Chapter 3 – Sister (R-18)

Max put his hands on both sides of his sister’s panties, slowly slid it down to her feet and took it off.

He took the time to look at his sister’s sleeping naked body and the pink crack in the middle, feeling a bit immoral.

Max then brought his hands forward to push his sister’s legs open so that he could see her pussy clearly. Then, he put his hands on both sides of his sister’s pussy and pushed them aside to see the hole all men wanted to see behind those pink lips.

What greeted him was an enchanting pink and wet small passage behind her pink lips. While admiring the scenery, he started to smell a wild musky intoxicating scent causing him to be hornier and greedily smelled it all.

Max’s finger slowly inched forward towards his sister’s spread open pussy. Touching her pink walls felt so wet, warm, and tight that Max started to penetrate her deeper and deeper with his finger. Feeling his sister’s wet walls sucking on his finger made him feel like he was losing his mind.

Not knowing what to do next, Max started moving his finger in and out of his sister’s pussy. The feeling of her walls tightly sucking his finger in makes him want to keep doing it forever.

Max continued playing with his sister’s pussy and then he remembered the limited time of the Sleeping Serum, made him do some things he’s been wanting to do for a very long time.

Max removed his finger from his sister’s pussy and tried to suck his own finger, tasting her sweet nectar while greedily smelling her scent. After enjoying the taste, Max directly pressed his mouth to kiss his sister’s pussy.

Max started making use of his knowledge of sex from porn and used his tongue to give his sister’s vagina one huge lick, enjoying the taste of her nectar and wet pussy at the same time.

While continuing to use his tongue to penetrate her insides tasting her hot and wet walls. Max then drank the delicious liquid flowing out of her pussy to not make a mess in the bed. He also felt a small bump above the pussy hole and tried to suck it.

At this point, Max was really horny and want to put his dick inside his sister’s tight wet hole so bad because he never experienced having sex, only masturbating using his hand.

Max stopped playing with his sister’s pussy using his tongue and kneeled down between her legs.

While skillfully fixing the position of her legs, he grabbed his hard dick and pushed it into his sister’s exposed pussy. The thought of his sister being a virgin made his dick even harder.

Max doesn’t expect her hymen to still be intact though since she has engaged in different sports and outdoor activities for years.

But for that reason, it made it even more convenient for him since he wouldn’t need to clean the blood and she wouldn’t know that someone had sex with her in her sleep because it won’t be painful for her.

In excitement, Max fiercely pushed his dick into his sister’s pussy. He tried multiple times but couldn’t get the right angle. It was the first time for him to have sex so he just used his other hand to spread open her pussy lips and slowly pushed the head of his dick into the small hole that was exposed.

“Ahhh! It feels so good!”

Max couldn’t help but say because of the tightness of the wet and warm walls of his sister’s pussy.

Max was halfway in but he still needed to put a bit more force to fully penetrate his sister so he leaned down to get on top of her and used his body weight to push his dick fully inside.


Max unintentionally let out his voice because of the tightness he felt all over his dick and the warm wetness making easier for him to move his dick inside.

Max couldn’t hold back anymore and started moving his waist slowly, enjoying the feeling of his sister’s hot warm passage trying to milk his dick for his cum.

Max continued moving in and out of his sister’s pussy, fully enjoying the wetness, the tightness and the hot feeling enveloping his dick. The pleasure he’s feeling was so heavenly that he can’t stop wanting for more.

While having the best feeling on his dick, he grabbed his sister’s breast, kissed the other and started sucking them, still moving his waist.

Max attacked his sister’s pussy increasingly fiercer and faster while his other hand grabbed her meaty ass that he’s been wanting every time he sees it jiggle while almost bursting out her bikini.

Feeling his sister’s hot piece of ass in his hands, grabbing it hard and changing its shape made him even harder. Max went on to kiss and enjoy her neck while taking in her intoxicating scent.

Max then moved to his sister’s red lips that looked so tempting. Max kissed his sister’s lips and sucked them, played with her tongue all the while fully enjoying penetrating her with his dick.

His sister looked like a sleeping goddess being dirtied by a mortal man. Max felt so good doing this! The feeling of immorality and the wet tight feeling in his dick!

After pounding his sister for so long, Max felt that he was close to cumming.

‘I need to pull out, I can’t deal with pregnancy right now that there’s still a lot of things I wanted to do.’

Max pulled out his dick from his sister’s pussy, seeing his wet dick slowly slide out of her soaked pussy almost made him cum inside her.

‘Now, where should I cum? Should I cum outside of her pussy? or in her breasts?’

Max tried looking for the hottest part of her where he can cum. Then he saw his sister’s small cherry lips opened a little bit. It gave him an idea as to where he should let out his load. He went next to her face, grabbed his dick and slowly push it inside her mouth.


Max groaned because of the different type of pleasure that he felt. Penetrating her pussy felt really heavenly but pushing his dick in her mouth and seeing his sister’s face at the same time gives him a very pleasurable feeling of wanting to push it deeper.

Max kneeled with both his legs beside her neck and her head between his legs. Max held his sister’s head with both of his hands, pushing his dick in while at the same time pulling her head closer.

“Ahhh, it feels good!”

Seeing his dick go in and out of his sister’s mouth to her throat makes him closer and closer to cumming. Feeling his sister’s tight and hot throat in the head of his dick, and her soft tongue licking his dick below made him pull her head closer and moved it faster.

As Max was close to cumming, an idea struck his head. He stopped holding his sister’s head and went to a 69 position with his sister under him.

With that, the position of his dick completely went straight inside her mouth down her throat. In front of him, he can see her wet pussy lips. He used his hands to separate his sister’s pussy to lick and suck her nectar.

As Max was enjoying sucking and playing with her pussy, he thrust harder and deeper down her throat. He continued to slam into his sister’s throat faster and faster while sucking and biting her pussy lips.

It was only after a few strokes that he exploded deep into her while sucking her pussy lips hard. Max let out moans as globs of cum burst out deep inside his sister’s throat.

Max felt tired after ejaculating a lot down her throat as he collapsed on top of his sister.

Still, the thought of conquering your sister, playing with her holes and cumming down her throat made him feel great!


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