The Power of Creation – Chapter 266

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Wendy is completely different from Tiana. Where Tiana is a snobbish girl who likes to act prideful and resistant, she’s very easy to manipulation, and has a somewhat masochistic desire to be dirtied and humiliated. Wendy is an entirely different creature. She is quite vocal and very lewd. Rather than resisting, she seems to encourage you with every action.

“Slurp… slurp… your balls stink like man!” she puts on a disgusted face. “How dare you make the Matriarch resort to servicing you on her knees.”

“Well, all I said is do it, you’re the one that dropped down and started sucking.”

“A-as if I had a choice!” Wendy flushes red, sticking your cock in her mouth while rose color flashes on her dark skin.

Her lips continue to work on your cock even as she shoots you hateful looks. You check once again for the hundredth time that there is no curse or anything that is restraining her. This Matriarch is just simply crazy. She is a submissive dedicated to the role.

“Is it that you hate men because you’re a giant whore who can’t say no?” You muse. “Did you create a society that steps on men to hide your secret?”

The girl suddenly chokes, gagging on your dick, before recovering her breath and immediately going back down on it, as if by sucking your cock she can avoid answering your questions.

“Hey, Wendy, how about you get on my cock then?”

“You… bastard… you’ll rape this Matriarch? You’re just like a filthy man! I hate you so much!”

Your eyes twitch as she abuses you, because even as she does it, she smoothly stands up, lifts her skirt, and bends over. A moment later, her brown ass is in your face and she’s lowering it down on your cock. It slides in quickly, her own level of horniness contrasting with the words coming out of her mouth. You do almost feel kind of like you are raping her. It’s not like that’s a major problem with you considering, but auditory abuse contrasted strangely with her writhing body.

“Ah, ah, ahn!” She cries out as she starts bouncing up and down on your cock while holding her tits. “Your dirty cock is ruining my insides, are you happy now?”

“Yup. Your pussy feels tight, go faster!”

“You… bastard. You want it faster! I’ll give you faster!” She starts moving faster, moving it up and down so fast that it looks more like her butt is giggling.

She is doing some kind of juke-like dance with her booty, but your penis is inside her, receiving the pleasure as your cock vibrates up and down her pussy.

“Ahhh… great!” You smack her ass.

“Ahn! You asshole, how dare you humiliate this Matriarch. You think you can just smack my ass? If you want to humiliate me so, why don’t you just stick your dick in my asshole? Huh? Just tear open my asshole!”

“I’m saving something for later?” You shrug as you reach out and grab her hips, lifting your own and fucking her in sitting position.

“Nnnn…. So big…” A little drool came out of her mouth. “Do you know how long it took to shrink the male cocks in the tribe so they no longer tempted me so?”

“I don’t even have it at my large size.” You started and then catch that last part. “Wait… So, I’m right? I was really thinking there would be some better explanation. The author must have been really lazy when he wrote your character.”

“H-how dare you? I’m the great Matriarch. I have led my people for the last fifty years! M-men are the problem! If they wouldn’t be so demanding all the time, then I’d be able to properly lead. I had to make them weak, so that women are strong. Aiiiiii….”

You stand up with your dick still inside Wendy, bringing her front falling down to the floor. With your hands still holding her hips and your dick stuck inside her, you start plowing her in a forward thrust. Basically, she ends up partially standing while bent over, her hands pressed against the ground as she prevents herself from falling face first into the ground. Each thrust threatens to send her face into the dirt floor. She grits her teeth angrily.

“You see, that’s the problem with you feminists.” You sigh. “You think the only way to make a woman strong is to make all the men weak. You don’t seek to be equal to men, you seek to be better.”

“Wh-what… ahhhn…. Ahhh… what do you know of feminism? Female dark elves were forced to be sex slaves under the oppression of men!”

“I don’t know much… but that was like 50 years ago, right? We can’t continue to live now based on what happened in the past. Yes, the past was awful, but we need to see how we are in the present to know where to go in the future. When you treat past oppression as a justification for intolerance, bigotry, or even future oppression, you’re not solving the issue. You’re creating a cycle of resentment and unhappiness because you’d rather villainize your former oppressors than see the truth!”

“Th-the truth?” Wendy gasps as you speed up your thrusting.

“That in the end, we’re all just people, and we need to all work together for the future of the world! Man, woman, dark elf… it doesn’t matter. What matters is what we plan to do tomorrow, not what we did yesterday.”

“This sounds like pretty heavy-handed political commentary for an erotic novel!”

“Well, there is one thing politics and ero have in common.”

“Wh-what’s that?”

You finally reach your limit, grabbing her brown ass tightly and squeezing as you cum. “With both, you’re fucked!”

“Aiii… it’s going inside me!” She cries out.

After finishing filling her womb with baby batter, you finally release her hips. Wendy falls onto the dirty floor in a heap. She lays on the ground, gasping, as cum leaks out of her pussy. Just at that point, the door opens and Pocahontas with two other women step in.

“I’ve resolved things for the moment, Benefactor, the tribe is willing to listen as long as the Matriarch-“ Her voice stops as soon as she lays eyes on the Matriarch, on the floor, covered in dirt, beat up from sex.

Her butt is glowing red, her pussy is leaking cum, and she has dirt in her face. As soon as she sees the three women, her eyes widen. She points immediately at you.

“He raped me!”

“This man dares defile our Matriarch!” One of the women growls, lowering her spear.

“There is only one punishment that will satisfy the tribe now!” The other adds, adding her spear. “Death!”

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