Game World Reincarnation Chapter 5


「O’Flames, dance」

Because words are a great thing, the emotions deep inside my heart was reflected, not by just the inside, but also the outside world as well.

Even back in my previous world this theory is popular, words influence the world.

However, in this world it doesn’t just indirectly effect but directly effects.
The soul is changed by the method of words, sometimes it’s changed by the method of natural phenomenon.

Here, look at this. A red flame extended in front of me.


With those words the flame before me dispersed.

Right now I’m considerably used to it already, but I’m always wrapped in a strange sensation while using magic.

The feeling of exhaustion, and more than that, it felt like my soul was extracted. In reality the soul is actually turned into magical power, so it’s an expression of when magical power is turned into magic.

「It’s okay。 It doesn’t feel good at first、but if you reached my level, it’d reversely feel good even if you go further than that。 」 (TN: In other words, get on my level, scrub!)

Shalleze-san’s half-joking words was heard.

I think she’s been putting in efforts all this time.

「O’Gentle breeze、scatter the leaves」

Then, the air blew, flipping Shalleze-san’s skirt.

「White…huh」 (TN: Oi, Jumuka, come get your twin!!)

From the standpoint of being able to use magic, the important thing is the image in your mind taking shape of the output magic.
Words is a method to output the image, a strong image can also be reflected, except for when you have another intention.

If you ask me if I want to say anything, I’ll say sexual desires are frightening.

「Ren-sama、if、if it’s me then、you can look as much as you like you know。 If there’s a chance then the contents inside______」 (TN: Yeah, pretty much the vagina -_-)

「Shalleze-san、how was the magic just now?」

I asked as if interrupting her.

「Very skilled。 Not even in their dreams can Imperial court magician do that。 」

I ignored her flattery, but I pretended to be happy.


Now that I think about it, that was an answer with no ambition.

I heard from an actor that a fake laugh is harder to pull off than fake tears, but to me faking rejoice is harder than anything else.

Shalleze-san put her hand on my head, and patted me

「As one would expect、that’s my Master。 You’ve grown splendidly」

Or so she said.

I never got praised back in the previous world. The things I heard were consecutively boo’s and bellow.

That’s right.

I got so into games because I wanted to escape the unpleasant memories.
Why、how could I forget such an important matter?

I’ve always been scared. I ran away from those people.
I was also about this age, I was hit and got bone fractures.
Why did I forget?

All the way until middle school when I got some more physical strength, I’ve always ben crying.
All of the trauma planted in me came flashing back in an instance.
Perhaps it’s the compensation for me always running away.

「Isn’t it because you’re an idiot!」

「You can just die」

「Why couldn’t you do just this much?」

I wonder whose voice was that. A high-pitched female voice, it was so unpleasant that my body started to tremble.

Too much is just unreasonable isn’t it. I didn’t do anything wrong. (TN: MC changed from “ore” to “boku” here)
My murmur was vanished in vain. (TN: Now back to “ore”)

Unless I run away.
I frantically clung to something.
Something right before me.

Before I knew, I was clinging to Shalleze-san’s waist.
I felt like she’ll disappear if I let my hands go, strongly, I strongly clung to her.

I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared

I felt like my brain became all sloppy, I hear unpleasant voices.
I see a pale knee. I see a hand soaked in blood.

It’s just imagination. Collect yourself, me.

My helpless feelings were laid bare.

That shouldn’t be my parents.

What kind of face was I showing I wonder.
She raised her small body, and hugged me.

「It’s okay。 That’s why、please don’t cry。 I’ll spoil my precious ikemen」

No good. I can’t stop.
Tears are still flowing from my eyes right now.
This is no good.
If this keeps up my pretense will be blown.

That’s right, I’ll trick her.
I made up something non-existed.
I’ll have to do that to live on.
But、it’s already_____________

It was that moment.

Shalleze kissed my cheek. (TN: Diabetes ga kitaaa)
It softly, and slowly touched me.

All the dark feelings in my brain were liberated in one breath.
Small beams of lights showed itself amidst the black darkness.
Perhaps this curse is being lifted, a long long long curse.

Then after the kiss on the cheek, she gently whispered into my ear.

「Is there something painful? I’m always available for consult you know。 So please don’t worry yourself anymore。 I’m always besides you、Ren-sama。 」

I quietly shed tears in Shalleze’s bosom.
That’s right, I wanted support from someone. I wanted love. I wanted to be recognized. And I wanted someone by my side.

I wiped my tears with her dress’ hem. (TN: Oi, jackass, wipe it on your own clothes, jesus)

「We’ll be together from now on?」

「Naturally。 Until the day of death。 Even to the day we were born again。 Even if you don’t want it I’ll still be with you」 (TN: Somebody call an ambulance, I think my sugar just went whacko)

She said so smiling.