Inma no Hado – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Game

The morning classes finished and lunch break started.
Midou Kenichi finished having lunch alone in the science preparation room as usual, thinking about yesterday’s strange affair while enjoying a cup of coffee.

(Is it only Kurosawa at the moment…)

He remembered the mysterious light that rose from Natsuki’s body.
When the red tentacles from Kenichi’s body twined around Natsuki’s body, the lighted aura started as light yellow and changed to a strong red color. It felt like Natsuki gradually heated up, she submitted and gave her body.
Whether there was another woman who released an aura like that, from his morning commute to school and even throughout class, Kenichi looked by didn’t find any at the moment.
He tried to put a red tentacle in Junko in the staff room, but it didn’t come out on command. The black waves spread from his body in all directions, and perceived she was menstruating, but nothing else happened like with Natsuki.

(Does the red tentacle only react to humans who have a released aura?)

Because the tentacle eroded the color of the aura, it would be proper to think so.

But the mystery still remained.

(Why do I only see Kurosawa’s aura?)

After picking up the pen on his desk, he hit the desk randomly from the bottom. He thought about it and remembered an important thing.

(That devil said “a contract”?)

A contact is to make a deal. In other words, there is a condition he must fulfill, and then it becomes a contract.
Something which he gets from the devil “power”? To be concrete, with the keen perception from the black wave and the red tentacle that pulls out a woman’s carnal desire. He thereby puts a woman into heat, making violation possible.


He thought about it and sighed. This “power” was convenient to get women. Thus, the thing he needed to consider was the devil himself, and that revealed one thing for certain. The devil was only lending the ‘power’; it wanted him to do something in return.

(I felt like that energy was being sucked up clearly…)

Every time Natsuki orgasmed, he was able to see the hot energy enter his own body from hers. Physical lightness continued on until morning, his head cleared up, and his perception became sharp. It was a thing that took energy away from Natsuki.

(A devil of bad dreams sucks up human energy and makes it their food…)

Incubi, which were called nightmare demons, were said to appear in the dreams of people from ancient times and perform indecent acts. A male demon of bad dreams is known as an incubus. A female devil would be known as a incubus. It is said that it appears in a dream as the attractive opposite sex for the partner and then has sex.
Yesterday, Kenichi had checked out everything he could on the internet, and was using those memories to apply to his own experience.
The point it appears in a dream, the point that a lady is deceived and fornication is done. Moreover, the strange phenomenon unexplainable by present-day science otherwise known as the ‘power’ gained by the contract with this incubus is explained.
If anyone else heard of this it would be considered an absurd fairy tale.

“Then, after all, that thing being a incubus…”

While remembering the face of the devil that came out in the dream, Kenichi murmured to himself. After Natsuki was violated intensely in the dream, Kenichi was intoxicated with pleasure, and it became wicked and ugly.
By the way, Natsuki was absent from school that morning.

(Well, that was to be expected after she took so much..)

She was pushed to climax over and over again in intense ecstasy. Her energy was exhausted to the root, and Natsuki was unsteady in the end. Tasting the lively body of the beautiful girl yesterday evening, Kenichi remembered the liaison of indecency intensely and twisted his lips into a broad grin.
If the smile was judged, it could be considered wicked. As a lewd beast possessed by the incubus, Kenichi was going to spread his wings over the suitable hunting ground known as the girls’ high school.

After school.
While it was true it was a place Kenichi would like to bring Natsuki Kurosawa again, the important person herself didn’t come to school today so there was no helping it. Kenichi reluctantly went to the tennis club exercise where he functioned as the vice-advisor.
The tennis club of Ellis all-girl’s high school was a considerably strong team. There were many superior players in proportion to the number of total members. Beneath the clear autumn sky, Kenichi went to the court which had 4 sides and more than fifty members practicing eagerly.
Students hit the ball; they worked as a bench warmer, as for their behavior and workout, they divided it by skill and school year. Fire-team regulars were divided into singles and doubles using the two backsides, and practice by a game form.
Among them, with a backcoat, two students rally intensely.
One person fixed her long hair in a red ribbon. She fired the ball with an elegant body. The racket was handled using her white, long hands, and skillfully navigates the course without mistakes.

The other person is a beautiful girl who seemed healthy and gathered her hair up in a ponytail. She tanned in the summer and had a healthy light-brown skin. She was prone to mistakes, but her body was able to bend like a whip and hit hard with power. She is an ace so you could say the match is already decided.
The beautiful girl with the red ribbon is Ruriko Asakura, she is a third grader at the Ellis All-girl’s high school. By the fact she had a graceful body and came from a rich family with strong social standing, she also was called “Ellis’s butterfly”.
The beautiful girl with the ponytail is Aiko Kawashima of the second year. She was always on the move and started tennis from high school, but she started to stand out quickly. Her healthy, slim limbs matched the snow-white tennis wear nicely.
The game form was already in the third set. At the end of a long rally, Aiko made a mistake at the end. Ruriko managed to preserve the honor of the senior students after all somehow.

“It’s wonderful, Ai almost won against a senior…”
“It’s different… Ruriko relaxed deliberately.”
“But, after becoming the new captain, Ai has become more and more enthusiastic.”

Students in the area watched the game while discussing their impressions. While taking no notice of such words, Kenichi stared at the energetic bodies of Ruriko and Aiko since a while ago.
Ruriko as a third year already approached the age of adult. Femininity was added to her beauty. After Ruriko’s last growth spurt, her elegant features gave her the essence of nobility like a lady had just been born.
While the important parts of her body were developing properly, her body didn’t expose itself openly. Her breasts pushed out just enough to show the maturity of a woman. She was perfectly plump, with rich thighs that were soft and white.

If you’d considered Ruriko refined like an extravagant French meal, then Aiko was the slightly wild type, a wild duck fat for the plucking.
Aiko’s smile was cute with pure white teeth that dazzled as she laughed. The beautiful girl looked particularly sexy with suntanned skin. Her body was small, but the accents worked. Her body bounced with the elasticity of a rubber ball, or at least you could imagine that consistency when examining her body.

The beautiful girl had respectable features as she struck the ball, her short skirt fluttering. It would be reasonable for any man to become rapturous. As the skirt fluttered each time she moved her racket, her white panties peeked out frequently. For a man with a hobby of ogling beautiful girls, it was a temptation.
The swelling power was hot, of course, but the black ripple didn’t spread particularly far like in the schoolhouse. It disappeared after about 5-meters.
The ‘power’ Kenichi got seemed to be stronger within the school. He had noticed that observation the previous day. Of course, he didn’t know why at the moment.
Anyway, Kenichi was staring at Ruriko and Aiko’s bodies with the eyes of a beast when his shoulder was unexpectedly tapped.

“Oh, I see the eager look in your eyes. Do you want to play tennis so much?”

The voice is purposely loud enough so that the nearby students could hear it. A dark, dauntless face responded with a laugh and a smile. However, the eyes weren’t laughing at all. Only Kenichi was close enough to see that.
It was, of course, vice-principal Usami. He was wearing his tennis wear and had a racket in his hand.
Usami had played as a student in his college days. He had become top 4 in his particular bracket and thus seemed to possess a semi-professional skill. Although he wasn’t an official advisor, he often came to the tennis club and proudly played with the students.
Naturally, with a man’s strength, Usami was superior. He could beat Ruriko, the best in the club. By showing his tennis skills and sharp movements, he became increasingly popular with the girls.

“Oh… Kyaa…”

Kenichi became flustered when he encountered his natural enemy so suddenly. He couldn’t say that he was violating Ruriko and Aiko with his eyes eagerly, that kind of attitude would soil his reputation. It was a habit soaked into his body from birth. It was impossible to change it.

“If you have so much interest, would you like to try a match, Mr. Midou?”

As Usami said this in a loud voice, he wore a gloating expression of triumph. It seemed polite but Kenichi understood his wicked hidden intentions.
Kenichi had no experience with heavy exercise. Usami said it knowing that he wouldn’t be able to keep up in tennis. Of course, he could play to some extent, but not to the extent of challenging Usami.

The vice-principal smirked and gave a laugh, his face brimming with malice.
The schoolgirls around him were giggling, watching the exchange between them with relish. It was the vice-principal who was athletic, popular, and handsome; compared to the science teacher, gloomy and fair. It was impossible for the game to be called fair, so it was clear Kenichi was being made fun of. They felt it was fascinating.
While Ruriko and Aiko wiped away their sweat with a towel, they looked on with relish. They both had a crush on the dandy vice-principal. They had played many games against him and they knew his ability. They liked the scene of a cat seemingly torturing a mouse.
However, Kenichi noticed something else when he looked at the two.
From Aiko’s body, as she looked at the vice-principal with a hot, rapturous look, there was a white aura visible. Kenichi glanced several times, and he was certain that it was there.

(Though it wasn’t there a while ago…)

Even though he didn’t see it during the game under the sun a while ago, he could clearly see it now. In fact, Kenichi’s chest began to throb now that he saw a girl besides Natsuki Kurosawa issuing an aura.

“So, how about it? Would you like to play a game with me?”

The vice-principal was still talking as Kenichi admired the scene. He was asked clearly, though it’d bring his disgrace in front of the schoolgirls with a scene that would be hard to forget.

“I understand. Thank you.”

Kenichi was surprised by his own words.
At the moment he saw the vice-principal smirk, words left his mouth outside of his own control. It was like the time he had answered the vice-principal in the previous morning’s gathering. He had spoken out without any conscious control.
Even if Kenichi wanted to be quiet, it was already too late.

“What…? Really, you do?”

The vice-principal became angry for some reason but covered it up in an instant. Ignoring the surprised Kenichi, Usami immediately spoke to the other members, suspending the club activity and preparing a referee. The students practicing in the other courts and the general students who were in the middle of going home gathered next to their court.


Kenichi turned pale.
However, there was nothing he could do about this destructive ball-game in particular. The class of physical education had been nothing but pain for him from elementary school to university. Athletic competition could be considered a trauma for him.
How long had he been miserably unfit throughout his school life? He tasted the trauma from his previous years too well.
Such as this very fight with the sporty head teacher in front of the public.

“Teacher… I’ll lend you a racket…”

It was Aiko Kawashima that said so and handed it to Kenichi. As she approached him, he could see the aura coming out expectedly just like the one from Natsuki’s body. While Natsuki’s was light yellow, Aiko’s aura was different, thin and light bluish.

“…Ah, thank you…”

Kenichi took the racket while shaking with tension. He had done this in the setting of a university session a few times, but he was still an amateur. He had no confidence in being able to do this suitably.

(Hmmm… alright. I have no choice but to do it…)

As the eyes of the surrounding schoolgirls increased, he made up his mind and headed to the court. It’s a pitiable situation, even if he trembled.

“Then, I’ll serve.”

Usami sent the ball without even warming up, hammering a strong serve without waiting for the call from the referee.
The yellow ball made a humming sound. Kenichi couldn’t even make a single step.

“Fifteen, Love.” (1 – 0 for the server)

The yellow arrow which ran in the diagonal hit the section clearly and became an ace. Shouts of joy and applause arose from the schoolgirls who were gathered around. As they all expected, the vice-principal playing tennis was outstanding.

“Great! Usami, you’re cool!”
“What a serve! That… It’s impossible to take it.”

The people started to stir. He gave a sigh. What everyone realized at that point was that the vice-principal wouldn’t go even a little easy on Kenichi, even as an amateur.
However, Kenichi’s surprise was different from what people would expect.

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