I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: VS Judith

Judith took the initiative on the fight.

「First, let’s have a tryout」

She creates a wind around herself then shoot something from there.

It went to Olivia’s face on the speed of sound.

「Hmm, slow」

But when Olivia swing her hand to make a shield of magic, the attack was prevented quickly.

Judith’s magic can’t penetrate through the shield and disappeared.
The shield Olivia made is powerful so the opponent can’t distort it.

「This is just a child’s play. If you don’t get so serious and settle this faster?」

Saying that, Olivia made her counterattack.

Spreading her hands, magic gathered on her palm.

It gradually condensed and turns into electricity.

「It’s my turn this time, eat a thunder ball this time!」

Saying that, she threw magic from both of her hands.

The thunder ball left Olivia’s hand on an unthinkable speed and approached Judith from both sides.

「Same to you, please don’t underestimate me!」

Judith confronted it by spreading wind on both arms and intercepting the thunder ball.


The thunder ball that rushed 60 degrees from left and right was flicked immediately before it hits.

The thunder ball that missed it’s aim hit the wall on back of Judith and made a big hole after an explosion on the wall.

「It’s as expected of a queen I guess, being able to shake off my attack. But, that composed expression is only until today」

Olivia used offensive magic continuously.

「I’m the one who masters magic among elves, don’t think you can win against me in a magic duel!」

She produced fireballs on her right hand this time and shoot it out.

She’s shooting out fireball like a machine gun and Judith responded with a cool expression.

She spread out the wind around herself and evades the fireball one after another.

The wall and ceiling turns worn out but Judith has no scratch at all.

「Is this monotonous attack an elf’s magic? It’s shocking」
「What about you? You don’t seem to be taking on my attacks upfront. Is that your all?」

When Judith provokes her, Olivia counterattacks.

Certainly, she hasn’t tried to shield against Olivia’s magic, Judith only evades.

Olivia seems to have the advantage in magic output.

However, Judith’s skill is quite good for evading those.

She seems to be skilled in wind magic but it really feels transforming freely.

「Then, how about adding one here!」

Olivia makes darts of ice from her left hand and shoot it out.

Simultaneous use of multiple attribute magic.

It’s a feat that can’t be done by a person that’s not good in magic.

「Ku, something this impudent…」

Just thinking when she’s going to take it, Judith evaded it by jumping sideways.

She’s being assisted with wind magic this time, her speed was unimaginable from her beautiful appearance.

「Please don’t think that you always have the chance!」

Judith attacked this time.

Invisible wind arrows attacked Olivia from all directions.

「If I can’t see it then I’ll just defend from everything」

However, Olivia creates a spherical barrier so that every part of her body is defending from an attack.

Then, she threw a thunder ball to counter attack in that state.

Olivia performing attack and defense at the same time really looks like a fortress.

Looking at it again, the two queens are attacking but Olivia is the closer one.

「There’s no way I’d let a person from the surface to defeat me!」

Judith prevents it well.

While moving quickly using wind magic, she constantly attacks Olivia.

Even if it appears that Olivia is putting her full strength in defending and attacking, there’s a feeling that her attacks doesn’t cut in.

「Letting this go on is no good. Master, would you mind if the castle breaks a little?」
「Yeah, my only target is to obtain the celestial maiden and the treasure. I don’t care what happens to the sky city」

I want to rule the sky city but my primary target is the treasure.
I can’t make mistakes in priority.

「I’ll get serious then. Try not to get hit and die okay?」

When Olivia said that, she took one stick of a tree from her waist.
Then she poured magical power when she grasped it.

「I don’t know what you intend to do but I won’t let you do as you like」

Seeing the oppotunity, Judith changed her wind to attack.
Even with Olivia’s barrier, it’s possible that she can’t endure the attack at point blank range.

「You’ll see through such things!」

However, Olivia called her to intercept.
Even if Judith hadn’t approached enough, the barrier broke.

「Gu, uuu!」

The explosion of the barrier produced shock waves and Judith took it head on and was blown off.
We were also attacked by the explosion as the barrier was in all directions but I and Aisha aren’t hurt because we defended immediately.

「Olivia, you intend to drag me into it!?」
「Sorry about that. But, I thought that Master can defend against it」

Though I’m somewhat angry, Olivia’s been able to complete her preparations thanks to that.
The wooden stick that she’s been holding until now has become a splendid bow.

It seems to change when mana is poured.

「This is the special feature of elves other than magic. I’ll let you taste it with your body!」

When Olivia has assumed a form of notching the bow, an arrow was created from magic.

Then the arrow was shot to Judith that has her posture destroyed when blown off.

「I, I can’t be defeated! I will defend the people in the sky city!」

Judith received it with all of her power.


Swinging her arm along with the shout, she was able to avert Olivia’s arrow at the last moment.

The arrow pierced the ceiling and went through the roof.

The surroundings was destroyed by the impact and the blue sky can be seen from there.

It has a terrific power to destroy the castle’s stonework.

「I praise your spirit but this is the end」

But, Olivia has already set up another arrow

Judith who became defenseless after using magic from an impossible posture, is followed by Olivia’s arrow.

Judith wasn’t able to evade it and hit her chest directly but she didn’t die.

「Guu, this is…!?」

Judith raised a voice of surprise because of the change in her body.

「How’s it? You can’t use magic right? That arrow is loaded with my magic and that means that you won’t be able to use magic temporarily」
「…In short, Judith can’t use magic right now?」

Olivia nodded when I asked.

As expected of the queen of elves.

I don’t get it as I haven’t researched on it but it seems that her skill can interfere with other people’s magic.

Well, I didn’t ask as it’s dangerous to ask women about their age.

At any rate, Judith is now powerless with this.

「Then, it’s already our win. Olivia and Aisha will tell others」
「What about Ryuu?」
「Me? I’ll talk to Judith1
「Got it. But, take care okay?」

Aisha left the room with Olivia after she said that.

Confirming it, I slowly approached Judith.

She doesn’t have a wound that stand out but because her clothes are torn in combat, it’s quite sexy.

「Now, Judith. Would you let me hear about your treasure first?」

She can’t do anything without the support of magic even from the showy combat from a while ago.

It’s easy for me to control Judith if she’s unarmed.

「Who the hell would tell a lowlife?」

However, she doesn’t seem to give up even in this disadvantageous situation.

Judging from her appearance, she’s on her latter half of twenties.

She must have a bit of pride as she has ruled the sky until now.

Also, it feels like she’s been looking down on the people on the ground.

This is why it’s strange for the people of the city to assume that she’s a good queen.

She might be overdoing it clearly to protect their daily lives.

When it comes to this, I won’t be able to know where the treasure by asking once if she’s not fallen.

「It’s selfish to speak like that, but I’ll take it from you without mercy」
「What do you intend to do? I won’t reveal a secret from something half-hearted」
「That sister from yesterday said the same thing but she spoke up after I did some things. Judith, you’ll share the same fate」
「What?…I won’t let you!」

Judith who realized that I laid my hand on her subject bared hostility.
I hold her head with my hand.

「Now, how far can you endure it?」

I looked at Judith that scowls at me.
Then, I laughed while expecting Judith’s foolishness.


  1. I know what kind of talk it will be