I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Part 13

Chapter 13 ★ The fall of Sky City

「This is the celestial maiden’s treasure」

I who made the Celestial Maiden; Judith, fall, waited for her strength to come back so she can lead me to the treasure.

We came to the underground of the castle, the exact center of the sky city.

Then, I entered the room that’s defended severely.

What’s waiting there is a beautiful gem that’s unthinkable of this world.

That gem isn’t fixed on the pedestal, nor it does fall.

Looking at it, it seems that it’s slightly floating from the pedestal.

「The name of that gem is Sky gem. It has the power to let the sky city float」
「It’s the first time I saw it but I’m surprised at the power this stone has…」

Olivia is on my side.

She came to report when the town was under control.

The military unit is a feint but it seems that they have higher gains than expected.

According to Olivia, when the force knew report of me capturing Judith, the information reached the other side.

As a result, the morale of the City soldiers decreased.

It’s unbelievable but, the reliability rose because they saw the roof of the castle blown off from the combat with Olivia.

Our force used that to rush and the other side finally had surrendered.

There are some soldiers who desperately resisted but I heard that the queens suppressed them one-sidedly.

They seem to have recovered from the surprise attack and made a counter offensive but in the end, it was our complete victory.

Their force can form a small alley all at once but our force exceeds them in the quality it seems.

It’s a miracle that there’s no casualties, the treatment of the injured has began too.

The residents of the city are listening without any resistance too.
Judith’s existence is that great. All of them collapsed with just one disappearing.

Returning to the talk, here’s the sky gem.

The gem somewhat shines blue is really compact that it can be held in one hand.
Yet, it has the power to make a city float.

As expected of a treasure.

「It doesn’t just fly. It also defending the city from the trouble such as wind, rain and clouds」

Then, this really becomes a treasure that makes the sky city.

As a man, I want to use it to fly here and there but I’ll leave it put for now.

「Now then, I’ll take this treasure but…n?」

Just when I was thinking of what will happen to the sky city if the treasure disappears, the sky stone had a change.

It was shining blue but the light weakens steadily.

「What, what on bread is…」
「My goodness!」

Judith dashed from my back and examined the sky stone.

The next moment, the floor dropped.

We lost our balance yet, Judith is still clinging on the sky stone.

「Judith, what’s happening? Explain」

Speaking strongly, Judith finally looked back.

「The sky gem begins to lose it’s power」
「That’s bad…」

The sky gem is a part that can be called the heart of the city.

When it disappears, this would fall to the ground.

Of course, there’s no possibility of surviving from the impact.

「Can’t you fix it?」
「…That’s, it’s not accepting my control?」
「It’s running out of control?…」
「I’ve been adjusting the height and course so far but I can’t do it now!」
「You know the cause? Have something in mind?」

Judith shook her head.

Olivia’s treasure can seal off the other treasures but that only stops the movement momentarily.

This shouldn’t be losing power gradually this way.

「Anyway, all will die if this continues. Olivia, can you lead the evacuation of the residents? I don’t have a problem since I have warp」
「Leave it to me, I’ll definitely protect your honor and not let anyone get injured」

When Olivia says that, she went out the basement immediately.

「The power of the treasure hadn’t stopped completely?」

Asking Judith, she nodded this time.

「It’ll fall right down below if it’s zero. It’s inclining to some extent but we’re losing altitude slowly」
「But, it can’t be called a soft-landing」
「Yes, if this continues to lose power as it is, it’ll crash on the ground」

We should begin to countdown the deaths, Judith calmly explains.

However, she’s panicking inside.

After all, this is a life or death situation.

「The gate can be used to shelter but it’ll still take time」

Could it be that they’re using it for the drill if ever this falls?

It would take several hours for the citizens to pass lightly.

「If you don’t escape soon, the people on the ground. Ku, why is this…」

Her calmness is gradually collapsing.

I detained her as she try to leave the room.

「Wait, you will be with me till the last moment」

Judith’s eyes opened wide.

「Ryuu, are you telling me to die!?」
「I’m not telling you that, the sky stone’s power might really go zero if the celestial maiden leaves this city」
「That’s…please don’t joke around!」

Judith who’s been obedient so far is now resisting.

Though she tries to shake me off, she’s still a woman who had received an effect of Olivia’s arrow.
She won’t match me in muscular power.

「What, you’re defying me? It seems that I’ve failed to educate you」

This is purely my mistake.

I seem to have been mistaken in Judith’s willpower.
「Then, that’s convenient. I’ll give you a much more effective training than a while ago」

I embraced the hateful Judith and pressed her against the wall.

Then I began to grope her body.

「What are you doing at this time! Please stop it!」

I ignored Judith’s voice and continued the act.

First, I massaged her big breasts on top of her clothes.

The magnificently ripe breasts, is a beautiful breast that has a balance of feel and appearance.

Then I turn to her back and gripped it with both hands.

「As expected, it’s better to satisfy it with all my heart using both hands」

I moved my hand as I like and tasted the sensation.

The breast’s shape changes easily just putting a bit of power, it’s like a water balloon with thin film.

However, her nipples are erect even she’s saying stop.

「What’s wrong? Your body stopped resisting and has become obedient」
「That’s, you’re forcefully! Ah, not that place!」

Judith complains but she raised a lovely voice the next moment.

「Hii, nhiii! Don’t focus no my nipples!」

When I flicked it with both hands as a test, she reacted interestingly.

As expected, her heart is resisting but her body has completely fallen already.

Then, my aim is Judith’s inside.

Having an act as the sky city falls feels like a life crisis and it feels instinctively necessary. 1

Then, I’ll slip inside her spirit and make her surrender.

She won’t resist for the second time.

「Now, it’s a race on who will fall first within Judith and the city. Allow me to enjoy myself」
Thus, the game in the crisis has began.


  1.  この、落ちていく天空都市の中での行為なら命の危機を感じて必然的に本能的になるはずだ。