Game World Reincarnation Chapter 4

True nature?

It’s around the time when I’m 6 years old.

「Then this is it for today」

After magic education, I was damped with sweat so I needed to enter the bath.

Since we practiced magic in open air, it’s painful today as it’s a hot day.

Rim also just returned home from sword training.

It seems like there’s an elderly couple living in the neighbor called 「Blades of Twin Swords」, she received guidance from there.

「Then let’s all go together today after a while」

Shalleze-san said so.

Rim replied 「Got it」.


I replied with a somewhat shaky voice.

My sexual desire isn’t gushing forth too much yet, but there’s some left to a certain extent.

Entering the bath house, I took off my clothes.

Rim energetically moved around, taking off her clothes.

Since I’m  not a lolicon, it’s not a particular problem.

The problem comes after this.
Shalleze-san’s body is considerably erotic.

Shalleze-san took off her magician robe, her simple-looking sweater came into view.

Her huge breasts were emphasized from under the sweater, her body lines were completely visible.

Crossing her hands, she seized the hem of her clothes and lifted them up.

As her huge breasts got flared up suddenly, she took it off quite violently, two lump of flesh shook up and down.

Next, her underwear was exposed, it can be said that her black bra tightly glued to her.

She unfastened her bra, and took off her skirt.

Her black panties were seen.
It was blocked with this one piece of cloth. (TN: Pretty sure he’s talking about the kitty)

Taking off her panties, her light brown pubic hair was completely visible.

Her pubic hair was thick, but on the other hand it was tempting.

「Then let’s enter the bath」

Rim quickly washed her body on her own. Her behaviors have changed since she started to learn swordsmanship.

Seems like she’s forging her martial arts spirit.

「Then、I’ll wash Ren-sama okay♡」

「P、Please do」

Shalleze applied soap throughout her body, then bubbled it.
Her light brown pubic hair is also dyed in white of the bubbles.

Shalleze hands washed my whole body as if licking.
Because of a sudden hit by the voluptuous breasts from behind, my heart banged inside my chest.

「It’s about time we wash here too」

Shalleze-san’s eyes concentrated on my crotch.
All the while having a broad smile.

I felt slightly sorry thinking about if it’s fine for her to do things to this extent as a foster mother that’s making up for my real mother.

However, that feeling completely fell off like dirt.

Being cover with her right hand, my skin was peeled. (TN: You Horror fans, please, this is penis foreskin LOL)
My genital area was hidden by Shalleze-san’s hand.
Her slender fingers twined around my still small genital and gently stroked it.
Aaaa, it feels weird.
It was slimily covered with soap and made clean.

「It’s really unclean。 From now on you need to wash it everyday you know。 On top of that your foreskin is tightening and not peeling」


「This is also the job of a maid」

She talked back with a forceful tone.

Shalleze-san’s gentle hand wrapped up my crotch, it was made clean.

「There’s a lot of penile smegma、it’s really dirty」

She tightened her grip, and began rubbing it.
She also spread bubbles to below my balls.

「Here too…right」

Some skin was peeled off until it became clean.

「Fufufu…Ren-sama became big」

Before I knew it, that place grew bigger.

「Sorry。 Because I’m experienced ♡ when that time comes there will be lots。 Ufu…」

Shalleze used her lips, and gently kissed my thing that has become big, she was having a mischievous smile.




「Taking a bath always feels good」

「Though you didn’t move around」

I murmured and Rim flared up back at me. She seems to have a sense of hostility for magic for some reasons.

「Well it’s hot so I also sweated you know」

「That’s right Rim。 It consumes physical strength when invoke magic」

「Hmph。 」

Rim puffed out her nonexistent chest.

She just began to aim at becoming a master swordsman, yet she already have a strangely high pride.

A prideful female warrior…yeah not bad. I look forward to her future.