Inma no Hado – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Accident

Kenichi was surprised by his kinetic vision.
It was incredible for someone who had no sense for sports and never actively played tennis until now. His hand-eye coordination was bad, of course, and it was impossible for him to guess the ball’s movements at high speed.

Whether it was baseball, tennis or ping pong, his ability to use hand-eye coordination with spatial awareness was nilch. Regardless of the sport, it would have been too difficult for him.
However, now he was able to trace the ball’s trajectory clearly.
Kenichi moved to the other side of the court while the vice-principal returned to a serving posture. A smirking expression was stuck on his face. He thought that the amateur Kenichi would be helpless against an experienced tennis player.

The racket struck the ball with a clapping noise, sending the toss roaring forward with a *gyun* as the high-speed yellow arrow flew again.
Because his serve exceeded 160 km per hour, it was at a speed that even an experienced player would struggle with, let alone a common person.
However, Kenichi could see its movements clearly. He could confirm its direction like it was moving in slow motion and understand the ball’s rotational spin with ease.
Despite that, he didn’t move a step.

“… Fa, fault.”

The high-speed serve was so quick that even Ruriko, who was functioning as a referee, couldn’t predict where the ball would land. However, there were two sets of eyes that captured it accurately, and Kenichi had seen that it’d fall outside the boundary.
Even though Kenichi didn’t move from his spot, he could see the difference in margins.


The vice-principal clicked his tongue and began his second serve. Although he adjusted the power so that an amateur wouldn’t be able to handle it, the ball was clearly aimed in a center direction.

(I can hit it!)

Kenichi didn’t consider this. He didn’t ‘think’ so. He was just ‘convinced’ it was true.
Then, Kenichi’s hands and feet which usually moved like those of a broken puppet, burst out smoothly. The ball bounced and reached a position perfect for a strike. The ball was hit right at the ideal location, with perfect distance from his body. Kenichi folded his elbow, drawing a short arc and making the racket revolve.
Without even being aware of it, he swung it around by hand, twisting his waist accordingly while his hand followed.

His aim was spot on, the racket face added to the spherical orbit. The ball was caught in the perfect spot, his gut absorbed the energy of the high speed impact, turning it into force in the direction of his aim.
As the racket turned by a minimal angle, it drew a beautiful orbit and swung through. After that, the yellow ball made a humming sound, flying as intended. It landed in the deepest part of the opposite court.

“… Fif, fifteen all.” (1 – 1)

At that moment, the court became a scene. No one moved out of disbelief. Ruriko who was the referee, Aiko who lent the racket, Usami still in the posture of doing the serve, even Kenichi who easily returned the ace shot.

“Wow!! What!!”
“He returned it! Impossible!!”

Delayed, sounds came out like the rumbling of the ground. However, they were shouts of astonishment rather than cheers. The students were shocked. They started speaking in surprised tones, which quickly grew into a giant big buzz of excitement.

“Quiet!! Be quiet!“

Kenichi’s voice stunned Ruriko. He usually let out a voice that sounded hollow, but this shout was calm and composed. For Ruriko, the current situation was difficult to believe.
Kenichi was usually timid and gloomy and had no interest in exercise, while even a professional would have struggled to return that ace.
Although Kenichi was dumbfounded for an instant, Usami was incredibly angry.

[Usami POV]

(Fluke! It had to have been a fluke!!)
(I can’t be defeated in this tennis game. I am the school’s most attractive man and I excel vividly compared to this science teacher, who only serves to make my popularity even more immovable. He’s one of my pet peeves, the dropout teacher of the geeky and gloomy people.)
(It was!)

With all power and anger, he hit the first serve.
He straightened his arched body with a *gyun*, and the racket which he drew Japanese yen on propelled the lump of yellow rubber upwards at high speed. The sure death super-high-speed flat serve that he mastered by hard repeated practice during school days.
The serious Usami exceeded 170km.
The ball pierced the deepest part at the very limit of the center line with an unchanging trajectory.
Perfect speed and course.

Even a professional shouldn’t be able to get this serve let alone casually return it with a backhand. Besides, Kenichi couldn’t beat him even if nature was overturned for this science teacher with no tennis experience despite being a vice-advisor.
But the nightmare struck again.
Once the temporary teacher grasped small and big changes in the ball’s trajectory, a clean oval was drawn by the racket and the straight yellow arrow was hit while he was aligning his elbow.
The important factor wasn’t power in this case.
Perfect timing and stance reversed the vector of kinetic energy and the lump of yellow rubber returned again with a humming sound, moreover to the other side of the court where he could never receive it.

“…. Fifteen thirty” (1 – 2)
“Woo!” The cheer came without time lags this time.
“Look! This time, on the first serve!!”
“Moreover, a perfect backhand return… “
“Why ‥ why, can he hit like that!”

Sounds of excitement come from the girls’ mouths. An average school girl would be pressured by his high speed and technique, even for a member of the tennis team.


The vice-principal threw away his usual gentlemanly manner and exposed an ugly expression of genuine brutality. He had a perfect ace stolen twice, now being surpassed by the supplementary teacher he looked down on.
This couldn’t be real. There was just no way.
For him, who was a sportsman and an elitist, it was impossible to lose at such a third-class university, he could not fall to the level of such social garbage.
This had to be a fluke. And he would prove that right now!
With the expression of a Hannya mask or a boogeyman, he served for the fourth time.
In a sense Usami was a superman.

His body was that of a 20-year-old despite being beyond 40, leaving others guessing his peak performance. There wasn’t the least bit of insecurity in his technique and the lack of calmness and reliance on instinct only served to show his former ability.
It was his natural ability and result of continuous effort. An ensemble of high power and the technique that was unreachable for an ordinary man.
However, the ability of the devil wasn’t something to cough at either.
The ball which headed into a section with the fastest speed until now was returned easily by perfect racket control again. As the speed of the serves went up, the returned balls were even more brutal when caught correctly.
But the devil didn’t aim at only that.
The ball returned to a point where Usami who was still in a serving stance could hit it. His leg was stretched quickly from a serving posture and made muscles contract in order to strike the ball.
But the devil’s ball had a tinge of spin, and it tried to escape from Usami’s racket. He ran after it and stretched his leg further, reaching the yellow ball escaping at high speed.

(I got it!)

However, at this moment he paid the cost of not warming up. His Achilles’ tendon which became fragile due to his age suddenly screamed because of the load he put on it.
He felt something clash in his heel and dropped on the ground. After a moment of astonishment and joy, the screams of members who understood the situation’s seriousness, an ambulance and an appealing voice echoed through the court.

[Usami POV end]

Kenichi grinned while looking at the vice-principal holding his foot and crouching down. At this turbulent place, only two people could see the expression that he showed, and Aiko and Ruriko were convinced.
This wasn’t accidental.
Two people felt an uncomfortable shudder run through their backs.
After that, club activities were no longer normal.
The respective advisors and coaches tried to calm them down somehow, the excitement that happened in the tennis court, the gymnasium and the ground, and the students who were present even informed the rest of the school, causing the whole school to stirr with abnormal excitement.

“Mr. Midou is wonderful…. Such a great return ace, what I saw few …”
“But he couldn’t exercise at all. I have seen it at the athletic meet in spring, this seems like a hoax…”
“From that, Usami …. He has a cut Achilles’ tendon… Poor him …”

The schoolgirls were unusually excited about the surprising performance that he showed; people talked about the horror loudly. If it was only once, maybe it was by pure luck, everyone knew Usami’s super speed serve, but because the return ace has been done perfectly 3 times, that’s also unreasonable.
The corner on the 5th floor; The science preparation room in the schoolhouse.

The dark and quiet place where no commotion in the school reached, an Incubus was waiting patiently for a new game at this location.
Three ambiguous words were exchanged when returning the racket, and at that time, it was enough.
At the time the game was over, everybody else was preoccupied with Usami who fell down.
The red tentacles that appeared from his body climbed all over the body of Aiko Kawashima who stared at him in utter amazement and surprise and coiled themselves around her aura. Aiko’s body and heart were affected like Natsuki and soiled incubus poison poured inside her.

(I did it! This is the second!!)

The response and conviction made him go into raptures.

“A, ah…”

The beautiful girl dressed in a skirt was shaking, having been struck by electricity since standing beside him on the court. The pale aura from her body was reacting to the incubus’ aura with wave motions and was being dyed pink gradually. The aura seemed to be resisting, but it changed into a hateful color gradually as he twined his tentacles around her.
Seeing her condition, he got slightly erect, knowing she would soon be overcome by arousal. The female senior high school student who had no feeling for him was having burning carnal desires for him, the science teacher.

(More… I’ll taint her color more….)

The ‘Power’ of incubus preyed on the beautiful girl. While everybody else was outdoors, unknown to anyone, her whole body was having goosebumps of pleasure corrupting the beautiful girl.
“Come to the science preparation room later. Don’t change and don’t get noticed”
Before Ruriko could look at her strange face, the sacrifice who stared at him with wet eyes nodded at the devil’s invitation.

[Aiko POV] Tennis club captain Aiko Kawashima of the second year was confused at the changes in her body.
Her heart throbbed when the science teacher showed great skill at that time. He returned that high-speed flat-serve perfectly that even she was unable to follow.
But the feeling sprouting in her young body wasn’t virgin affection. It was the bare desire of dirty adult men and women, muddier than she ever had.
It was sexual desire. Carnal desire. The desire to copulate.

The 17-year-old virginal body was tormented by unbearable desire and tried to defy its owner. Her breasts and clitoris stressed the desire in each and were aching in harmony.
Of course there was light sexual desire until now. She masturbated like everyone else. However, Aiko hadn’t even kissed and was without any male experience until now. This desire she felt was the primitive, instinctive expression an animal had, confusing her.

She intended to stop going many times. Yet she went up the many stairs of the school building and came.
Fear and self-protection instinct towards the unknown made the heart of the 17-year-old girl wither.
Still, desire in her body defied such reason and warning. The desire of nature went out of control and overflowed inside her body, and each cell of her body was yearning for something.

(And the teacher said that I should come …)

Convinced by her desire and the teachers command, she traveled the schoolhouse. Lying about going to the infirmary to a tennis club member, she was walking along the lonely hallway on the 5th floor. The strong smell of waxed linoleum enhanced the lonely atmosphere.

“Teacher… I have come….”

Kenichi waited for a moment after the knock, but he couldn’t start his elaborate plans without answering the door.
The girl’s instinct rang with warnings and something in her mind tried to desperately apply restraint, but the 17-year-old girl turned the knob quietly without listening to it.
The destined door opened. This beautiful girl couldn’t turn back any more.

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