Inma no Hado chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Lewd Beast

(I’ll let you feel it again soon enough)

The red tentacle which became his alter ego had already resumed its activity at his sign. It traced Aiko’s body while pulsing actively, encroaching the aura issued from it and dying it red.


Aiko simultaneously began to suffer as though her switch had been flipped.
Her body reacted to the bare lust; the repeated stimulations increased her sensitivity. Sensuality burned as though having been switched on with a click, and her reason melted. Her nipple stood, her clitoris erected and the depths of her uterus were contracting for a male member.
He looked at the high school girl who had shifted into sexual excitement mode and grinned. After giving her a deep kiss drawing out her tongue and saliva, he moved on to the next task.

“Huh…. it’s not tanned here”
“Noooo… “

[Aiko POV]

When her bra was taken off, white skin appeared, interrupted by a pink nipple. The skin roasted by a Saipan vacation with her family had left the shape of a bikini.

“… Aaah …this place… Not good…”

Her uniform was tucked up to her neck and held with both hands while he tasted her exposed breasts. Because she was aware of her sweating, she felt horrified as his tongue trailed and her smell was taken in like something delicious. When her sweat-soaked armpits were licked clean directly, she felt dizzy from embarrassment and another, pleasant sensation.
Different from before, her lust acted up due to the red tentacles excitement, causing the voice of pleasure in her body to overshadow her shyness. She desired stronger stimulus, even going as far as to cry out in response to the science teacher.

“Ahh… Hey… Teacher …”
In a sugary and liscentus tone unbefitting of a virgin, Aiko requested more pleasure.

“Noo… Aah… “

Looking up at the science teacher who covered her body she demanded more with a pleading look.

(Nipple…Nipple, taste it….. slurp it…)

However, the tongue of a nasty incubus licked around the center, only irritating her. Wet and bloodshot, he towered above her white chest to strengthen his presence.

(Aaa … Already… Already…I’m a fool who wants to do it…)

Aiko, who was fascinated by the passion and pleasure which ran through her whole body, looked forward to the stimulation of the vital part of the woman’s body gradually. Her lust was cruelly raised by the tentacles, causing her childish body to seek unknown pleasures and tempting him to respond to that.

“Hey… Hey… Teacher …”

Aiko beckoned with a sweet voice. Just as she was about to taste the fruit of pleasure, the brake known as reason was stopping her again.

“What happened? Hmm”
“Nooo… mean…Please don’t be mean… Teacher …”

[Kenichi POV]

The beautiful girl seemed to be in pain and her well-shaped eyebrows were furrowed, entreating while looking up. The ace of the tennis club for lower-grade students with many fans, wanted him to lick her nipple and melted away like a mature woman.

“Nipple… Nipple, I want you to lick it…”

She spoke clearly at last. Immediately, his long tongue slips like a snake, it twisted, dangling above the pink protrusion in no time.


The 17-year-old high school girl shook her body timidly with a voice an octave higher than ever before. Although it was not a full-scale orgasm, the first taste of a deep pleasure was born, shocking her in both mind and body.
He went crazy afterwards.
In no time.

“Nooo! No use, I said, it is good!!”

When he tasted, sucked and lightly bit her, she agonized in fear, adding to his enjoyment. Her sexual feeling was controlled, and raised to the maximum, causing her to react to the man’s caresses like a married woman with rich experience.
Greed drove him recklessly for the reaction that the girl showed him while rubbing her swelling chest with both hands and while doing so, he grabbed the white skin while gradually losing his calm and blowing out rough breaths like a beast. Fine skin was sucked up and countless kiss marks and scar of love bites were left, marking her body as his property.
The brown sofa in the dusky science preparations room, right now, was like the altar of the devil who coveted a sacrifice.
When he was satisfied and separated his face from the breasts of the beautiful virgin, Aiko was wearily breathing in. But that wasn’t it. One place of enjoyment still awaited.
When he entered between the firm, light-brown legs while licking his lips and separated them, a scene of immediate desire came into view. The snow-white piece of cloth was clearly visible in this dark room. Beneath, her skirt which stuck to her bottom was pasted up between the maiden’s thigh, and a pretty frill was overturned.

“Nooo… I’m embarrassed…”

Aiko had no power to close her legs, fixing them in an M-shape. Her carnal desires dissolved her reason to the extent that she was unable to resist despite being beet red and extremely embarrassed. The only thing she registered was the teacher’s glare which caused her spine to tingle.

(Gr, great …)

In front of this dream-like spectacle, he swallowed hard.
The suntanned beautiful girl in tennis clothes opened her legs in an M-shape, exposing the bottom of her skirt on the sofa. The panty which was usually hidden under the skirt or stealthily glanced at was now in plain view.
Moreover, the girl’s honey liquid overflowed from the inside in large quantities, wetting the bottom of her skirt alongside her slender crack. It mingled with the bittersweet smell of her sweat from her teenage thighs, accelerating his metabolism to a violent degree.

“Aaa… don’t stare so much…”

Though the 17-year-old girl felt embarrassed, the crack between her thighs was wide open and her waist twitched, trying to arouse him. She made his reason evaporate despite being handled by the incubus and invited him to copulate, arousing the male’s instincts.

“Kawashima… This part of you is already soaked…. In addition, the smell is very thick…”
“Nooo… Such a place, don’t smell it…”

When he brought his nose closer and purposefully made sniffing noises, Aiko’s face reddened further and she heated up. However, the cute female senior high school student bore a smiling face, remembering the excitement of this action. Furthermore, he could grasp her womb excreting love juices with his perception.


As feasting on her with his eyes was no longer enough, he buried his face in the white cloth. The heavy virgin smell wrapped up his face immediately, causing the beast to be engrossed with inhaling her smell.

(… It, it’s the best …)

Since he had been assigned to this school, no, ever since his high school student self had first laid eyes on a female highschooler, he had dreamed of enjoying their smell to his heart’s content. He had always wanted to stick his head under their skirts and bury his face in their thighs.
And this wish was realized with the ‘power’ of the devil.

(Aaa… great …)

Kenichi tasted the girl’s rich smell and felt like he was in paradise.
After obtaining a beautiful girl to sate his desires, the animalistic lust inside him was running wild. His fainthearted character was taken over by the dark beast inside him, filling his frail body with a wicked being.
He bit into the white cloth and sucked up the embarrassed girl’s juices. They overflowed in large quantities and got the thick cloth under her skirt dripping wet, gradually filling his mouth as he breathed in.

“Nooo… Such a place… It’s unpleasant to breathe in…”

It was over the cloth, but she felt both embarrassed and aroused by the loud sucking noises. Her long legs were wide open, giving the teacher a view not even her parents had seen.
The black wave was connected to his excitement, and increased in power, and spreading with the science preparation room as its center, covered the schoolhouse entirely already. The red tentacle wriggled lively and indecently and pulsated profusely, ensuring his grasp on her and eroding her protective aura.


When his hands reached under her skirt, Aiko rose and cooperated by herself. Without fully unclothing her, he left the panty hanging halfway down her thigh.

[ED: I double checked so this should be the correct translation, but treat it as though he pulled it to the side]

Of course this abnormal teacher wanted to do something like that.

“Noooo… “

He looked up at the beautiful girl’s crotch again. Aiko did not move however.
Her special place had become sodden with love juice, showing its complex internal structure. Small droplets hung off her short lemon-yellow panties, complementing the cuteness of this beautiful girl.
Her crotch, which had not been washed since the morning, was steamy with sweat and secretions, giving off a thick stench. For someone with abnormal fetishes like him, this stimulation was something even viagra could not compare to.
Licking his lips, he made his tongue crawl over her thighs, taking in the overflow.

“Aah… Noo…”

Avoiding the actual organ, he licked its circumference, irritating the impatient girl. Sucking the base of her thigh, he left a dark red mark of possession (hickey).
While marking one thigh, he held onto the other. Her elastic skin was tasted without rest and he indulged in it as much as he liked. Aiko did not show any resistance to his actions, only crying out.
The girl’s screams echoed in the background as Kenichi’s tongue slid over her panty.

“Hiiii!! There, not gooood!“

Aiko screamed in shame of being licked directly in a place that was too embarrassing for her. However, her sensually melting body couldn’t muster any resistance to his grasp on her thigh, leaving him to do as he liked.
After inserting his tongue and taking in her body fluids, an acid taste filled his mouth. While enjoying the second virginity in a row and comparing them, he felt that Aiko’s and Natsuki’s slightly differed in taste.

“Hi,Hi,Aaa! Not good!”

He licked Aiko’s most embarrassing part clean of her overflowing nectar. Opening her outer petals with his tongue, he played with the revealed firm pearl.
After briefly removing his mouth to push her dripping panty aside, he covered her entire virgin hole which was slowly discharging honey with his lips and slipped his tongue inside.

“Noooo!! Such a place, not good!!”

Aiko screamed in an even louder voice.
She was horrified by something soft invading the interior of her womb. Aiko feared her occupied vaginal hole being played with. However, her thighs were held firmly and she couldn’t move, so she could only shake her head while screaming.

At that time, his long tongue entered her vagina, licking up the slimy liquid. When even her hymen was licked, Aiko squeezed her throat at the abnormal touch and screamed.
The dusky science preparations room was filled with a mixture of the young girls’ shyness and pleasure as well as erotic slurping sounds. But no one would approach this room at such a time, leaving the beast to enjoy the 17-year-old’s meat to the fullest.

When he was done and finally separated his mouth from her, she couldn’t even scream anymore. The greedy, indecent beast had buried his face for more than 30 minutes between the thighs of the beautiful virgin, enjoying every fold with his tongue and taste.
His huge penis welled up between his groins, bent backward as though it was attached to his navel, with earthworm-like veins completing it’s vulgar appearance.
When he held it with his hands, the dripping precum was applied to Aiko’s vagina hole next to her lemon-yellow panties. Even as he held the huge tip against the source of her overflowing juices, the beautiful girl showed no resistance.

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