Half elves fall in love chapter 151

Chapter 151: Elf Box [Anzeros Aurora Irina Almeida]



Flying on Maia’s wings, the lookout hut, which was guided by Dianne and others, was right in front.

“It’s really a rush construction”

There is no foundation work, just a small tower built just to stand out. Or rather, a hut with simply high floor. There is no ladder even though it is about 5m from the ground to the floor. It is just an object that checks whether monsters will destroy it, so there is no need to say that it is not necessary and if Dianne or Laila would jump enough by a vertical jump, it is true that the impression that Aurora leaked is accurate and Ia had no choice but to say.

“Maia, raise me up to the hut”
“Which is better, jumping or being raise with a dragon body?”
“……I want you to lift me in your dragon form”

Almeida whispers to me when she sees Maia and Irina licking in the way they go up.

“”If you’re going to stay a little bit, you’d better make a rope ladder, Andy Smithson”
“Aren’t you going to rest? I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with Irina just looking at the faces of 100-man commander Dianne and Laila”

If you say it. You have to think about making this a minimum rest facility. When it comes to that, I certainly want a rope ladder.

“But I don’t bring a good rope”
“Wait a minute”

Almeida looks around and jumps lightly into a nearby coniferous forest.

After a while, she returned with a large amount of vines.

“It’s surprisingly good”
“I thought it would be so because the climate itself was not much different from the north of Afilm. With this alone, I could make a rope ladder”
“I’ll try……but I don’t really care about ivy until the steps”

There are many scraps around the hut. It’s perfect as a material, but I don’t have hatchet or axe right now.

“Muu. I want carpenter tools……”

Or rather, just dozens of sticks of the right thickness. Breaking off the scraps with someone’s sword……I wonder if they will get angry.

“Shall I cut a tree?”

As I was troubled, Maia heard it and said that.

“Can you do that?”

I take the scraps from that side and show them by hand about which size they have. Maia starts,


She tried to break a tree with a chop. I heard a sound and stuck it straight into the ground.

“Uh. Wait a minute, will you?”

As soon as I say 「the ground is bad」, I look at Maia, who continues to look at the half-buried scraps, before looking for stumps or rocks.

Let’s try again because I found a right stump.


There’s a sound that isn’t as beautiful as before. The scrapes were smashed ugly as if crushed with a hammer. It is difficult with this because I want a thin one for scaffolding of the rope ladder.

“… Wait a minute, Andy-sama. I’ll do it again. Just one more time”
“No, if you can’t, you can’t”

It is not impossible to do the scaffolding and the rope ladder separately. It’s going to take time because I can’t use my right hand well. As soon as I thought, Sharon began to walk.

“Should I cut it finely?”
“Yes, but the blade of your sword will be damaged”

The balance between a fighting sword and a crafting hatchet is completely different. Even if you use a strong sword for sword fighting, even if you use it for carpentry forcibly, it is a laugh that is common among blacksmiths. But Sharon pulls out a dagger without even asking to stop. ……A dagger?

“You, then?”
“Of course, I don’t want to split wood with a two hand sword. It makes me tired”

That being said, a dagger that is easy to hold has no blade length of 20 cm. It’s what you should call a knife. I wondered if it would be too light, but Sharon took the scraps


she cut it into two. It’s so simple.

“Is this thick enough?”
“A, Ah……yes, do it……”
“Berga and my brother can do it, too. You have to do this much to handle the Earth Drive with the body of an elf”
“……That’s how it is, isn’t it?”

I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be something like that.

“……I can’t really do that”
“Earth drive……I’m a little interested”

The Ace Knights were a little frustrated.

Dozens of horizontal trees made of scrapes are tied up with a rope twisted with vines to complete the rope ladder. It’s too wild and I’d like to reinforce it with something if possible, but it’ll be fine for now.

“Andy is amazing because he can make this much with just one hand……”
“It’s just like a craftsman”

I feel a little proud, but if I lose to the knight elves in such a tricky work, my position is too low.

“All right, all we have to do is wait for Dianne and the others”
“You don’t have to wait”

I turned around and saw Dianne and Laila standing close to us.

“Uwaa, how long have you been here?”
“We just came back. Now that we’re getting closer, we can hear the conversation”

Ton-ton, hit my chest. ……Accurately, the crossbow stock inside my leather jacket.

“Ah, is that so?”

The conversation was intercepted naturally. ……I mean, it’s surprisingly effective distance long, crossbow stock.

“That’s why you’re welcome. That’s a lot of trouble, isn’t it?”

Dianne looked at me and laughed.


“If 80 percent of these places are safe, we can make a rest area surrounded by more earthen houses here. If you make a lot of districts where monsters don’t easily come out in this way, we will create a highway that connects the districts. If such a transportation network discovers Kalwin Kingdom, it will be a useful facility for communication. Even if you have to take some risk scarto, if there is a safe place to sleep here for the time being, it is possible to move on foot”
“Looking for a dragon and finding it, it’s useless”

There’s nothing in the hut, no furniture. The building is also suitable and the ground can be seen between the floorboards. But it’s important to be able to sit down and talk. Although it was not a beautiful room, each cloak and coat were used as rugs to make a seat.

“But there’s nothing unusual. What’s the matter with the number of people?”

At least Anzeros and Aurora are like half of my sexual desires. Irina and Sharon are watching the mountains, but Almeida is to protect them from my extra sexual desire explosion.


I explain to Dianne and Laila about the drug (and that running wild) that Hilda created and I drunk.

“I see……there’s no sign of danger to your body because my sister has checked it, but it’s troublesome”
“Ho. But if you leave it to Maia, she’ll be happy to shake for days”
“No, Maia is both a force and a symbol, so I can’t just do it”

Or rather, it seems like I’m wrong when I’m told that as a matter of course.

“It’s not like I have nothing else to do……”

I’ve been asking Anzeros a really insensitive favor.

“No, no, I’m not saying I hate it”

Anzeros turned a little red and scratched her cheek. Today is just one braid.

“We´re here, so can we do as we please? Fortunately, there’s no one who’s embarrassed to be seen here”
“Well that. Therefore”

With a bitter smile trying to shed the temptation of Aurora, who made a little bit, a strange sensation runs through my body. I suddenly want to ride the temptation of Aurora, which seemed to be shed. Danger. No, I guess it’s not a bad thing. There are many people who accept us now. Wait. That’s why I shouldn’t do anything with Laila and Dianne who are working now, nor can Sharon. Oh, but all three have big boobs.

“……I see, it certainly seems to be painful”
“Ho. Why don’t you fuck me for the first time in a while?”
“Smithson-san……with such bloodshot eyes……”

Dianne and Laila, seem to be able to afford it unexpectedly. Sharon blushes for some reason.

“Andy, you don’t have to endure”
“I can use me again……”
“Andy-sama, I, Andy-sama’s naughty slave”
“Are you not missing my body? Come on, why don’t you ask me?”

Anzeros and Aurora hold me happily, Maia seems to be sitting a little in front of me and waiting for a agreement and Irina’s skirt flutters with a mischievous face.

“Don’t do this, you’re the pinnacle of the northern elves!”
“Hmm. The good thing about illusions is that you couldn’t imagine that you were totally absorbed in the traffic, while being completely naked”
“Fo, Forget about it, younger people!!”

Almeida is put in the opposite by saying. They all look delicious. I want to all of them.

“GGu……d, do it……everyone is fine, I will put in my penis!!!”

Anzeros and Aurora kiss me as if to bark, twisting me down with their strength. Kissing alternately.

“I understand, ……ecchi, I’ll do it”
“You won’t let me breathe twice or three times, so now Andy-san♪”

The two ace knights take off their armor, clothes and underwear one by one, holding on to me alternately. It intensifies my inferiority.


Then, Dianne and Laila, who have seen it, shrug their shoulders and stand up.

“We’re going to do a little bit of work. Irina, if something goes wrong, please use magic to bind Andy. If we return, we’ll handle it”
“It’s okay, I’ll satisfy Andy-sama”
“Ho, Maia, come and help us. If we do it, it won’t take until tomorrow”
“Help us. If we finish early, we can go to Polka early. If it’s Polka’s fountain, it can remove the poison inside Andy and he’ll be nice and cute again”
“……Okay, I’ll help you”

Three people go out. The three elves of Afilm Almeida, Arcus Sharon and Northern Forest Irina are serving tea and dried meat, side by side with me, Anzeros and Aurora. I couldn’t afford to pay more attention to them. I was entwined by Anzeros´s kiss who was completely naked.

“Nn……n, nguu……nchu, neruuu……”

Anzeros pushes down my body and takes away my thinking power by robbing my tongue passionately. Despite being held down, my clothes have not been taken off at all. Only the girls like Anzeros are naked. A little tall and slender and it should be said that she is a young elf girl, riding on my waist and deflecting her hair as if to show me a white-snow-like, textured skin like the naked Aurora. The two naked bodies appear strangely nasty in the dim light of the hut without lights.

“Hannn……n, huu……puhaa, Andy, more……”
“Anzeros-san, you’re so cunning. I also want to taste Andy-san’s tongue……”

Aurora competing with Anzeros interrupts the kiss. This long and beautiful redhead is beautiful through the sunlight entering through the entrance and the back window. And I stroke her body with my trembling hands and enjoy it. Both Anzeros’s small body and Aurora’s slender body will delight me with the softness of their bodies and their sexual desire for me. Oh, this sinful waist of these beautiful, horny, long-eared girls. Their hairless pussies. Their white bellies. I want to put my dick into them. I want to taste them. I want to play with their wombs.

“Anzeros, Aurora……either way,if you´re ready……then put out your pussies and let my dick inside……!!”
“……After all, Andy, who is crazy from medicine, doesn’t have taste……I can’t help it”
“Ah, wild, honest and the violence that only thinks of a woman as a semen toilet……I don’t hate it♪”
“Andy is a pervert, but he’s still sweet and gentle and tickling”

The belt is removed by two people while making a selfish comment and my erected cock is dragged out. When two small fingers are lovingly touching my cock, that alone will increase the desire for ejaculation. I’m going to cum. I can’t withstand the ejaculation desire.

“Le, Let’s put it in. If I cum, not in your hands, but inside……”

The two lightly snap and rub my dick. I feel that the patience juice is overflowing. And, as if Anzeros had squinted a little, she leaned forward, opened her crotch, spread her pussy and tried to straddle me.

“Hey, Andy, it’s your erotic pussy……it’s a semen bottle that’s been thoroughly trained by your cock……♪”
“An, Anzeros-san, you’re saying something like that……”
“Apart from how weird Andy is right now, I’m sure I’m an erotic slave exclusively for you……nnn……♪”

Anzeros shakes her waist as she braids and tries to swallow my penis little by little. However, I couldn’t stand the stimulation and ejaculated when I just entered.

“Huaa……e, eeh?”
“Haa, haa……I, I don’t want to put it in so quickly……but I got impatient……”
“……So, Sorry”

Why does Anzeros who is being vaginal cum shot apologize? It’s weird if you think about it, but I’m still wondering if Anzeros thinks it’s really bad. Was it so disappointing to have ejaculated in a strange place?

“……Anzeros-san, once, once. Please switch places with me”
“E, Eh……at least, why don’t you let me receive it at least once in the back?”
“No good”

Aurora replaced Anzeros who only has a incomplete combustion. Semen drips from her pussy, but it is strangely cute how she wipes it off with her fingers and being a little disappointed. And instead, Aurora who straddled over me made a laughing, enthusiastic smile, perhaps sparking when the last runaway brought her to the hero.

“Well, I’m going to take turns with the ejaculation with Anzeros. Two female slaves, you can pour your semen into us without any hesitation♪”
“Well, it’s a bit disappointing that no matter how much you pour inside, I can’t have a baby right now……”

Anzeros, sitting next to me and waiting for her turn, smiles bitterly. It is strangely surreal that Irina, Sharon and Almeida are having tea while watching us.

“St, Steadily……ah, this, I, mating……lets do it……♪”

Aurora shakes her waist while pressing and clinging against me. I look back. Occasionally Anzeros strokes my hair and Aurora gradually and impulsively crawls her tongue not only on my mouth but also on my chin and cheeks, narrowing her eyes happily.

“Haaa……a, aaa, haann……nu, nnnnn……Andy-san, my, my master…….I will give birth to half elves……a lot, I will become pregnant a lot……♪”
“Guu, u, uuu……feeling good……Aurora’s pussy feels good……!!”
“I’m honored……♪”

Gradually, the brain was filled with sexual pleasure and things became inconceivable. My eyes caught sight of Aurora´s leaping limbs and Anzeros´s crotch where semen overflows, as I couldn’t think of anything.


And, when I noticed it with my tired head, I had sex with Irina.

“Huaa……we, well, let’s put it our inside without discrimination……”

No, although she is gripping my arms as if screwed down, my lower body is firmly fixed to Irina’s feet and even if I shake my hips, I can only poke the uterus. And looking sideways, Anzeros and Aurora were waiting in line while smiling and Almeida was rolling naked, exposing her ass to me after all. She may have fainted.

“Th……That, Irina”
“Are you a cat-beastman. Well, did I, Almeida, have sex in an unexpected way?”
“……Don’t talk about other women when you’re having sex with a woman”
“It, It’s not a question of that……Sha, Sharon?”
“I, I’m here, but……is that still not enough?”

Sharon was sitting in the corner of the room. She seems to have not been committed because she is still dressed.

“……I hope you’re safe
“I´m not safe”
“S, Sorry”
“……I’m just going to go out for the moment, if you aren’t finished yet”
“If it’s like this, I’ll cum again”
“……Let’s leave it as a force majeure”

For the time being, I put an end to Irina.

The returning dragon duo and Dianne sighed as they entered the hut.

“My older sister is my older sister……only she can come up with such a drug”
“Sorry for force majeure”
“Ho, did you leave a share for us?”
“I don’t care what the medicine is, I want to do it with Andy-sama”
“No, wait a minute, at least see Sharon off……”

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