Inma no Hado chapter 13

Chapter 13: Loss

On the timeworn brown sofa of the science preparations room, the high school student who is dressed in the snow-white tennis uniform is about to knock flat by the science teacher. The upper part of the body is rolled up to the neck, and the chest becomes bare, as for the lower part of the body, the legs are greatly opened, and a man enters between it.

The panties of the water drop are made to step aside by pretty yellow; the huge penis of the man is pushed to the secret part of the girl who became dripping wet. If the man moves his waist even a little, the virgin of the beautiful girl will be robbed of it.

“Now, your virgin, I will get it”


It’s transmitted from there where he held in his mouth and made be crowded shallowly, the stimulation that it was rugged and did slippery. It’s the male genital I know as knowledge; this is the first time that I see one of the state that erected so much. Aiko of the virginal body can´t resist it while shivering as having been possessed by the devil.

When both hands are held down once more, and makes sure that it can’t move, Kenichi grins.

The red tentacle that coiled itself around the body of Aiko passes away the next moment in an instant. The aura of Aiko who received encroachment increases the blaze, and the color dyed red is changing into pink gradually. When Kenichi holds still by the posture which is just as it is, that which was dark pink soon is becoming thin gradually.

“Aaa… aaaa…no, no…noooo!!!”

When the color of the aura becomes light and regains the original color, the storm of the sexual desire that raged like that in the body is settled, overwhelming reason and fear revive instead.

“Release me! Unpleasaaant!! It’s separateeed!!!!”

Aiko who becomes very pale, and shivers, that’s also reasonable.

The situation that is too hateful and fearful for a 17-year-old virgin. The virgin whom I protected carefully so far doesn´t like it at all, no, rather, if anything, I´m going to be robbed of it by the hateful science teacher.

Of course because the memory until a while ago remains clearly, I know it with the head why it happened to me, I’m confused further so.

Be surely spread in the aching physical greed until a while ago, I wanted to be pierced with the hambone as soon as possible. But how is it, even if I think, that doesn’t seem as temporary feeling, I don´t think that I regain reason with the sane incident in spite of being myself in this way.

“Unpleasaaant! Release me! Teacher! Don´t do it!!!”

While looking down at the suntanned pretty 17-year-old beautiful girl who cries and yells, Kenichi lifts lips like the devil and grins.

He just wanted to see the tearful face to be frightened by the fear of this girl here.

Highly clear scream, Hands and feet resist desperately, and the eyes which are frightened by fear.

All in all, he wanted to obtain it from this beautiful girl.

“Well, receive~I do it”

When the devil tells me so to buy it after increasing the skill and the end of a word, I make efforts to the waist sticking my tongue out; I strongly push the slimy huge tip.

“Hiiiii!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!!”

The small entrance is enlarged so as to be merciless, Aiko shouts in pain and fear. The face which tanned gets rid of the color of blood and is frightened so that I feel sorry.

It is like the fawn before I am totally shot with the gun, Lovely round eyes.

The joy with which I’m thrilled runs through the body, I understand that my over swelling takes more heat. I understand that the internal devil raises the delight with joy to rape this beautiful girl.

“Painfuuul!! Unpleasaaant!! Pull it out! Hiiiii!! Unpleasaaant!! “

The weapon of the huge meat gradually invades. The beast wickedly and salaciously doesn’t carry it out at a dash, to enjoy that the virgin complains of pain on purpose and cries out for a long time, I insert it slowly and carefully without being upset.

Even if the penis sinks perfectly into there are some responses, fresh blood has begun to be blurred sloppily. The blood was mixed with a large quantity of honey liquid reaches the panties of the lemon yellow and dyes it red in a moment.

I confirm the scene with one’s eyes and am seized with wild joy as I want to speak loudly. Although it was revealed that Aiko was a virgin by the super sense beforehand, I see the proof and walk on air once more in this way.

(This is…this is, the virgin…)

Kenichi hasn´t had anything to do with a virgin until now. On the contrary, when Natsuki Kurosawa of yesterday is removed, it was only prostitutes of the middle-aged woman to have experienced. I take the virgin for the first time. It is a beautiful girl exceptionally, too.

“Hiiiiii! Ouch! Ouch! Mamaa!!Mamaa, help mee!!”

For the acute pain severed by the physical bottom, the 17-year-old high school girl cries out. On the always small virgin way, because the huge penis which ordinarily came off was accepted, that’s also reasonable. The sound that meat *michi**michi* is split in from the physical depths, it is audible clearly in the ear of Aiko who nearly becomes insane by fear and the pain.

In the good flavor to be able to taste for woman one only once, the wicked science teacher is intoxicated. It is very slowly, after each several millimeters of penis is rammed, the state by which the beautiful girl has pain cries and agonizes herself, from the bottom of her heart.

Rush in slowly to last this side for a good one minute, so I stop the movement of the waist and take a rest finally.

(Often… the penis seems to be bitten …)

Muscle shrinks for fear and a pain hard, and the always small meat way tightens over swelling of Kenichi tightly. The 17-year-old sphincter which swallowed up the weapon of the huge meat, it is about to be said the retaliation of the pain, and it intensely squeezes and it raises it.

It’s always intense by club activities, because she is exercising; Aiko’s sphincter develops from decency. In addition, the molding that God gave is narrow-mindedness awfully; Kenichi who has experienced only the loose vagina of the prostitute is surprised at the difference between same sex organs and rest, the face is effeminate.

“Aaa… Already, already stop it…”

While crying with the pain between the thigh which throbs and the heat with *hii* *hii*,Aiko asks leave while shedding tears. Although some acute pains shoved red-hot tongs in were satisfied, the crotch with the heat seems to be split at any moment tinglingly.

Mixed viscous liquid of the blood which flowed slowly from the crotch pollutes the yellow shorts and dyes it red. To see the scene becoming sour of the blood, more wicked blood flows into the cavernous body profusely.

“Hiii!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!!”

The over swelling which increased the capacity in the interior of the womb, the mucous membrane on which a laceration was carried is extended mercilessly. The worst lost virgin is experienced; Aiko gets the mind painted out by despair, sadness, and fear.

However, this isn´t the end of despair and fear.

“Now, I’ll deal the fatal blow.”

“Hi… That’s impossible…. Unpleasant!! Stop it!!! Disgusting! Pull it out!!!”

Aiko who understood what is done is going to escape desperately from now on. However, it is controlled by the power of the man and can´t do anything because the spear of the tall and stout meat stick is between the crotches. Ironically, because it worked to escape, I provide the finest pleasant feeling to the wild beast having just finished rubbing the penis with vagina meat.

“You know you are mine from today!”

“Hiiiii!! Unpleasaaaaant!! Not gooood!!”

Kenichi ignores Aiko who cries, and thrusts the waist with *zun* to finish burying the last part. The mouth of the womb that the huge tip has gotten off is captured, whether it’s circle like the ring, directly, crunchily, it’s rubbed up and it’s violated.


With the acute pain that the undeveloped childish womb depths are still attacked directly, the beautiful girl who was clean in the horrifying touch followed by the despair scream. I knew it as knowledge from books and magazine, I gush in my body once more, in the sexual organ of the male who throbs and sets energy free, the heart is jet-black, and physiological hatred and fear of the pregnancy are dyed.


While Kenichi chews so that blood is over the scruff of isolated Aiko of the sweat, in pleasure to pour the wicked spirit that has finished piling up in the virginal uterus to one’s heart’s content, the roar is let leak in the mouth unconsciously. The cell of the whole body seems live in the instinctive gladness which makes the beautiful female contain.

The honey pot of the high school girl shaking with fear of the pregnancy, that it squeezes in an ironical thing, it winds around the copulation capacity of the male who swallowed in the inside and brace, It tries to wring the child kind for me to get pregnant to the last drop.

The semen of lewd beast discharged like a bullet by a deferent duct, I rape the ovum which invades the uterus rushingly, and hides there. A large quantity of semen is spread out to every corner of Aiko´s vagina; it soaks into the sensitive mucous membrane like dyeing the inside to my color.

(Aaa… Already, That’s enough…)

Everything before Aiko goes black for despair while receiving the sperm of the devil in the interior of the womb, and being frightened by fear of the pregnancy. For something in which such expression has the hobby of raping a girl like Kenichi increased more, it’ll be the priming water which goads the ill-treating on increasingly.

When I release semen in the vagina of the high school second year student and take a breath, I’m intoxicated with the pleasure of releasing semen while stirring in the vagina which became clammily with the penis with which the hardness doesn’t change at all yet. In there that slime added to, the clamping is easy to prepare pleasure as much as it became easy to just move it. I put the penis in and out using my waist slowly to let the sperm which I spitted out inside adjust to 17-year-old vagina meat.

When I do that and take out Go sign in that red tentacle again, that which started to be the hand and foot already is following about the body of the beautiful girl who has just lost the virgin.

It was Aiko who it was done spitting semen in the interior of the womb, and was stunned for the pain and despair, but the state has begun to gradually change. Red returns to the face that lost color of blood, the body firmly rejected gets untied gradually softly.

“Ah!! Ah!…. Ah!”

For the change of Aiko whom I held down, Kenichi assumes it. Aiko doesn´t feel the pain anymore that I’m making its nature sense melt in the sharp pleasure out again, the one which “is understood” by the black wave issued from a body.

(Huh. If not it’s healed lacerations…)

The internal organ of Aiko torn up with the huge penis, strangely, the wound seems to have healed when semen soaked. That reminds me, when violating Natsuki Kurosawa; she felt like having a pain at first from the mortal weapon of the huge hambone, she was absorbed in being in agony without appealing for a pain after having ejaculated it.

(Is this also the “power” of the Succubus…)

“Aaa!! Theree… aah! Unbearable!”

Aiko isn´t going to hide the pleasure which well up from the inside anymore and she raises a loud voice and begins to be in agony. The totally undeveloped childish body, its sensitivity is increased rapidly in front of the magic of the succubus; she enjoys herself like a ripe married woman and cries.

The seed of the devil comes into leaf, and that seems to have extended branches and leaves to every corner of the body.

(Often… the atmosphere is created completely…)

The indecent beast can’t finish suppressing the joy which goes in Aiko’s sensitive reaction which makes the body afraid with the movement. By handling girl’s sexual sense using the red tentacle, as for the pleasure to rape that she hates it by force until a while ago, Crazy about each other dirty which melts like now is also free.

“How is look here?”

Though she is young, the G spot by which the sexual sense crowded is gambled away at the meat umbrella which projects up. The black wave can tell that there is the weak point of Aiko.

“Ah! There!! There, there!! Teacher!! I want more!!”

The beautiful girl of the tennis wear lies at full length in the sofa and looks up at me with a hot look. Hatred and the fear until a while ago without a particle, the awe and subordination to the partner who gives the pleasure lodge at the black and big pupil deeply.

The girl greatly opens her leg on her own all too soon, and makes sure that the teacher will tend to move. She put an arm which gets a tan on Kenichi’s shoulder and is fascinated and drunk from pleasure.

“Aaah… Something is coming…. It is great… Aaah!!”

When she stimulates the part to feel to be a good piston while rubbing the clitoris, Aiko just climbs the stairs to ecstasy. When the mouth is brought near, she stick on the own, turn an arm behind the head and cling.


Aiko who tells the end of the pleasure with the voice which was overcast while being in union, the beautiful girl’s small vagina way normally shrinks according to the head, she squeezes the penis of Succubus staying in the interior of the womb with a possession face to the utmost tightly.

The aura which turned red greatly swelled out for an instant and flowed into one’s body the next moment. The energy that came round the body will become a small gem before long; it is breathed in to the penile black bruise which is buried in the interior of the womb of Aiko.

“Was it comfortable?”

“… Aaa, Awesome… “

Aiko who was absentminded from the aftermath of the vagina ecstasy to taste for the first time in life was still dreamy. The lightning of the pleasure that went through the body is the shock that is different from comics and the story of the friend in a dimension; her brain and body also seem to melt in its severity now.

“Dark… Shameful … Please don’t look so much…”

The 17-year-old beautiful girl peeps into my face from the top and blushes. The next pleasure is asked, and the waist trained by the tennis is moving slowly though it’ll do that. The wicked science teacher grins at the bottomless black desire the pretty beautiful girl has purely.

I seem to be able to enjoy it still more from now on today.

“… hey… Teacher…. I’d like to kiss…”

While Aiko does a face red-hot, she asks for a kiss. Succubus covets the body of the girl for the next pleasure again while meeting it.

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