Lute Dragoon – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – A Mother’s love


Sheila woke up. She saw the clock on the wall that was displaying the current time, 7 AM, and the first thing she did was turning her head to look for the figure that was sleeping beside her. There laid a crimson-haired boy, soundly sleeping beside her. She smiled as she looked at the peaceful face of her sleeping son, then kissed his forehead. Being able to kiss her son while embracing him was a beautiful start to their day.

He was currently 5 years old, and he usually slept holding onto Sheila, which made her very happy. Now Sheila couldn’t sleep without her son sleeping by her side, she’d be too anxious to sleep. She worried every time she thought about her son leaving her, so a part of her was glad to see him being so attached to her.

If she were to be away from the house, Lute would cry so loudly that his sound could be heard from anywhere in the mansion. Even when he’s walking with her, he’ll cry in a matter of seconds if she were to be physically separated from him.

Every morning, she would wake up earlier than Lute to meditate, it was her routine back when she was still a Mage, even now that she had retired, she still continued this routine, possibly out of habit. She usually did her meditation at the porch as she felt the fresh morning air.

Meditation, simply put, allowed natural mana to be absorbed faster than normal. Most people could do this. Another reason why she did this in the morning would be because she was more unlikely to be interrupted as she meditated.

“ Moooommyyyy! Where are you!! ……. uuuuuu!”

That was her, Sheila’s beloved son’s voice.

Lute Dragoon.

The son of Sheila and Wallen.

He was an overly clingy and spoiled child, which gave Sheila a hard time handling him as she was inexperienced with child rearing. But despite having a hard time, she liked it and thought it was worth it. No, spending time with her son was her joy and happiness.

She would remember the happiness she felt when she gave birth to him, the joy as she breastfed him and all sorts of happy feelings when it came to Lute.

When she remembered that, she couldn’t help but smile…

Especially when she recalled the day Lute called her “Mommy” for the first time.


“Mommy… Mommy….”

Sheila was on her way to practice magic when she heard something unbelievable.

“Mommy… Mommy….”

She finally realized it, that innocent voice belonged to her beloved son.

She trembled and unconsciously dropped the Magic staff she was gripping on the ground. Surprised and shocked, she turned her head around to look for the origin of the voice, and found a one year old crimson haired boy looking at her with his pair of violet eyes. Still surprised, her movement was delayed for a moment, then she moved to the boy.


Sheila looked at the child. Her hands trembled as she reached her hands out and hugged the child. The child revealed a happy smile and stretched his hands towards her and called her again: “Mommy!”

“Uhm! Uhm!”

Big droplets of tears fell from her eyes and dripped onto the child’s face. A blissful smile appeared on Sheila’s face. She held the boy tightly in her arms and pulled him to her breast. She choked on her words: “My son… My son… Lute… Can say mommy now! He can say mommy now!!”


“Uhm! I’m here, I’m here!! Mommy is not going anywhere!!”

Sheila tightly held the child and stroked his head, face, and back as she placed her ear close to him to listen to his happy laughter. Her tears gently flowed down her face as she wore a happy smile on her face.


She felt great happiness that she couldn’t express just by remembering that.

“Yes yes, mommy’s here. I have told you I will meditate here every morning.”

“Ah, sorry…..”

Then she walked and opened the door and found a maid standing by outside the room. In this house, only Sheila, Lute and the maids would be up this early.

Sheila then ordered the maid to prepare warm water for a bath.

The maid bowed and obeyed the order.

As the maid left, Sheila then cleaned and arranged the blanket and pillow before going to the bathroom. Normally Sheila could order the maids to clean her room but she was an independent woman so she didn’t need help to clean her own room as she used to take care herself before she was married.


“Madam, the water is ready,” the maid informed her.

“Thank you, you can continue your work. I will do the rest”  

The maid bowed politely and left the room to continue their job.

She then held her son’s hand as they walked to the bathroom. 

Sheila then slowly removed her clothes, revealing her slender flawless white body.

As she continued, her clothes continued to slide down, revealing her white, ample and alluring bottom, exposing the liquid curve of her white back. Her back was slender, yet not scrawny, clear and lustrous without peer. The skin of her neck and shoulder was flawlessly soft and seemingly pink, as if it had been lubricated.

Lute just watched her naked body for a while as if he was in a trance. Even though he’s still 6, his stare gave Sheila a weird feeling.

Then she heard an unexpected praise from her son.

“Mommy’s so beautiful…….”

“Hue!!! Eh! Ah, Ehehe, thanks.”

She smiled and thanked her son for praising her even though she blushed and a weird voice came out from her for some reason, and then proceeded to help him undress. As she slid down Lute’s pants, his 5 year old crotch came into her view. Despite being a 5 year old boy, his genital was 12cm long, which was unusual for his age. Lute was her first son and having never seen other boys his age, she didn’t notice what’s unusual with Lute, but she did feel that his size was abnormal. She blushed and thought.

Does a child’s genitals grow so fast? He’s just 5 years old, and yet…

She thought as she briefly stared at Lute’s genitals. Sheila was used to seeing Lute’s genitals, but still had complex feelings seeing his unusual growth. Not noticing herself staring at it, Lute snapped her back to reality.

“Mommy, are you alright? You stopped moving.”

“Eh? Ah, nothing, mommy’s alright.”

She hurriedly put away that thinking then proceeded to the bathroom while her face was still red, but Lute noticed it and asked.

“Mommy, Your face sudden turned red. Are you really alright?”

“Eh!! Not..nothing!!! Mommy’s ok. Hahaha!” Sheila forced a laugh.

Lute tilted his head at his mother’s strange behavior. After both mother and son removed their clothes, they walked into the bathroom.

They had to first wash their body before entering the bathtub. Sheila, after pouring water over her head, her hair and body appeared to be shiny and glossy. If a man were to watch her in this state, he’d definitely be smitten by her smooth skin and sexy figure as he would lose his sanity. She noticed Lute staring at her with sparkling eyes, but said nothing and thought.

Lute’s watching me again…

She smiled and blushed a little bit at her son’s behaviour.

They’ve been doing this every day. But Lute would soon turn 5 years old, she must stop spoiling him.

Then she helped Lute wash his body.

She carefully washed his whole body from head to toe, as if she’s handling a very delicate object, and when she’s finished, she hugged Lute and sighed.

“Haaaaaaa… Lute is so cute and soft….. It really makes mommy feel good and calm.“

 “Ehehehe, thanks mommy.”

As she snuggled with Lute, she slowly moved her hand to his crotch.

“It’s about time we wash here too.”

Sheila shifted her eyes towards Lute’s genitals, the part she had been washing ever since he was 2 years old.


Lute nod his head happily, he really loved it when his mother washed his wee-wee.

Lute’s genital was then hidden by Sheila’s hand as she slowly stroked it.

“Urgh…….. Mommy… It feels good……”

As Lute was enjoying his mother’s touch, Sheila peeled down his foreskin.

“It’s really dirty. Are you properly washing this?”

She asked Lute as if she’s interrogating him

“…I did,” Lute answered, fidgeting as he looked away from his mother’s gaze.

Sheila then looked at her son’s foreskin

“There’s a lot of smegma! it’s really dirty!”

She tightened her grip, and began inspecting it as she glared at her son.

“From now on you need to wash it every day; on top of that, your foreskin is tightening and not peeling. And you’re almost 6, Mommy won’t help you wash your wee-wee anymore once you reach six.”

She spoked with a forceful tone.

“Eh? But-but”

“No,” Sheila said firmly.

“Uhh… I’m sorry…”

Lute, currently on verge of tears, apologetically replied to her mother.

Sheila noticed that her son was about to cry, panicked a little bit and comforted him in a hurry.

“No! Mommy’s not angry! Or scolding you! Mommy’s just worried that you will catch a strange disease!”


Lute asked his mother hesitantly, scared at the thought of his mother hating him.

“YES! That’s why please wash your body properly from now on!”

Sheila responded hastily.

“Un, I will!”

She sighed in relief as Lute’s face brightened up as he happily answered his mother.

“Wash me again mommy,” Lute pleaded.

“Hah… You naughty boy.”

Sheila smiled helplessly as she wrapped her hand around Lute’s genital, twining it with her white slender fingers, and started slowly and gently stroking, covering it with soap.

Lute’s genital was slimy from the soap that his mother smeared on.

“Aaaa, it feels weird but good~”

Lute was enjoying the weird feeling as his genitals was being stroked by his mother.

She continued rubbing her son’s genital, also lathering his balls.

“Here too,” Sheila said.

She peeled his foreskin off and thoroughly cleaned his penis until it was completely clean.

“Fufufu, naughty boy. You became so big.” Sheila spoke in a teasing tone.

Lute’s small genital grew bigger.

“Eheheh…” Lute laughed shyly.

She blushed a little bit and smiled mischievously when she saw his reaction.

It grew bigger again… Bigger than when he was still 4… My son… My Lute-chan is slowly turning into a man.

Without realizing it, she was grabbing his penis tightly and moving it up and down in a rough pace, as if someone was controlling her. Seeing Lute feel good from her touch made her want to do it more and more.

“Urgh…… Hmmmmmm….. Mmmmm…… What, is this feeling……”

His mother always washed his wee-wee, but she had never done it this roughly. As a result, he was starting to feel a new, weird sensation from this new experience.

Then Sheila increased the speed of her movement even more.

“Ah….. Urgh… More….. More….. More!!!”

She continued tormenting her son carefully with a rough pace and her breath also started getting rougher… Seeing her son’s ecstatic look and him demanding more, she couldn’t stop herself anymore.

As she increased her pace, Lute started having hard time and his breathing went out of order because of the new sensation he had never experienced before.

Suddenly, he felt a sensation he was not familiar with, as if something was going to come out from his wee wee… Is that pee? He thought.

He wanted to tell his mother about this abnormality in his body, but he couldn’t speak due to the pleasure from the weird sensation.

“Ah…… Mom….. Mom….. Mom-!!!”


Meanwhile, she was enjoying the sight of her son feeling good from her touch.

“Ah…… Mom….. Mom….. MOMMY!!!”

She snapped back to reality when Lute called her mommy, at the same time, white juices spurted out from his penis, spraying some onto her face and into her mouth, which was opened from surprise.

Her hand stopped as she finally realized what she had done to her son, she was doing something that should not be done between families. She commited a taboo that should never be done!

Panicking and anxious at the same time, she was at loss at how to respond to her son.

What I have done to my son! What was I doing to my son, why…… No, for now, let ask if he’s alright. This incident should be kept a secret and never happen again!

 “Ah- Sorry, Lute, are you alright!?”

“Haa…. Haaa….. I’m alright.”

“Is that so… Then let’s rinse ourselves and get out. And… Please keep this a secret. It’s a secret between the two of us, okay?

Lute, who was still in a trance, just nodded.

They started drying their hair and body with the towel readied by the maids. She wanted to snuggle with him a little bit more as she really was spoiling her son too much, but didn’t do so because she felt bad about the incident earlier. She was having a complicated feeling without her realizing it.

After calming down and having dried their body and finished dressing up, they then left the bathroom and walked together.

They then moved to the dining room to find Elizabeth and Rosalin already present.

“Good morning, Rosalin, Elizabeth.” Sheila greeted them.

“Good morning,” Elizabeth returned the greeting.

“”Good morning!”” Lute and Rosalin traded greetings.

Lute and Rosalin were especially energetic when they greeted each other. Both mothers just giggled when they saw their actions.

Rosalin Dragoon was the first daughter of Wallen and Elizabeth.

Lute’s elder half-sister was 2 years older than Lute.

She was currently 7 years old, but her still growing body was slowly but surely showing some development. She had blood crimson hair and a pair of blue eyes which she inherited from her father, while her face resembled her mother, who was known as the most beautiful woman in the empire. People saw her as a cute little girl now, but there’s no doubt she’ll become an attractive beauty on par with her mother in the future. 

And she was a genius that picked up writing and calculating very quickly at 4 years old.. She had extraordinary learning speed compared to her peers

After greeting each other, they sat down and started eating their breakfast that was served by the maids while chatting.

“Where is Papa?” Rosalin asked when she realized her father, Wallen, was not present.

“Papa went to the capital, the Emperor was calling him.”

“Ehh? Again? He promised to play with me and Lute today.”

“I’m sorry, dear,” Elizabeth apologized gently.

“So, how is Rosalin’s study progressing?”

Sheila changed the topic when she felt the sudden gloominess.

“Everything so far is good. There no problem with writing, reading and calculating since she already mastered those at 4 years old.”

“Yes! I never knew study really good but I more like with Lute!”

Rosalin hugged Lute who was still eating next to her. Elizabeth smiled, then said.

“Well, you can play right now before you start studying.

“Thank you!”

Lute was very close with his big sister as Rosalin was the one who always played with him.


After breakfast, Rosalin and Lute played together in the mansion’s garden.

Lute was playing enthusiastically with Rosalin.

“Rosalin Nee-chan! Let’s play Hero and princess again!”

“Eh, but I don’t want to play that game anymore…”


“I want to play something else!”

“How about playing catch?”

“That’s boring too…”

“Then what you want to play?”

“I don’t know…”

“How about tag?”

“Lute-chan is too fast, I can’t run fast as you,” Rosalin grumbled.



“How about playing newlyweds?” Lute said innocently

“Eh?” Rosalin stared at him.

“Not good too?”

“Let’s play it!!!”


10am was the starting time for Rosalin’s first lesson. Wallen had arranged it so that she could start her formal education when she reached 7 years old. She would be personally taught by a tutor that they hired.

Meanwhile, Lute was feeling lonely. His sister, who usually played with him was busy due to her lesson, leaving him all alone. He started crying so hard even Sheila couldn’t calm him down.

Rosalin could hear the faint sound of her brother’s sobbing, she felt like she needed to do something to Lute. There, an idea popped up in her head. She requested the tutor for a break, and he allowed it, sensing her intentions.

She left the room to look for her brother, and found him in the room where he usually slept with Sheila. Lute’s faced was covered with tears and snot, large droplets of tears continued spilling from his eyes as he sniffed sadly. He was surprised by the appearance of Rosalin, his sobbings calmed down a little bit.

Rosalin walked to where Lute is, and knelt down beside him, then gently moved his head and placed it on top of her lap. Lute stopped crying, but was a little confused by his sister’s action.

“I’m here. Big sister is here, so stop crying.”

Rosalin gently smiled at him as she consoled him while stroking his head.

“Geez, I can hear you even from inside the study room. I couldn’t bear listening to my precious brother’s sad cries.” Rosalin reprimanded him.

“Ah… Sorry… “ Lute apologized. “Rosalin Nee-chan, I feel sad when you’re not playing together with me… I want to be with Rosalin Nee-chan…”  

“I thought I’d hear you say that, so I came up with an idea!”

She turned to Sheila who was sitting near Lute on the bed, and said.

“Can Lute study together with me? If Lute doesn’t understand what the tutor taught, he can just watch it quietly. I think he wants a companion who will do things together with him.”

“Hm…. I will talk to your father about this, but he will have to stop if he disturbs your lesson.”

“Lute, what do you think-”

“I want to be with Rosalin Nee-chan! I promise I won’t disturb her or the tutor!” Lute answered right after Rosalin finished speaking, his tears were still flowing but he stopped crying.

“Then let’s ask for the tutor’s permission later. If he allows it then we can be together even when I take my lessons.”

After that, they asked for the tutor’s permission, and he allowed it, but only if Lute behaved and did not disturb the tutoring.

Since then, Lute’s time with Rosalin increased, and he would quietly watch his sister when she’s taking her lessons.

Sheila thought, “It can’t be helped…” and smiled wryly. She could just let Lute follow Rosalin everywhere, but the problem was she herself also needed to be within Lute’s view.

It was their daily life. After Rosalin’s lesson was done for the day, they would play together again, and she would occasionally explain the content of her lesson that he didn’t understand. And when Sheila practiced her magic, Lute and Rosalin was excited to see her magic.


Rosalin and Lute were tired after playing together, and their mothers called for tea and snacks.

Lute, Rosalin, it’s time to stop.”

We have prepared tea and snacks, come take a seat.”

Comiiiiing!” Rosalin and Lute responded cheerfully.

Lute and Rosalin stopped playing and went to their mothers, then took a seat around the round table. Sheila served the tea, and Elizabeth brought the snacks for tea time.

Rosalin took a chocolate biscuit and gave it a bite. Her eyes sparkled and exclaimed. “This biscuit…. I like it!!!”

“I’m glad you like it. This is a chocolate biscuit.”

“Quite a lot has changed ever since the otherworlders spread the recipe from their world. This chocolate biscuit is one of the recipes that the otherworlders introduced.”

“Yes, apparently they missed the food from their world so much they decided to make food from their world even though the ingredients are different.”

“The knowledge and inventions that they introduced are amazing, too. Apparently previously we can only look at the sky and the position of the stars to determine the time, but with the introduction of clock, we can easily and accurately tell the time.”

“The idea of combining magic and science together is fascinating, but it has its good and bad points,” Elizabeth remarked.

“Haaa, it is really hard when we cannot imagine certain parts when using magic but with their knowledge, it becomes more powerful, I heard this from my seniors back when I was still working as a Mage, apparently the otherworlders have changed the method of studying magic and improved it. And during my time as Leader of Magic Court, the time taken for studying magic has been reduced so much that we can now focus more on training.” Sheila’s eyes were brimming in amazement

“Yes, but it is still troublesome. There are people using it in the wrong way. Like the Ancient Weapon that the Demons used during the Holy Great Wars… it’s so powerful that it can destroy the continent.” Elizabeth sighed and shook her head.

The discussion continued until the sky turned dark.


At night, right after dinner…..

“Madam Elizabeth and Madam Sheila, there is a message from Master Wallen,” a maid reported.

“Did something happen?”

“Please continue,” Sheila ordered.

The maid nodded and continued. “Yes, Master Wallen said that he will be away for a few days to take care of several problems, and told you not to worry about him. He also said that he will return as soon as the matter is settled and requested that you take care of Young lady Rosalin and Young master Lute.”

“Eeeeeehhh? Papa will not come back home? It feels lonely here…..”

Rosalin felt sad because lately she never had a chance to talk or play with him. He came back home after they’re asleep and left the house before they met.

Lute went and hugged her with a smile, and said.

“It’s ok! I’m here for Rosalin Nee-chan! And dad is amazing, he will definitely return!”

“Haaaaa… Thanks, Lute,” Rosalin sighed

Rosalin smiled and blushed a little bit when her younger brother reassured her.

Elizabeth and Sheila too smiled at their interaction.

“You may continue your work,” Elizabeth dismissed the maid.


The maid bowed and left for her next task.

“Wallen is so busy lately, even though he is usually only called by Onii-sama for difficult missions. I wonder if something big is going to happen; now I feel worried too…”

“… Yes, me too. I asked him about it before, it seems like a shady group is making suspicious movements within the empire.” Sheila sounded grim

Both of them sighed together…

“I wish I can help too…..”

“Wallen will probably decline. Even Onii-sama told me stay away from it.”

Sheila just nodded.

Both were the former princess and former leader of magic court but still could not help their husband with their strengths.

“Well, let’s leave it at that. Let’s go to sleep.”

“Yeah, the children are tired from playing around, we should sleep too.”

Lute was already nodding off from drowsiness, and Rosalin’s eyes were half-opened. Clearly, they were tired and were ready to sleep anytime.

“Hmmmm… Goodnight, Lute….”

Rosalin gave Lute a goodnight hug while holding out against her sleepiness. Elizabeth too went to hug Lute. He looked very cute in that state, so she hugged her out of an urge to protect him. Lute looked comfortable when Elizabeth hugged him with her big breasts, Sheila was envious, either at Elizabeth’s big breasts or how Lute looked so comfortable when he was enveloped by Elizabeth’s big breasts, or possibly both.

“Hmmmm… Goodnight, Mommy Elly….”

“Fufufu, good night.”

Lute did not discriminate between his mothers because he loved his family very much for bringing him so much happiness. Elizabeth would sometime play with Lute when Sheila was busy with something else. At first, Lute couldn’t get used to the absence of Sheila and would cry when she’s not by his side, but after spending some time playing with Elizabeth, he eventually opened up to Elizabeth, and they got really close, even calling her as Mommy Elly.

After giving each other hugs, they went to their respective rooms to sleep.


Inside Sheila’s room, Lute suddenly woke up.

“Mommy, I’m hungry…..” Lute complained as he held his stomach.

“Eh? You have eaten a lot earlier, but you’re still hungry?”

“Hmmm…. It can’t be helped….”

Sheila sighed as she lowered her upper cloth inside her room to expose her white breast and pink nipple. Sheila still produced breast milk, but she kept it a secret from everyone. This happened every night; Lute would tell her he’s hungry even though he ate a lot from dinner earlier. He once mentioned that her breast milk is like a dessert after dinner, which gave her a complicated feeling.

She thought that Lute might be doing this intentionally, but she didn’t think a 5 year old kid could talk so smoothly, feeling worried that he might be a lady killer in the future.

Sheila, who sat on the bed, then gestured for Lute to come by patting her lap.

“As always, sit on mommy’s lap and drink it.”  


Lute sat on his mother’s lap then he held one of her pink nipple’s inside his mouth and started sucking.

This was part of their daily activities, even when Lute was already 5 years old; he still liked to suck on his mother’s breast.

Sheila started breastfeeding him while sitting on the bed; she would pat and caress his head. The way he sucked on her breast felt good, she’d occasionally moan, and sometimes he would grope her other breast. Her heartbeat would accelerate, and she always questioned herself… was this really alright?

Every time we go into the bathroom together, I touch my son’s penis and every night, I let my son suck my breast.

She could not find the answer the answer she wanted. In this house, only the both of them knew about this.

Then she recalled the incident that happened earlier today…

And today, I finally committed a taboo… I touched my son’s penis till he got erection and stimulated him until he ejaculated…. What happened today was a mistake and will not happen again… From now on, I will teach him how to wash himself, so I don’t have to wash him again.

Sheila then remembered about the white stuff she drank…

She unconsciously gulped, and secretly thought…

But his semen… was delicious…


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