I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world

Chapter 11 ★ Judith’s forced masturbation

「It’s bad to start here so should we take you to your room first?」

I spoke to Judith after casting my charm cheat like usual
However, her movements are slow as her spirit resists.

「U…My body is moving selfishly」

However, she began to guide me in the end.

This is quite enjoyable.

Advancing inside the castle, we arrived at Judith’s room.

「Then, would you mind if I go in?」
「For a man of the surface to enter my room…Ku!」

Judith’s face looks mortified.

However, her body leads me to a chair.

Her body and spirit contradicting is interesting.

「Now then, I’d like to ask you again where’s the treasure. I’ll end it without exposing your foolishness if you do right now」
「I won’t listen to you!」
「Then, that’s decided. Let’s have you take off your clothes first」

Saying that, Judith put her hand on her clothes.

Her movements are dull because her spirit is resisting but that’s good on it’s own.

Each time a cloth falls, her body is becoming exposed.

Then, she finally took off her underwear and threw it.

「P-Please don’t look at me」
「Nope, I won’t let you hide it」

Judith’s arm stopped at my voice and her whole body is exposed.

I instinctively sighed to the ripe beautiful body.

Her style is also outstanding and I felt that her body is clad in sex appeal of an adult woman.

I want to eat it right now but I’ll endure it.

「Then, let’s see…why don’t Judith masturbate in front of me?」
「M-Mast…There’s no way I’d do something unhealthy!」

Judith blushed and refused.

「Oh? I don’t expect you to say that though」
「That’s…it’s not that I don’t have sexual desire either」

Right. You have such a charming body so there’s no meaning if you have no sexual experience.

「I’m telling you to show it to me. On top of the bed, masturbate while facing me」

When I clearly ordered her, Judith’s body moved.

「For such a foolish thing to happen…I can’t accept this」

Though she tried to resist, she finally climbed to the bed, faced me and opened her groin.


Judith’s face is dyed in shame.

Her vagina shuts completely, it seems that she’s not mature on some parts yet.

Even if her breasts and ass are already ripe, her vagina still needs a bit more I guess.

She looked young only on that place, that unbalance creates lewdness.

「It seems that it’s not used yet, so hurry up and show me how you masturbate」

Her hand moved according to my words.

「I don’t want this, even though I don’t want to…!」

Her hand moved slowly and it finally reached her vagina.

「N, kuu, haa」

Judith stimulates the mouth of her vagina.

However, her movements are slow because her spirit is resisting so the pleasure is just few.

There’s no sign of it getting wet from the outside.

「Haahaa, unn!」

It may be little but there’s still pleasure, she leaks out her voice from time to time.

However, it’ll take long if we continue like this.

「It can’t be helped, let me help you」

I stood up and approached the bed, then put my hand on top of Judith’s head.

Then, I put my magical power as usual.

「W-what are you trying to do!? My head’s getting blank…」
「It’s aphrodisiac. Since I’m getting sleepy if you that slowly, I thought of speeding it up」
「You vulgar, this is why men on the surface are!」
「You should shut up with your impudent talk already」

I said that then returned to my seat.

When I looked at her once again, I knew that the movement of her hand is faster than a while ago.

Her vagina is twitching too and she showed a reaction.

「Very well, grope your clitoris too」
「This, pervert…Nhaa!」

Judith’s hand has reached for the clitoris that’s never been touched.

It’s something worthy of seeing. It’s arousing.

「That’s right, rub it with your finger up and down. Does it feel good?」

Judith moves as I tell her.

Did she understood the places where it’s pleasurable? Her movements gradually got intense.

「I-I don’t know this sensation! No, I don’t want to feel more pleasure than this!」

Judith said that while shaking her head but her hands doesn’t stop as I’ve ordered it.

On the contrary, she’s being tainted in pleasure.

She’s probably feeling fear of some sort too.

After all, she kept advancing towards a domain she doesn’t know.

「Stop, please stop this! No, stop this!」

She raised a sorrowful voice but her vagina has began to secrete love nectar.

This is going smoothly.

「It’s your body, so you should be moving if you have the absolute will」
「That’s…I’ve been thinking of that since a while yet! I can’t stop!」
「Then it’s because the inside of your head wants to feel pleasure」

Of course it’s a lie because I can’t understand what’s inside a person’s head but Judith right now won’t be able to perceive that.

「Hey, Judith. Since I’m the only one watching, won’t you reach the climax of pleasure?」
「What foolishness are you saying!?」
「It may be surprising but sexual desire is settled once you climax」

I prepared an escape for Judith on the last minute.

I only have to wait for her to jump into it.

「Now, what would you do? Are you going to take it head on or are you going to take your stakes and bet?」
「U, uuuuuuuu. I…」

Then, Judith answered.

「Understood. But, if you’re going to do it then make sure that you cancel all of my sexual desire」
「That’s right, that’s good」

I chuckled in my mind. The prey never knew she walked into a trap.

「I can’t do it if I can’t see properly」
「Such a thing…But…」

Though Judith hesitated, she spread her legs the widest until now and it looked like an M character.

Then, she began to move her finger intensely while she takes that pose.

「Haa, haa, hii, nn!」

She let the finger crawl aggressively on the vagina mouth that she’s hesitating to go into so far.
Then finally, one finger went in.

「A, aaah! My insides are hoot!」

Feeling surprised from the first feeling inside her body, Judith raised a lovely voice from the pleasure given by the finger that invaded her.
Furthermore, the finger that went in stimulates her vagina.

「N, haa, I can feel it there…!」

In addition to the finger invading her while masturbating, she began to massage her big chest.
The nipples on top of her big tits seems to have turned erect before it was touched.

「Ah, fuaa! I can feel it in my breast!」
「Oh, then I’ll cooperate」
「Eh!? Please wait, if you touch it right now…Hiii!」

I’ve gotten aroused because I saw Judith’s silliness.

I approached instinctively and

「It’ll feel quite good, try touching your nipple」
「No, wa, ahn~!」

It seems that she raised a lovely voice just when her chest was caressed with one hand.

It seems that she’s close to climax already.

「Don’t stop your hand, show me how you cum」
「u, hyaa, hyaiii」

Just as I tell her, Judith increased the fingers inside her to two.

Her vagina has already become loose.

Then, it triggered her limit.

「Uu, coming, it’s coming! I’m cumming!」
「Yeah, cum without reserve!」

I stimulated her nipples to the end too.

「Agiiiiiiiii! Cumiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

Biku, bikubikun, bikun!

Judith’s body twitched intensely in climax.

Then, she collapsed just like that.

Her legs widened like a frog as she faints then her defenseless naked body is before me.

「Hiii, haa, haa, haa…」

Judith tries to fix her breathing by taking in deep breaths.
Looking at it, I was thinking of how should I attack her next.