Half elves fall in love chapter 51

Chapter 51: Everlasting spring and house arrest 2 [Aurora]



“That’s why Maia is a prisoner too today”

In the village in the middle of the small barrier, inside the baron’s mansion (tentative name). No, although there are some houses there is only one used by the baron. By the way, I do not have any walls or walls at home, no measures against conspiracy. It’s always daytime, so it’s not cold. Thanks to being hidden just a bit, I can not imitate to etch, and I am getting into the blue wild in the forest. So.

“This girl was also a dragon”

He seems to have noticed it now. Jeanne and Apple also made a very blind face.

“Even if it doesn’t become confusing again”
“……Will it be?”

The two comments generally summarized our impressions. Maia seems to be a dragon who is very important to the northern elves. Especially for Phaser, it can be seen that she is a very important partner. However, Maia seems not to be attached to Phaser much. …… There are some places where it is not possible because it is the one that half cheated up to now.

“It’s alright, I said that it is put down in ice”
“……I think I will wander around slightly, but well, there is a “Healing fountain” right”
“Ah, that’s right……”

The spring which is similar to Polka´s miraculous spring freezes whatever low temperature it is while healing it. In addition to its unusual nature, it is remarkable especially for frostbite and hypothermia among various diseases. ……I don’t think that it’s ok to put it in ice, though.

“Because he didn’t listen to me no matter how much it was different”
“Because of his absurd saying 『That human is a guy called an animal trainer to the world, it is the worst race of the worst as he manipulates a woman and is inferior to even a low-ranked demon, so he is deceiving you by his hands』I flew into a rage”


A mental and bitter blow for Phaser! Andy is on the brink! …… I squirm on the floor. What is that objectively precise expression?

“Ah, Andy, you’re a part of training or something like that……that……emm……”
“I, I haven’t done so! Eh!”
“Rather, older sister Laila or Sensei is the main criminal! 10-man captain……emm, perpetrator I mean that”
“……I, I don’t know that much, but……well, if you look at the collar or the reaction of other people at the time of having sex, there are places that can’t be denied that the preparation isn’t normal”

You’ll make me swim so much. Please be strong if you follow even a lie.

“……Wh, What? Human, you perhaps are an animal trainer?”

When combined with Hilda-san’s and Laila’s doing, it is undeniable that some people have received such a charge.

“……Well, if you believe in Andy´s 『No』, it seems to be『Equivalent to it』when only the state is objectively seen. ……What an envied to say to you that beautiful woman group, no insolence!!”
“Waa, I, I am sorry!”

Somehow the baron is also angry. It seems that I didn’t have sex with such a devious intention separately.

“……Muu. Human are you made and manipulated?”
“Alright. You can be at ease”

Jeanne shakes her head while patting Maia’s shoulder.

“I’m not going to ask you not to commit to bullying rather insistent”
“Ah, I also did. Although I knew I liked it, I left it alone for about three weeks”
“I mean……Andy-san had a pretty long break because of his leg”
“……My time is so”

『Apple is blessed with』

Apple receives a tsukkomi by Anzeros, Jeanne and Aurora.

“Well, what I can say is…… Andy……that, the range of defense is quite wide, it is foolish to worry about heterogeneity and proportions”
“I am the one who says the prosperous lines of pin-points each personally”
“Ah, I as well. 10-man captain at that time, it was cool”
“……Isn’t it just a normal girl…..”
“It’s different, Apple is poor because we will do it quite a while”
“When every woman is in trouble, he is trying hard and is going to save without budgeting”

I don’t understand your evaluation of me. Is it high or low?


Maia doesn’t know what to judge what and has a strange face. Anzeros coughs.

“Well, that. ……I can’t rely on it……I don’t depend on you. To be clear, I can’t take my eyes off the unreliable. ……But if you rely on me, you will definitely respond, because I’m a woman who will reach out to you whatever it is……yes. I love you”
“Ah, Anzeros-san, casually earn points earnestly!”
“Aurora should also say it”
“……U, Uh. Somewhat shameful……but it seems to be so. It is true that he has a reasonable amount to devote his heart to it. Whenever, at any time, it is important not to give up. The intention to protect things, the spirit of making you happy, that enthusiasm not being trapped by the selfish enclosure of races……that are good points of you”

No, I’m just not going to be satisfied with the odd beauty of humans because of Apple and Dianne.

“I don’t know what you’re saying. ……I love 10-man captain, I love you so much, are not you going to say that?”
“I, I……that……now, besides Andy and Selenium, there is no one to accept……but it’s like I used to love it. Recently, I’ve been remembering a little bit about the past. But, uh. I might be mistaken”

Apple stands out and breaks through three people who declare their passionate love, branching heart. There is no imitation though. Maia sighs by looking at them.

“……That means that Laila’s way of thinking is correct, right?”
“That’s right”
“Yes, Yes”
“……Well, sentimental”
“Then, good. I am not mistaken”

……Nobody could say that Phaser is wrong though.


That’s why the baron said 「Noisy Noisy Noisy. Keeping me up and doing fresh sweet and sour taste like a spring of life or something like that」seriously. For the time being, we went into the forest. And then.

“I want to study how to suck today because I am free”

It was not only me that reacted to Anzeros who said so heavily. Apart from me, it was only Apple that I believed that I had a subtle look. Everyone is a natural pervert as well. It is okay, though.

“Or perhaps I should say, no matter how much time you have, the size of the nerve of Andy who is always doing ecchi things with us is a little enviable……”
“Even though we are under arrest, I don’t know whether we can get out alive……”

Apple laughs with a bitter smile.

“Well……we will manage it somehow”

I relax while loosening my belt. Well, I don’t have any anxiety, but this is nothing but strong. It’s still cheaper than the previous pinch. At the time of General Lucas, the strongest Anzeros at hand was a losing mood, and she wondered what to do when we were attacked by Maia and Phaser. It hasn’t been compromised yet.

“Because there are 10,000 northern elves in this forest and there is a Dragon Palace behind them. And there are also holy beasts in the night place of the light spirits. It is said that they are immortal and on the same strength class like dragons”
“Nn, but I’m saying that Aurora will definitely protect us in a discussion and until then Dianne and Laila may come, maybe the uncle may support us too”
“R, Relying on others for attaining one’s own objective……”
“That is, Na. There were not so many people in front of me who I would lose to. But there are many who are stronger than me”


“If you can do something for a chance in a chance, if you can support a single word even if you can not do anything, the battle situation may change, so missing it is the best stuff, so trust everyone. Although I may be disqualified as an adventurer, I am a soldier fighting with everyone”

Therefore. I am not strong. But I can’t do anything because I’m not strong. It is unexpectedly scary when it makes it to the enemy that one person is there even if it does not strike a match.

“I trust my peers, I won’t stop thinking, I won’t be late, because that’s my way of fighting, this time I will believe in Aurora, this time I will do anything I can do”
“Huhu. If I were to rely on Andy-san, I’m not going to answer it”

Aurora seems to be comfortable when I stroke her hair. And she starts sucking on my crotch.

“N……waruu……Andy-san´s penis is still doing fine……this is cute♪”
“I wonder cute……”
“It’s always Andy’s penis, I only see it erect”
“Because we’re always naked”
“This state is this……it is fun with a magical texture♪”

Aurora which continues sucking my dick is strange somehow. That face is totally “The face of a woman” and there is something felt as though she doesn’t show skin at all yet.

“Yabe, your fellatio face……erotic……”

I notice it. This girl’s lips are neat but beautiful and elegant. It is a “genital” that can be made to be able to stimulate and to ejaculate, wet and soggy, unquestionably accepting my penis. She says that she is always facing me with her genitals bare.

“Huhuu……an erection♪”
“……Wh, What are you going to do? Because you suck so disgusting, I’ve started to envision that your lips are erotic……?”
“Of course, please always be lustful for my lips”

As she stretches her lips that has no lipstick attached, she elegantly pulls the lower lip with her fingers and Aurora starts doing her blowjob again after winking mischievously. My eyes move aside as I’m almost undressing her. Yet we exchange facial expressions with the highest nasty sounds, causing pleasures, to erupt and pushed up to the climax.

“Huhe……Aurora looks like an octopus”
“I’m supposed to be accustomed to it, but I will swallow it thoroughly……”

Aurora continues to harden her mouth so much that Anzeros and Jeanne see it in spite of themselves. Since Maia and Apple have already begun, they silently stare at the passionate acts of Aurora. …… I used to think that Apple did pretty well. And many times a day.

“Oh, Aurora……I’m cumming……”
“Penis……n, nn……please let me drink. No, do you want to dirty my clothes by all means? As you like♪”
“N, gu……uuu!!”

I ejaculate.


To Aurora’s face, to her superior clothes and long hair. My semen scatters greatly. ……I think it will expire soon, but I still have sperm hell effect time left.

“Ku, it’s an amount you can’t drink after putting it out in the mouth……”
“Yes, it is……♪”

Aurora smiles comfortably while closing her eyes and bathing in semen that is released like urine with her upper body. Looking at it, Apple says.

“……I also drink it……I, I think”
“N, No, it’s kind of intuition”

……Has she remembered something? No, it is a bit frustrating even if she remembers something from such a place.

“Muu. ……Ah, I’m going to drink it!”
“Wait for Jeanne. I haven’t sucked it yet”

Two strong young girls try to stand up against Apple that murmured something instinctively. ……It sounds like a crime to make these guys suck.

“……Th, there is plenty of free time. Let’s go for it……even so, it is fishy……♪”

Anzeros happily licked her tongue. I feel There are some things that can’t be helped because it seems to have been cheated so far literally that I will be exhausted.

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