Game World Reincarnation Chapter 2

Memory of the past

Around 3 years after I reincarnated into this world.
I become able to crawl, to stand up, and walk.

Then, more than just that, what kind of world is this one. And then I grasped the situation that myself is being in right now.

This world is a world that looks the same to the game world, that much isn’t wrong.
But, in the game, the details of the world were not granted. Because, 「Mysterious Fantasy World」 is the theme of the game, that’s why for the sake of expressing the difference between mysteries and reality, it was vague and arbitrary.

Properly speaking, if one listened to the explanation, each person can enjoy themselves. (TN: 良く言えば、解釈を受け手側に取らせ、人それぞれの楽しみ方が出来る。) Well, badly speaking, the setting is irresponsible.

Of course, things are secured regarding the system, but the story itself is a mess.

It’s a good thing that there’s no story.

I tried looking at this world’s map, but there isn’t one single same country with the game.

『Hero Country Eiyusta』, in the game it was called『Beginning Country Eiyusta』.

「Ren-sama, quickly go to bed or monsters will come out」
「Let’s sleep together~」

As I blankly thought about things, the maid nursing mother Shalleze-san and my step-sister Rim’s voices could be heard.

「Un got it」

Together with the baby-like answer, I went to the bed.
With the momentum I clung to Shalleze-san.

Her soft breasts hit my face. (TN: Hahahaha Mushoku Tensei…fucking Rudy)

I think if this wasn’t a baby body it’d be extremely dangerous.

「It’s not fair huggin’ just mom」

My step-sister Rim clung to my back.

I’m not a lolicon so I didn’t think about anything, but her future is promising.

Rim is nursing mother Shalleze-san’s daughter, we drank the same breast milk so it seems like we’re breast-siblings. (TN: Is that even a term? lmao)

Seems like she’s been determined to become my servant in the future.

She inherited Shalleze-san’s blood, so there’s no mistaking that she’ll become a beautiful woman.

「Let’s read a book before going to sleep」

She picked out a book near the pillow she prepared, and started reading out loud.

「One day、a hero was called by the God’s stardust、he came to Eiyusta Kingdom。

At that time、humans were scared of many scary monsters、they cried。

That’s right。

The Demon King was released from his 500 year sleep.

To defeat the Demon King, the Hero gathered his comrades and went to the Demon King’s castle.

After many hardships, they arrived at the Demon King castle, it was the decisive battle.

Even though himself is worn out, the hero kept fighting the Demon King.

Then、at the very end he successfully sealed the Demon King。 And they lived happily ever after。 」 (TN: BULLSHIT LMAO)

「I also wanna be like a hero」
「Me too」

「You will definitely be。 Now let’s sleep」

Shalleze-san put out the magic light.

The fairy tale just now, it was the same to Momotarou and there’s no one that doesn’t know about it, men or women of all ages, poor or rich, everyone knows no matter who you asked.

Then, I also know the true colors of that heroic figure.

In the game, hero equals players.

No matter how many times you come to the castle and fight the Maou, it seems you can never compeltely defeat him.

According to the person who scripted the game,
「Maou can only be sealed、Maou is certainly the strongest、it’s a setting of immortality。
I thought of making a skill to kill the immortal but I failed *laughs*」

Is what he said in an interview.

Don’t tell me, I didn’t think that would be reproduced in this place.

Back to the main subject. In short, this world’s future is going to be the story earlier isn’t it.

If you look from the present it’s already in the past.

Ah, I’m going to sleep.

A child’s body is troublesome, we sleep early here.

Right now it’s around 8 o’clock in the evening.

As I recognized the time my consciousness faded away.