Game World Reincarnation Chapter 3

Taking over

It’s been 2 years.
My daily life went on in peaceful silence without any changes.

During that time I confirmed something unbelievable.

It’s about me taking over the control of game status.

Over thousands of magic and unbelievable status numbers.

Since reincarnated to an otherworld, it wasn’t possible to inspect the status because the 「Menu Screen」 didn’t open.

But, I could use it. Many many powerful spells from the game are usable.

Also, it’s also possible to use skills.

Because I can’t see the status screen, I can’t confirm if I took over the control of everything’s status, but for now I confirmed about skills and magic.

Me, Shalleze and Rim, the three of us live deep inside the mountains.
I don’t know the way of the outside world so I can’t even guess.

Since it doesn’t seem like the game world is perfectly imitated, I want to carefully collect information about what kind of experiences out there.

Because I’m basically being observed by Shalleze-san, I can’t use too many large-scale spells.

「Speaking of which、Ren-sama will be 6 years old soon。 How about we start learning about magic?」

Shalleze-san spoke to me.
Isn’t that good news to my ears, it’s the best timing.
Magic and skills universally exist as something ordinary in this world.

This whole 5 years, I’ve only been living inside this small world, so as far as I’m concerned I didn’t know of the feeling of a fantasy world.

「I want to! I want to do that! Shalleze-san!」

「Please stop putting the ‘san’ in there。 Shalleze is good enough」

A smile floated on Shalleze-san’s face.
「Please wait for a moment」


Haa. I got used to it, but it’s kind of disgusting acting like a child all over again.

Shalleze came back.
She was holding a crystal in her hands.

「That is?」

「It’s a crystal to measure magical power。 If you put your hand on it we’ll now how much magical power you have。 」

Saying so, Shalleze put her right hand on the crystal.

The transparent crystal turned blue.

「Is blue good?」

「Yes。 It’s Third rank。 But well、it’s because I have mixed blood of elf…」

N?That’s the first time I heard that。 No wonder she’s always youthful.

Indeed, the setting is that Elves possess great magical power.

「Then、Ren-sama please try putting your hand on it。 」

I put my hand on the crystal but, I was hesitant.

There wasn’t this kind of item inside the game.
I thought this a new development since there’s no Menu screen.


My level was high, my magical power was also a lot.
I don’t know how much have I in this world, but it’s probably won’t be on the top.


As one forge his status, there will be this skill called 「Disguise」.
I did use that.

I have no idea if it’s taking effects, but right now let’s do it.

I put my hand on, and the crystal shone green.

「A、Amazing…you’re indeed the child of that person、uh、no、amazing desu」

Shalleze-san obstinately don’t talk to me about my parents.

I can’t investigate too much, but when I became an adult I want to clear it up.

Green is Fourth ranking it seems. My status with 「Disguise」 seems pretty high.

Yet it turns to green?

I’ll ascertain about that later. I already touched the crystal.


「Speaking of which、Rim is?」

「Ah、I think that girl is pursuing swordsmanship。
She talked about becoming a master swordsman…」


Since Shalleze-san was originally a magic user, there are some things come to mind it seems.

「She’s just like that person」

She murmured quietly. Her face had a somewhat sorrowful expression.

「I don’t know much about swords、but if it’s magic then I can teach you a lot of things、Ask me if you have any questions okay。 」


「Then、let’s begin。 I’ll be strict okay」

I began magic education accordingly with Shalleze-san.