirty with her small tongue.

The mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue of Ema opposed to the vaginal mucous membrane from the maturely married woman. The gap amplifies the desires of the horny beast. The body fluid of Reiko is wiped away and the saliva which has been smoothed up by her is coated instead.

“Hey, Ema-chan…. As usual……, let’s check your panty”

Ema can’t reply right now because Reiji is next to her, but she still opens her long thin legs and straddle the man’s face lying on the bed, as if it were natural to do so.

“Huhu…what a cute panty you have, Ema-chan…. Have you worn your favorite underwear because you’re on a date with your boyfriend?”

As noted by Kenichi, the pink underwear is very pretty with large and small stars printed everywhere. For those with a rape hobby like Kenichi, it is a stimulant that surpasses anything. The bottom of the cotton is already exhaled with nectar and wetted and it is sprinkled with a thick aroma. A unique smell that mixes honey, milk and ammonia. The nose is pushed between the 12-year-old crotch and inhales it so that it may reminisce.

(This virgin smell is also over today…)

Ema´s virgin loss. Finally today is the day. Kenichi has made her drink his semen several times, but that is all. Even when he had sex with Miku and Rin, he just shows off the act to Ema and didn’t take out his hands on her. But it will be about time.

(In front of her boyfriend, she is going to be a woman…)

Without knowing Kenichi’s speculation, Ema grabbed the glans and frantically shook her head. The 12-year-old virgin is, as always, semi-hypnotic because the waves are highly resonant and there is no shortage of actions taught in front of her boyfriend. It is so embarrassing that Kenichi´s face is buried in the crotch and she wants to die, but it is a spice which burns her young sexual feeling.

(In the habit of a virgin, so openly…)

When he put the bottom of the panty aside, the girl’s hairless genital part appeared. Originally, the modest crevice is congested with the labia minora and opens its mouth while pouring out nectar, but the entrance is surprisingly small and narrow. Kenichi wonder what happens if he put his huge meat weapon in such a place, he can imagine the black excitement that makes him thrilled just from imagined.


When he stirs up the slumping hill, a fluid with a low viscosity flows in and the taste of the girl spreads in his mouth. It is lovely to make Ema scream by the stimulation. The beautiful girl who is a idol candidate has become a meat doll which completely tries to cheer up Kenichi who is using his mouth desperately while licking Ema´s crotch.

(Huuuh…this may be interesting…)

While perpetuating the small vaginal hole with his long tongue, Kenichi looks at Ema and smiles grinningly. His eyes were red, and he was glaring, thinking of a wicked scheme.

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