Half elves fall in love chapter 50

Chapter 50: Everlasting spring and house arrest 1 [Anzeros · Aurora]



We were taken to the forest as it was. Even when we entered entrained, we weren’t tied up but were ordinarily guided……it is needless to say. I was stared at a close distance by the elven with swords.

“Meguu…… I’m sorry, I didn’t want that to happen”

The baron apologizes to me even though he is carried.

“There is no choice, I hope your family didn’t get injured?”
“Umm……it probably only took them a few minutes to catch us from the mansion……”

It is fortunate in misery. The current northern elves don’t know what to do.

“I am sorry, it has become such a situation because of me”
“You don’t need to apologize, I understood that Apple can’t fight, at least I should have sent someone who can fight by your side”

“……Yeah. I can’t deny my care”

While consoling Apple, Anzeros and the others regret. What might be great, but at least I have the authority to tell those who can fight other than Dianne. It would be a shame that Anzeros couldn’t respond to that assault as she was an escorting full-time infantry, who is on the lookout.

“It’s okay. If there are no deaths yet, nothing is too late”
“I will protect everyone. Relax”

While being surrounded by the northern elves, Aurora who is standing at the foremost and stretches her back straightly is reliable. She is reliable as the oldest.

“Wh, what’s going on……?”
“……Phaser. Besides, everyone”
“Forgiveness, Maia-sama. …… Originally I don’t want to be a partner of a different race or an Impurity, but if a clan legitimate raised his or her name and asked for a meeting, I must follow the procedure”
“Princess of the sky blue clan, you should know how important it is to ask a conference at our forest”

Aurora has a cool face on the gaze of a gorgeous northern elf man.

“If you say that you have time to mimic bandits, there won’t be a single seat for the conference”
“The clan meeting is not just our problem, it is that we are recruiting from the whole northern forest, the whole clans”
“So what?”
“……Silver, red, white, purple, green, blue, cherry blossom, orange, gold. We need to gather the head chiefs or all their representatives from all the clans. It becomes a clan struggle if it is said that it is lightly, and it is a resolution to banish the blue clans which pollute the pride of the elf. Then, the people in the forest in the south are not disappointed to pilgrimage to the sleeping place of the spirit of light again and become an elf, and the people who are deserted without the elf”
“I see”

Nevertheless, Aurora isn’t tolerable at all. The male elf lifted his eyebrow.

“Do you feel nothing to discourage everyone of your clan with your own selfishness?”
“It was despised”

Aurora with a light hand on her cheek smiled.

“Don’t you lightly talk to me about that?”
“It is awkward to annoy you with this little mouse that is afraid of authority. It’s not so sorry for you that you do not make a mistake. You will find the place of righteousness in me I testify”
“When it is a small mouse……!”

The quiet trembling male elf attaches the sword to Aurora.

“Young girl don’t get excited!”

While the tip of the sword was struck about 2 cm in front of us, Aurora still shrugged her shoulders like it was a little stupid. The next moment she looked down on the male elf with a freezing sight. Just her eyes let him step back.

“Menial. I say don’t get in the tone. If the ear is an ornament, give it to the dog now”
“What a bandit kin to the king. If you talk about Pride, show it to your dignity. Don’t bother with the limitations of screaming”

……Awesome. The surrounding elves can’t even approach Aurora who has her arms folded with no weapons. It is different from scary. It does not seem to be strong. There is no point in it, perhaps. Aurora had unleashed the style of a king to think so.

“Am, Amazing, she”
“……She is a genuine princess”

In front of us, Aurora is unexpectedly a nympho Ace Knight, and she can show only the side of feeling which is something weird and disliked. She is a real noble princess who does not show the compromise of the hair as for the cause.

“……I, suddenly think that Aurora is somehow a great person”
“Me too”

……I’m glad she was on our side.


Proceed for a while in the forest and when the sun is about to go down, one of the elves draws a sign in the air. …… I tried asking someone for an explanation about what kind of magic, but if I think carefully I haven’t brought someone who is very good at magic. Before I could understand it somewhat, a light overflowed from the space between the cedar trees and the trees, filled the sight at a stretch and the world changed instantaneously at the next moment.

“……E, Eh?”

Once I opened my closed eyes, the dark coniferous forest buried in snow disappeared, it is bright and the distance between trees is wide and there is no snow. On the contrary, it is moderately warm, and I think that the cold air which had hurt the cheek until now was what.

“This is……?”
“In the ancient boundary……maybe”

…… I see. Apple is one half of a northern elf. Perhaps only she understands the mechanism.

“That’s right. …… Well, here is still the entrance”

Phaser nodded, proudly pointing to a settlement located a little far away, whether we like to be surprised.

“I’ll let you stay there for a while”


So. We were under arrest in a mysterious village that won’t sink on this day. There are only a few elves to be seen as caretakers in this village. Everything necessary for life is something they bring. Or it comes down something that grows in the neighboring trees (somewhat an abnormally fast-growing) and finishes their characteristic local cuisine. Something like a bath, warm water, which is probably the same as Polka in the basement, springs in the corner of the village. As I tried to immerse the baron who was injured for a long time, the arrow wounds were completely cured in half a day, so if it is just that, the effect is also just like that it is invited to a place without any inconvenience but it is a feeling like a problem that we can’t leave this perfectly closed world.

“……Anzeros, did you walk straight ahead?”
“Yeah…… I don’t mean to bend at all”

Anzeros walked straight in a certain direction, and she appears from the opposite direction in about 5 minutes. It seemed that the world was completely closed at hundreds of meters centered on the village.

“Is this an ancient barrier……?”
“Yes, it is very rude, but I have asked the chieftain and it was said that we can’t leave in an unlikely event”

There is no choice but to keep silence if the oldest of the caretakers says so. It seemed that we couldn’t get out of this environment until the time of the clan meeting.

It was Aurora, Anzeros, Apple, Jeanne and the baron that were sealed with me. Maia who is the center of the disturbance, of course, seems to have been pulled back by the Dragon Palace. And we were allowed to act freely within this small boundary. It is guaranteed to be unable to escape, so it seemed like a confident and thorough policy that we receive meals but not knowing the daily lives and customs of other tribes, even without permission crushing in our free time. It is bright, without day and night, in a sense a little insane in a crazy world in a matter of three days. With the healing of Baron’s wounds, we were in a bleak spare time.

“How long will it take to prepare for that clan meeting?”

One of the caretaker elves is asked.

“From the notice to the gathering of the representatives, it needs a week”
“……One week”

I wonder if we can peacefully leave the forest properly by the end of the vacation. Dianne can be very worrisome but there are not any means of contact while thinking. I don’t have to worry, but…… I hope it doesn’t get more complicated.

So, in that case, we got time, and we end up in usual actions.

“…… Is this all right?”
“Maybe elves are out there”
“Let’s leave them alone if they want to peep at us, let them peep”

While Jeanne and Apple are taking care of the baron, I enter the forest with Anzeros and Aurora. If you go far into the back, you will fall into a mysterious space loop, but if you do not get into it until then, you will be in a good condition. It is one when it is said that we young people move away from the public eye. No, you would normally refrain from doing such things if it is normal people, but we are already in such a relationship.

“Huhuu……if it’s temporarily in the midst of the enemy’s main base, this unrestrained thing……makes me fired up♪”

On the soft undergrowth, two beautiful girls take off all their clothes except the collar and get close to my body. So. Apart from an early point, Apple and Jeanne and Aurora & Anzeros each had been fucked alternately in the forest. …… Ah, what a way to say I have a little self-hate in myself only having sex even when I have time to spare. But while self-hating, you must be hustled in the appearance of female slaves who are willing to expose their nakedness to me in a bright and pleasant forest. …… The baron also noticed after all.

“N, chuu…… Andy, which one you have sex with this time……?”
“Me or Anzeros-san? ……If so, would you compare the taste by arranging our buttocks?”
“Eh, that was what we did last time too……so Andy, are you having fun today with a blowjob……?”
“Sh, Shameless”
“Go, good, I also want to improve my licking”
“Nn……that’s right, there is time, too”
“Oh yeah♪”
“……We, well, we have time anyway, so if you say that you don’t mind”

Anzeros looks joyfully before me and Aurora look at my crotch with a shy and embarrassing expression. …… Again, it is a bit of disillusionment with that princess who intimidated that elven swordsman with her eye glow and words alone. But there is a sense of conquest inside me that can’t be said to anyone.

“N……nnn. Ehehe, Andy’s dick……♪”
“Hii, please don’t monopolize everything by yourself……n, nn……chuuu……♪”

Their lips compete for my dick as they suck. Lick fight. Both of them clasp my legs and start to be absorbed in service. ……Anzeros is good because she was jealous to peek at Selenium´s service and Aurora is in high spirits fairly.

“Ya, Yaba……you are a bit too intense……”
“Put it out, Put it out……♪ Chururuu, nguuu……mugu♪”
“I will drink it……♪”

I easily ejaculate by such an intense service of those two. I can’t wait, my toes are pressed against two hairless genitals, while gouging, I release my sperm into the faces of those two elves.

“Ahh……such a fishy smell……♪”

The two of them are willing to receive a large amount of semen in their faces. ……They seem to be very happy to come close again.

“Then, next is……”

When they were trying to request the next play while painting and removing the semen from their faces with their fingers, I noticed that the surroundings were strangely bright. I was wondering if it was due to a momentary slowing of sensation at the time of ejaculation, but in fact, the light is getting stronger. This is…….


Slightly the light becomes stronger and suddenly something falls on my face. When I collapse as it is, Anzeros……!!


Supporting the fallen fairly by a hand, I can see that it is the lower body of a girl. Just feeling that my head caught in a shoulder car back and forth. And it is nothing but a naked girl again.

“……What are you doing in the middle of such a forest, human……”

It was Maia’s voice that I couldn’t mistake by listening to it like she was amazed by the trouble somehow.

“Hua……do, don’t speak in my crotch”
“Then get down, descend!?”

…… As it is she breaks her balance, falls behind and fell on her back,

“……Wh, Why are you……”
“Because I was angry, I threw ice balls at Phaser and forcibly came here”

Maia who descended from above me took clothes out of space in the application of illusion and spread……she worried a little and threw it away and jump at me again.

“Mix me too……♪”

……I wonder if I should change my living attitude a little. For the education of Maia. No, maybe she’s older than me.

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