Game World Reincarnation Chapter 6

Blade of Twin Swords

Light slipped into the small opening of my eyes.
So dazzling. It’s white.

「You’re finally awake、Shalleze was so worried you know」

I heard a familiar voice. As I turned to face the direction where the voice came from, an old woman with wrinkled skin was there.

First of all, I raised my body from laying on top of the bed.

Who is this old woman? What kind of person is she? Would it be rude if I directly asked her, I wonder.

The old woman’s strangely overfamiliar behavior confused my brain.

30 empty seconds passed by, the old woman played dumb and spoke.

「You collapsed all of a sudden for some reasons, everyone was worried」

Collapse? Did I collapse?

That moment, because there was an uncomfortable sensation at my feet, I changed my line of sight towards the side of my legs.


She was sleeping, laying her face across my feet. My goodness that’s a very cute sleeping face. I’ve been seeing it since forever______

My brain began to work properly. My synapses snapped.

That’s right, I remember now.

I recalled my embarrassing past, and then I couldn’t help but cry.

The lies I used to concealed my weak self were torn off. That’s probably the biggest shame I’ve ever had.

Putting on airs is falsely the same. (TN: 気取って、偽って、同一化させた。)

As I felt like my stale nature was exposed, I couldn’t calm down.

Wouldn’t I be despised, I wonder. Anxiety welled up inside me.

「Well it wasn’t anything significant、I let you chew some medicines so it was easily dealt with」

「Wait a minute、I collapsed because I suffered a sickness?」

「Yeah、that’s right。 It’s already 2、3 days after you collapsed。 That reminds me my grandpa also caught a cold。 And because of that the old man______」

I collapsed for 2, 3 days huh. Don’t tell me, Shalleze-san has been watching over me. All the way up until now.

I stroked Shalleze’s hair as her head was placed on the bed.

Her long, light brown hair fluttered.

「I’m sorry it’s already too late but、can I hear your name?」

「Yeah、I am called Judou。 My main occupation isn’t a doctor or a pharmacist、I’m a swordsman」

Judou, I heard this name somewhere already.
The duo of Judou and Kedou. They are partners and a married couple.
The two of them is a living legend.
Each of them possesses one sword. It’s the two people who would drive someone to the brink of death when their two swords are combined, it’s something like “two items for one couple”. (TN: The raw on this one is completely bizarre, I can’t make sense out of it without total rephrasing)

「The Blade of Twin Swords…」

It’s the legendary duo, and Rim’s master.

Right now they already retired to live inside these mountains.

「For me to produce a medicine that’s effective against your illness、I even had to borrow help from a Priest。 Well since it looks like it worked、we managed somehow。
______leaving that aside。 」

It was a one-sided conversation. As the old women finished her speech, her tone dropped low and her expressions turned grim.

「What is it?」

I asked.

「No、I just think that you’re not really this age。 Well there are guys with a difference in appearance and real age。
From elves to vampires、and also one part of demon-race is also the same。
I got sidetracked、I’ll speak honestly。

Your real age and appearance do match。 But however、your mental age is different right?」


Does she know about something? About reincarnation.
I know that reincarnation in this world isn’t rare.
Though I said it’s not rare, I never heard about another example aside from myself.

But, it’s only me that haven’t heard about it, the world is vast.
Perhaps, if you search every nook and cranny around the world, you’ll find at least one person.

Then, before my very eyes, is a legendary adventurer who traveled here and there to every country.

「Can I ask one thing?」

「Yeah、ask me anything。 If you can leave a gift behind、then two of them is better than one isn’t it」

「Before being born into this world。 I was living in a different world、or rather, having memories of past life, have you ever heard about that kind of story?」

The old woman immediately replied.

「I have not。 Even I have traveled the world to this extent、listened to gossips、fairy tales and wordly stories、unfortunately such thing doesn’t exist inside my memories。 」

「I see」

If there was another person like me, wouldn’t it cause a great commotion?
But if there was no such commotion, it’s safe to think that it’s natural for her to say she hadn’t heard about it.

I felt relief hearing 「I have not」 from the person who originally was a traveller.
Especially an otherworld, on top of that it kills the fun because I drag along with me things from the previous world.

「Well that kind of story、haven’t heard about it。
Then what of it、are you one of those?」

「Well who knows。 It can’t be true right。 」

「Fu、well that’s obvious。 Everything of souls and flesh are the creation of God’s Stardust、even if it’s just a joke, saying things like that would make you receive the divine punishment」

That’s frightening. Super frightening.

This isn’t Japan, religious-related things are scary. I want to stay away from delicate problems as much as possible.

If I don’t want to be cursed by God, I better not tell my reincarnation story to people.