Inma no Hado chapter 12

Chapter 12: Lewd beast

(I let a feeling give again soon)

The red tentacle which became its alter ego already resumes my activity as well as go sign. When I pulse actively while following about Aiko’s body, I’m encroaching on the aura issued from her body and am dyeing it red.


Aiko who begins to suffer as it was switched on simultaneously with that.

The body reacts to the bare lust, to which the taste has been already added many times sensitively, Sensuality burns as having been switched on with a click, and reason melts. The nipple is sharp, and the clitoris erects, the depths of the uterus shrink for a male child with *squeeze**squeeze*.

I look at the high school girl who shifted to a sexual excitement mode, and I grin. When I do deep kisses and draw up the tongue and sip sweet saliva, I move to the next work.

“Huh…. After all I am not burnt here”

“Noooo… “

When the bra was taken off, white skin appeared only there with a pink nipple clearly. The skin which was roasted by the Saipan travel performed with the family still leaves the mark of a bikini clearly.

“… Aaah …such a place… Not good…”

The uniform is tucked up to the neck while holding with both hands and it’s tasted as I like the exposed chest. Because I’m aware that it’s sweaty, it is horrifying that a tongue is trained elaborately while the smell is smelled carefully and is comfortable. When the armpits which sweated are licked clean directly, I feel dizzy by embarrassed and a pleasant sensation.

Because it’s different from just now and the lust is making act like excited by the red tentacle, the voice of the physical body I ask for the pleasure becomes stronger than shyness. After I want a stronger stimulus, I even utter the cry too dependent on the caress of the science teacher.

“Aah… Hey… Teacher …”

It’s sugary and is the licentious tone so that it doesn’t seem a virgin, Aiko asks for a further stimulus.

“Noo… Aah… “

I look up at the face of the science teacher, who covers from the bottom, I snort by the look of which advantage is taken with *sob**sob* and demand it.

(Nipple…Nipple, I’d like to taste….. I want to make slurp…)

However, the tongue of a nasty Succubus, It’s being tasted so that its turn may be irritated without touching an essential part. There already gets wet and is bloodshot firmly, I tower on the top of the white chest to insist on the presence.

(Aaa … Already… Already…I`m a fool wants to do it…)

Aiko who was fascinated by passion and pleasure which run through her whole body, I looked forward to the stimulation to the vital part of the woman’s body gradually. The lust is raised before the red tentacle is cruel; the childish body begins to ask an unknown stimulus so that I may respond to that.

“Hey… Hey… Teacher …”

Aiko takes advantage only when, a cry was being raised. After I’d like to taste the fruit of the pleasure, the brake as reason is breaking again.

“What happened? Hmm”

“Nooo… mean…Please don’t be mean… Teacher …”

After it seems painful and a well-shaped eyebrow is brought near tightly, the beautiful girl is entreating herself while looking up. The ace of the tennis club for lower-grade students with many fans, the dependence that wants me to lick the nipple, and melts away like a mature woman speaks.

“Nipple… Nipple, I want to lick it…”

I speak of direct words at last. Immediately, my long tongue slips like a snake of succubus, it develops, I tangled off the pink projection in no time.


While hitting an octave high-pitched voice more until now, the 17-year-old female senior high school student shakes her body timidly. Although it is not full-scale orgasm, the part which is the pleasure with the deep nature clearly, the first taste is born, and Fay, received an electric shock to mind and body; is shocked.

Then I was crazy about it afterward.

In no time.



“Nooo! No use, it is said, it is good!!”

When I’ll taste, breathe in and bite lightly, that Aiko agonizes herself makes the body afraid of the travel which is so, and is fun. Sexual feeling is controlled, and it is raised to the maximum, she reacts to the caress of the man like the married woman who knew everything about the nature.

Greed drives recklessly for the reaction that the girl shows me while rubbing the chest which was about to swell out with both hands, and doing it, and holding it, I grab at white skin while gradually losing room, and blowing out rough breath like a beast. Fine skin is sucked up and countless kiss marks and scar of love bites are put, this body stamps the property mark which is mine.

The brown sofa of the dusky science preparations room, As it were, the devil was like the altar which coveted a sacrifice.

When I was satisfied and separated the face from the breast of a beautiful virgin, Aiko was wearily breathe in. But that isn’t it. One place still, the enjoyment waits.

When I break it in right and left with the firm leg which was light brown while licking the lips and open it, the view which swallows its desire in immediateness shows. The snow-white piece of cloth to understand clearly in this dark room, the under skirt which stuck to the bottom is pasted up between the maiden thigh, and a pretty frill overturns.

“Nooo… I’m embarrassed…”

Even if the leg is opened in M character type and it is fixed, Aiko is without mercy. The carnal desires that were made to get excited to the maximum dissolve reason, such, going as red as a beet is ashamed; even if is made to pose, cannot resist it. Rather the excitement by which the back is thrilled with teacher’s eyes which glare is even remembered.

(Gr, great …)

Even in the dream and to the scene spectacle, it swallows hard.

The suntanned beautiful girl straddles an M-shape as tennis look, she expose the bottom of the skirt on the sofa. That which is usually hidden under the skirt is premising that it’s seen but isn’t looked stealthily at plainly to here.

Moreover honey liquid of the girl who overflowed from the inside in quantities comes out now, and the bottom of the skirt is slender and wet along the medium crack. It’s mingled with that of the sweat with the bittersweet smell of the thick female from the teenage thigh time when I have a high metabolism and rises by the density until it’s violent.

“Aaa… don´t stare so much…”

Though the 17-year-old girl feels embarrassed, in fact, It’s opened big between the thighs, and the waist is being moved to the man with *tug**tug* so that it may be shown off. She makes reason evaporate while being handled by a succubus, and asks for the condition copulation to which the instinct goes and provokes the man.

“Kawashima… Here of you, it is already soaking…. In addition, the smell is very thick…”

“Nooo.. Such a place, don´t smell it…”

When I bring the nose close and sound the nose sniff-sniff on purpose and smell it, Aiko who made the face deep red raises the squeal of the shyness so that the fire breaks out. However, the truth, the cute female senior high school student of this smiling face, the excitement thrilled with such act is remembered, Furthermore, i grasp that she spit out the love juice from the womb depths for the perception that became sharp.


I was satisfied by the eye for a while, but with being unbearable, the face is buried in the white cloth. The heavy virgin smell wraps up the swamp and the face immediately; the indecent brute gets rapturous and is drawing in its fragrant smell in the serving of chest.

(… It, it is the best …)

From the time when I have assigned to this school, No, from time of the high school student who saw the female senior high school student imminently for the first time, I miss, the full face of which I think between the thigh of a cute girl is buried, It was a dream satisfied of the feeling and the smell salaciously. After the face is poked in the skirt, it was being dreamed much all the while to bury the face between the thighs.

It just became the real thing with “the power” of the devil.

(Aaa… great …)

I taste the smell of the thick girl, and taste at the paradise.

I think, oh, after I get the beautiful girl who can handle, the abnormal lust which was sleeping in me is running out of control. The character that was faintheartedness is taken over by the black beast in the body; it is changed to it which is wicked to the slightly feeble cast of features impudently.

I have the bite of white cloth and slurp the liquid of which the girl who came out is embarrassed with *slurp* *slurp*.It which overflowed in large quantities gets cloth for thick under skirt wet dripping, it gradually flow in the mouth when I breathe it in.

“Nooo… Such a place… It’s breathed in, unpleasant…”

Over cloth but, in its feeling which makes a noise with *jyuju* and absorbs between the thighs, the 17-year-old beautiful girl feels though she feels embarrassed. The long legs which get a tan are opened big, and it’s being given to an abnormal teacher by the pose which has not been shown to a parent, either between the thighs.

The black wave is connected with my excitement, and increases the power; it spreads globularly centering on the science preparation room, the whole schoolhouse is covered up entirely already. The red tentacle wriggles lively and it is indecent and pulsates profusely, the aura which makes sure that I’ll wind around Aiko’s body and protect her is being devoured and eaten.


When the hands are increased in order to make them take off the under skirt, Aiko half rose to her feet and cooperated by herself. Without being able to all just unclothe her, the fellow hangs under skirt the middle of a thigh while leaving it.

Of course it is the hobby of the abnormal teacher who wanted to do it this way sometime.

“Noooo… “

I peep into beautiful maiden thigh time once more after I’ll do that. Aiko has already remained though does.

That place which became sodden with the love liquid which overflowed the inside is pasted on the medium meat organ and shows its complicated structure clearly. The shorts of the lemon yellow gain a small water drop, the design looks just good on the beautiful girl prettily.

It’s steamed by sweat and the secretion between the thighs which isn’t being washed from the morning, that it’s stuffy, thick lewd fragrance is being thrown. For something in which that has an abnormal hobby like me, the stimulant which will be to the extent Viagra won’t be comparison.

Lickingly, when I lick my lips, I make them crawl on the tongue, and the honey which flooded the thigh is being tasted and taken.

“Aah… Noo…”

I do not stick to the core part suddenly and gradually blame you in this way from the circumference while irritating it so as to be abnormal. After the joint of the white thigh is sucked up with an average, I push the dark red possession mark.

When I attach innumerable traces inside of the thighs, I’m sticking on the thigh opposite. Elastic skin is tasted around without getting tired, and the full absorption of which I think as much as you like is given. Without Aiko’s resisting while she’s doing that, *whaa* *whaa* cry, it’s given.

The scream that was mixed of the dependence that the beautiful girl achieves in BGM I place a long tongue in null and the inside from the side of panties increasingly, it’s being crowded.

“Ahiiiiii!! There, not gooood! “

In the shyness that the too shameful place is licked directly, as is expected, Aiko screams. However, power doesn´t enter the body which melted for sensuality, movement is blockaded by me who held the thigh solidly, it’s coveted as I prefer just as it is.

After I can involve a tongue and the thick body fluid done muddily is taken, I taste the unique taste that the acidity makes in my mouth. Aiko´s virginity and Natsuki´s yesterday are slightly different in taste; I thoroughly enjoy the secret part of high school girls for 2 consecutive days and compete in the taste.

“Hi,Hi,Aaa! Not good!”

I lick the shameful part of Aiko clean throughout, the floral honey overflows and is tasted and slurped without getting tired. I trace the plump petal with the tongue thickly and put it up, I play with the meat pearl that the stamp was tense at the tip of the tongue with *Nero* *Nero*.

The mouth is separated once, when I can step aside with dripping wet shorts with shameful liquid and saliva which the girl discharged, touch the mouth in the virginal vagina hole discharging honey slowly, That I slip to the inside and make the long tongue slip.

“Noooo!!Such a place, not good!!”

Aiko screams in an especially loud voice.

The horror that something soft invades one’s interior of the womb. The fear that the virginal hole is occupied, it is played with. However, the thigh is held firmly and can’t move she just waves her head while screaming.

While I’m doing that, the long tongue enters into the virginal vagina way, I lick there, covered with viscous liquid clean slimily. Even the hymen is licked with *zorori*, Aiko squeezes her throat in the abnormal touch and screams.

What sound through the dusky science preparations room, with a mixed gasp voice of feeling embarrassed and the pleasure of the beautiful girl, is the erotic sound of water slurping. Because there isn´t the curiosity approaching this room at such time, I take time slowly and carefully, and the lewd beast can enjoy 17-year-old flattery meat.

When I was satisfied and separated the mouth finally, it wasn´t possible for Aiko even to scream anymore. The greedy indecent beast also buries the face for more than 30 minutes between the thighs of the beautiful virgin, even every corner of the meat fold is enjoyed the taste and feeling by the tongue.

My huge penis wells up between the groins; it warps as if the navel has it, the blood vessel which looked just like an earthworm wriggled on the surface and was totally like a vulgar sculpture.

When I hold it which discharges pre-cum from the tip slowly in the hand, it’s applied to Aiko’s vagina hole from the side of panties of lemon yellow. Even if you hold the huge point there the vomit of the receiving honey, no resistance was done for the beautiful virgin already.

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