Half elves fall in love chapter 150

Chapter 150: Almeida’s passion [Almeida]



Almeida cried out. Behind the scenes, Sharon is surprised and put her hand on her mouth. Suddenly appearing and saying 「Let’s do it」. Moreover, against two famous knights with the strength of a 100-man commander.

“Ku……nu, Andy Smithson. Have you been fooled by drugs without discipline!”
“Almeida, wait. Don’t be violent”

Almeida quickly holds her iron staff, but my gaze is entangled on Almeida’s throat, chest and waist. I understand that Almeida is so strong and scary, but my strange sexual desire will outweigh it. Even if I´m beaten, I want to push down Almeida to reveal her breasts and suck on her nipples. I want to pierce her womb with my erection. No, when I´m beaten, I can’t afford it anymore. I dare to pursue the obvious facts and stare at the curves of Almeida´s body. The hazy light coming from the lanterns hanging along the Great Corridor underlines the shadows, emphasizing the irregularities. Elves are a modest race of breasts, but Almeida is by no means small. No, not too big, ut it is a bulge that is too much to make the woman feel. She is also not in the usual armor, but wears pants and sleeveless shirts that Anzeros and others are wearing for training. In Catalina, where the whole town is indoors, the heating on the lower floors is distributed upwards, so even at this time when winter is approaching, you can still walk in this style (although it is a bit cheerful). The appearance is indeed eye-catching and the exposure of the side and the chest is large a little if you see it naturally. It was really convenient to imagine the body underneath. Even Almeida’s casual and relaxed outfits gets me so excited, so when I look at Sharon, which is usually exposing a bit of her body, you can only see her like a prostitute who invites you. If there is an emergency, it will not be irreparable. I don’t think I can beat Sharon with my strength, but right after Tetes’s scandal, Sharon may not be able to get rough with me. Then I could create an unprecedented international problem of taking advantage of it and committing a general class woman of another country. So I’m sorry Almeida. I’m going to let you be lustful.

“Ku……you understand what you are doing……!?”

Almeida can’t resist me because of orders as I reach out to her chest as I approach her. Sharon observes silently. Does she wants to see it as it is?

“St, Stop, dont kiss in such a place……ngu, nnn……”

Almeida can’t escape even if I kiss and hug her. Sharon hastily tries to hide in a illusion. Very kind but wrong direction.

“Pu, haaa…so, you……nku…hahuu, haaa, haaa……Knight Chief Sharon, is watching……hamnnn……nhuaa”

Almeida is forced down by me, breaking her hips without being able to shake off my hands as they crawl under her clothes, while being quietly devoured every time I kiss her. Sharon is looking at it in the illusion while pretending to turn her back. I felt a strange pleasure from Sharon’s attitude, so I grasp Almeida’s wrist, laying down the crippled Almeida’s legs because of the pants that were lowered halfway down and shackled with her knees, I rub her ass and taking a good mood with a kiss so as not to let her rampage.

“No, don’t, with such a slippery hand……hamunn……hahuu, please, stop……that, I’m……what are you going to do, idiot……!!”
“I, I know that……so, like that……huaaa!!”

Stroking the buttocks, tracing the side, rubbing and kneading the breasts. Almeida protests against the caress every time, but she seems to have given up now.

“Isn’t it nice that I touch you……your body, does it feel good……?”
“Th, Therefore, Chief, Sharon……hua, wa, watching……!!”
“I don’t understand the meaning”

I completely covered Almeida and rub her ass and boobs many times. Almeida accepts it in a formally protest. Is Sharon pretending to be polite and unpretentious? Her body isn’t facing towards us, but her face is staring at us.

“Haaaa……st, stop, don’t look……I, I’m a woman……before, quickly……!!”
“You are a proper woman……”

I continue to kiss her lips, ears and nape relentlessly, enjoying Almeida’s warming up to her expectations, trembling and awakening to her sexual feelings. I am not trying to be impatient. It was just a primitive desire to do so and to get ridiculous. The control of reason is not good enough to be able to do a small trick to rush.

“Haa……haaaa……noo……already, giving up……”

Weak as ever. As the power of the previous time becomes more and more useless by kissing and soft touch, it becomes a great pleasure to Almeida who is driven by sexual desire vaguely. We have no choice but to have sex it. I want to have sex. I want to put it in. I want to cum inside.

“Almeida, I’ll put in. Lets have sex”
“Haaa……do, do you want to do it……?

I take off my belt without being busy and take off my pants and underwear. Then I push Almeida down. A posture in which the knees are not allowed to stand and the cock is pushed completely from between the buttocks while being pressed down from above.

“Nkuu……come, coming……penis……!”
“Ah, let’s put it in, let’s put it in your pussy, let’s start making children, let the seed flow in!!!”

I insert my penis while saying so to Almeida. The vagina that releases muddy joy juice from being kissed and caressed swallows my dick.

“Almeida……Almeida, Almeida, Almeida!!”

Once I put it in, I can’t stop anymore. The vaginal pressure due to the slimy mucous membrane and the trained waist does not allow me to stop. Despite the slightly ill-positioning, I’m just rhythmically and desperately thrusting against the hips of Almeida. And Almeida responds greedily only to my waist, while her pussy becomes squishy. She is shaking her hips to feel a little better, showing that she is only being screwed down. She’s a bad woman. However she’s also the best woman.

“Hiaaa, a, aa……haa, haaaa, naaaaaa!!”
“Ua, aaaa!!”

We roar like beasts and writhe on the ground. Then, semen is poured into Almeida´s pussy violently. One time is not enough. I don’t feel like I’ll be satisfied even twice.

“Haa, haa……get up, Almeida……next, next……”
“Kiss, get pregnant while kissing, you ero knight……!”

Once I pull out my cock, Almeida switches her posture while overflowing with semen. It’s cute to start kissing as if it’s natural to entangle your limbs without hesitation.


And I have heard Sharon throat now, but I ignore it. I have to be satisfied with Almeida. Almeida really feels good. Cute. Lewd. Almeida and I still not finished.


The kissing continued until I ejaculated again.


Next morning. I hugged Almeida as it was and returned to sanity with Hilda´s magic as she became aware of the situation.


Naturally, we took off all our clothes and other things as we were excited. Almeida and I, who had been hidden by Sharon’s illusion, had been navigating naked and sneaking around with no sense of front and back. Realizing that fact, we turned pale quickly while holding each other tightly. Or rather, I feel that I heard the sound of blood pulling in my ears.

“Ah, that, Hilda-san, this is it!”
“Ho, How long have you been holding me! Al, Already finished, so let go of me, you pervert!!”

For the time being, Almeida leaves in a hurry and strolls in search of things to wear. Sharon, who gives her cape silently, has been watching all the time and her eyes are a little red.

“Nn……I wonder why this happened. After all the ginger……”

Hilda checks my health while looking a little sleepy. Looking inside my mouth, checking my eyes or gently holding my hand over her chest to examine m physical condition with sensory magic.

“It’s a drug with a difficult formula. It may have changed strangely because you drank it with the ginger drink. Sometimes it’s an accident where you take medicine with milk or alcohol and then break your body”
“…………No, that, Hilda-san, that’s not entirely my fault, is it? It’s not my carelessness, is it?”
“I’m sorry, but……I didn’t think it would happen with the ginger drink☆”

Hilda hits her head in a cute way.

“No even if you say it cutely, it’s a big deal if you make such a mistake!”
“Yo, You won’t die, there’s a magic that will manage whatever happens if it’s symptomatic”
“No, I can’t laugh at it, because it would be an international problem if I attacked Sharon, Tetes or Neia!”
“Eh? Sharon-chan, you were right next to them, weren’t you? If you were nailed down yesterday, but didn’t run away, its at your own risk”
“Cough……we, well, even if something happened, I was going to make sure that my brother and Lord Buster didn’t move. It’s a state of emergency for Smithson-san, but if the dragon isn’t angry anymore, it’s related to national interests”

Somehow Sharon supplements. No, it’s still bad.

“But it’s really bad because I might suddenly attack someone again”
“Uh, is there any medicine that can easily release consciousness as soon as you take it?”

If it’s dangerous, the damage will be reduced if I hold myself down.

“I have one, but it’s a drug that doesn’t let you wake up for a minimum of three days to a maximum of two weeks”
“……Isn’t it a little more flexible?”
“It’s difficult for anesthesia to be treated when the consciousness is in danger. …….Hmm, it’s best to have a ecchi staff member always next to you. And even if Andy runs out of control, it’s only for a little bit of time”
“I would like you to think about how to say it if possible……”

Well, in the end, it’s a simple and effective solution to have someone who can be by your side until you are conscious. I can’t afford to sleep in bed all day because I’m afraid of seizures (although I don’t mind being a freelancer thanks to Keiron).

“Do you want to ask Anzeros……?”

Apple seems to have the least madness, but it’s difficult to move with Apple all day (Especially if I can’t move around with Maia)), and Luna and Hilda sometimes do it individually. Aurora has a problem with her physical strength (Aside from training and fighting), so if she’s been eclipsing my liking, she’ll be fooled. ……Well, I’m sure Maia will be happy to accept it. The best option would be Laila. Because she doesn’t mind if she is seen having sex, her physical strength is also limitless and I’m attracted to her more than to Sharon.

“Hmm? You don’t mind if Hilda-sensei is helping you. That’s fine, isn’t it?”
“Thank you for your health care, Regular Soldier Hilda”

I’d like you to reflect on it a bit because it’s your failure.

Speaking to Anzeros, one sigh.

“Really, Andy never runs out of things like that……”
“This time it’s not my fault!”
“I understand. ……I’ll help as much as I can. I don’t care”
“……You don’t like it?”
“I don’t care if Andy is mean because he wants to do it, but I just think it’s barren to be mean or violent as we don’t particularly want it both. I’m not in a good state because I’m so happy that you´re in heat with medicine”
“……Well, that’s true”

It is irresponsible because sex is just a runaway if it is said. No matter what the underlying desire is, sex is only affection and excitement which is exposed to the other party.

“You don’t have to worry about it, though. I can’t help it”

I´m sorry for something strange.

Dianne and Laila didn’t return. Although it is according to the plan in advance, I am worried after all.

“So, I’ll with Maia to see how the situation is with Dianne at the demon territory, so following me”

At noon, a roll call takes place and two ace nights, Sharon, Almeida and Irina raise their hands.

“Me too……”
“You’re training, Luna”

Luna tried to raise her hand but was stopped by Neia.

“Almeida is good, but……will Sharon and Irina really come with us?”
“Why is Almeida good and I’m strange?”
“I also want to see what Dianne is doing. If Maia is there, there will be no particular problem, right?”

Certainly it’s safer to be bad than to stay here.

“Ah, everyone, Andy-kun has a strange leftover of yesterday’s medicine, so be careful, though it’s probably Sharon-chan who’s in trouble”

All male corps members tilt their heads to Hilda’s words. They don’t know what happened.

“No, that’s so much trouble……”
“It’s okay, I’ll stop it”
“It’s not even necessary for Anzeros-san to do it. I’m also there”
“I’m enough for Andy-sama”
“Hmm, you’re very popular, Smithson-dono?”

Everyone’s concern hurts.


First thing in the afternoon. After the knights dispose of the hard wolves that have come a little closer, Maia takes off quickly.

“It’s nice to ride directly on the back of a dragon♪”
“Don’t let go of my dorsal fin, Irina-sama”

Almeida follows Irina who looks excited. It’s a strange combination, but it’s probably going well because it’s a clear position.


And Anzeros put her hands around my waist and doesn’t let go. I don’t think we’ll be attacked in the sky, but just in case.

“I’ll go, Andy-sama”

When I nodded to Chibi Maia, her wings cut off the wind and we began heading north.

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