Half elves fall in love chapter 92

Chapter 92: Half Elves on the verge of success in life – Part 2 [Anzeros Aurora]



Two female elves are kneeling on the young grass and lift their soft-looking ass towards me.

“You can put it in right away”

On one hand, Anzeros is uneasy, on the other hand, Aurora smile with a lustrous smile. They try to seduce my sexual desire with their bodies that have been showing a brave dance until just before. There is little uselessness in their bodies that have been tightened from swordsmanship, yet there is no loss of girlish features. The girls and girls who rejoice in their desire to give in to her and have a desire to give Their limbs hide their strength which can break me like a cheap toy and my desire reach its limit. I sigh and lose the belt while being tempted by such girls who are pleased to be devoured by me. The sigh was a bluff to repair the mentality that stood up in strange circumstances, but Anzeros reacted sensitively and hung her ears and looked at my expression with horror.


I don’t understand the anxiety and fear contained in the gaze, so I look into Anzeros’s eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

After a little hesitation, Anzeros sat down and confronted me straight naked.

“Perhaps, I’m, gloomy……?”

Her hanging ears are a sign of discouragement and anxiety. Anzeros was asking me so seriously.


Aurora, which had been crawling on all fours, also woke up next to us and looked at Anzeros bewildered. Anzeros swallowed the spit and put my hand on her not so big chest and leaned over me.

“I know that you like naughty things. And because I’m not good at cooking and sewing, I can’t do anything cute. So, even if I want to express that I like you, there is only the art to invite you to have sex with me like this……But I thought it was just too usual for you, so I became depressed……”

As she said, Anzeros shook her small shoulder. She seemed to be terrified of the contradiction of what she was saying rather than because it was cold. She doesn’t know the expression of love as a woman except for sex. But maybe I’m tired of it. In other words, it means that Anzeros’s love no longer reaches me.

“Andy……well, I……wh, what should I do? Anything, I want you to say what I can do, what you want me to do”

Shaking her silky long hair, she exposed her gorgeous beauty and her lovely little naked body without hesitation. Anzeros throws away the anxiety that she doesn’t want to be abandoned by me and wants to prove her love to me ……So. The figure that focuses on the desire to be loved by the adored partner somehow without calculating how attractive one is itself is nothing other than seizure-like, instinctive psychology unique to half-elves. But.

“Emm, Anzeros”

I pat Anzeros’s head, touch her as it is and squeezes her ear lightly. Only a bitter laugh comes out. Anzeros’s impatience also includes my misunderstanding and shallowness.

“I’ve never thought you’d be depressed about me and you’d be so desperate”
“But……I don’t want you to be suspicious”

The hand which had been put on the chest is extended to the collar and gripped tightly.

“You’re doubting me, as I haven’t had sex with you lately. ……If I could express that I liked you a lot more, that wouldn’t be the case”
“I apologize for doubting you, but that’s not the cause”

……The real cause is probably not Anzeros, but my mind. Anzeros is strong, responsible, cute, and loved by anyone more than Dianne. During my previous trip, I was lucky enough to help Anzeros and we became connected, but I still don’t have a clear sense of ownership, like Laila and Selenium, about Anzeros. There is also a fact that Anzeros has much more desire than I in this world and there is also a part that it is pleasant to be able to look at an aptitude that doesn’t throw away responsibility alone with Anzeros. The existence of Anzeros is a special woman for me on such a mixed relationship, which is why she is attractive and why there is anxiety. It’s not that Anzeros’s effort isn’t enough, I just get lost when I interact with Anzeros. For better or worse, it was regrettable that Anzeros, not as a lover or slave, was also attractive as a friend or co-worker. However, it is not helped to make Anzeros uneasy by it. Anzeros clarified her position and opinion. She said she was going to give everything to me. Then, I’ll take Anzeros’s hand neatly right now.

“Marry me, Anzeros”

Anzeros was puzzled. Next, to her, Aurora also is startled.

“Ah, Andy-san……?”
“I don’t know when we’re going to have a ceremony, maybe I’m getting married to a lot of people……but, you will be Angelina Smithson, Anzeros”
“……Th, That is……”

Anzeros turns red and turns her face away. ……If I’m refused, what should I do?

It sounds like a word game, but it seems like it’s too much now, but this is serious. Anzeros may become a 100-man commander as it is and have an infantry squad in a distant town. But being my wife who shares the surname with me clearly can be a strong trust. If she doesn’t agree with this, I will have to make a great effort to send Anzeros off. I wanted her to consent by all means even if it was said that it was womanly.

After a long, long silence.

“……I don’t dislike it”

When Anzeros muttered so, I jumped on Anzeros with all my delight and pushed her down.

“Mou, Andy-san. ……So, there are no such words for me?”

Aurora stares at me with her hands on her cheeks, as she is also naked next to me.

“I, I’m sorry……Aurora, will you also marry me?”
“Of course♪”

With a smile, Aurora also lays down next to Anzeros. Then they look at each other and slowly lift one leg.

“Now, Andy-san……♪”
“If you want to get married, the best thing to do is to make a reservation……♪”

The two hairless genitals open and sparkle with the sunshine. I brightly nod in a hectic, before I dropped my pants and covered those two.

The two thighs are put together, the knee is attached and I insert my son into Anzeros.

“N……huu, Andy…… finally, I’m fucked……♪”
“……At least I want you to say 『Hold me』 instead of 『Fuck me』”

Out of the way.

“I prefer being fucked, but……”
“I agree”

The two were slightly perverted.

“If you just say that, you’re going to be a crazy mess like Laila or Hilda-san, with momentum”

I take care while holding the two together and slowly moving back and forth inside Anzeros. But while alternately kissing and licking my lips and cheeks, Anzeros and Aurora chuckled.

“Good, that……♪”
“It’s needless with your wife, isn’t it?”

The two were a bit challenging perverts.

“I don’t think I’m going to be a bride……!”

GuchyuGuchyu, the threat is strengthened while increasing the speed inside Anzeros.

“N, Nuu, a, aaa……!”
“Huhuu……it is also love to accept it♪”
“Yeah……we’re, your wives, your female slaves…..”
“……When we get married, will you get rid of your collars?”

The two become silent for a moment when they become anxious from my words.

“……No way”
“It depends on the TPO”

The two are somehow obsessed with being female slaves.


I am a little troubled while persistently piercing Anzeros’s tight vagina.

“Ev, Even……will you be a female slave, for example, if we move to Trot……?”

Anzeros smiles with a bit of dreadful eyes.

“Yes. ……Even if Andy-san is going to take a human girl as a wife in that land……I’m not going to give up my love”
“……No, I guess not”

Speaking of which, that’s why Selenium and Apple have declared to be my female slaves. In the old Trot, elves couldn’t do it. There was nothing I could do to hope for a bride, but still, I had to seek for an anti-social relationship such as a female slave if I was to bathe in human love. But.

“I……I’d rather give up on Trot than give up on you……I don’t even need nationality……!!”

If it’s allowed, we can move into a forest that no one knows. We can go to the forest of the northern elves, beyond the demon territory or to the western continent. Everywhere, Anzeros, Selenium, Laila, Jeanne, Dianne……I’m confident that I can be happy if everyone is there. ……Well, even in Celesta polygamy is allowed, but I’m sure I’ll settle down in Celesta in the end. That’s why.

“You guys will always be mine……!!”
“Uhh……n, nu, n, hu, nnn!!”

The desire for control and the desire for control of embracing each other. The delight of Anzeros is transmitted. Under the gentle sunshine, I made a vulgar sound, move through Anzeros’s genital and ejaculated in the back of her small womb.

“Na, a, aaaa……♪♪”

Dokutsu, Dokutsu, Dokutsu, I shot the semen into Anzeros’s womb. Seeing Aurora’s face who is looking at me with desire, I’m immediately driven by an urge to want to put my penis into this girl too. Aurora’s vagina is nearby. I pull out quickly and push my penis which still ejaculated into Aurora’s vagina at a stretch.


Aurora becomes stiff from the sudden intrusion. At the very bottom of her womb, I keep ejaculating. ……Well honestly it’s not a big deal, but I’m ejaculating about a drop, but I’m a little satisfied because the desire to ejaculate selfishly into both of them was satisfied. But.

“By no means, I so much, called extraordinary?”

Both girls from both sides pulled my cheek with a smile for a moment.

“I, Ihyaiihyai”
“I demand a firm seeding”
“Don’t pull out in the middle of it. Once more, push it to the end and cum”

………… Slaves……I guess this is a request.


“……Hey Rinne. Please let’s return, na?”
“It, Its because they showed off……that Kerry-san got an erection which is bad”
“I think Boyd, who went home so quickly, made the right choice. That’s why stop looking”
“……Yo, You don’t know how intense my estrus pheromone is to me?”
“No, I’m asking you. If you want me to apologize, I’ll apologize. But it is not good here, as we might be seen by Smithson and the others”
“Even if you apologize now……I, I can’t endure it!”


On the way back, the bushes were swaying along with Isaac’s characteristic cry. We turned around and decided not to see it. He is a good friend. And I’m going to cherish our friendship. ……And we can’t argue with each other when we talk to each other.

When we returned, an officer from the human resources department had arrived. It is an officer in charge of the preliminary investigation before the organization. It is twice the trouble even if it organizes around a person who is going to retire soon, and the role to confirm such a thing is necessary because it might be a front-line officer who sometimes refuses the promotion.

“I will conduct an interview and survey of those who are planning to be promoted, so please cooperate”

The officer turned to Anzeros with a friendly smile. Anzeros seems to be promoted as I thought.

“Are you 10-man captain Anzeros? You have been offered a promotion to be a 100-man commander this time, but……do you have any hope of being transferred or retired soon?”

Sandwiched between me and Aurora, Anzeros scratched her jaw.

“Please decline this time”
“……Eh? That……emm, decline……?”

Without any hesitation, Anzeros heads to the female corps building quickly.

“H, Hey, Anzeros!?”

I chase after her.

“Is that alright, you can be equal to Dianne and Mikagami and Bronson are promoted, Kado may also rise…… ”

Anzeros stretches herself and smiles at me.

“Cause you have to be there when you feel like it, right?”

With a little red face.

“Oh, until then, I’ll get Mikagami and the others to stay patient with a distracted predecessor”

……That? Is she finally under pressure from me alone?

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