Inma no Hado chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Natsuki

Every school would show a similar scene once classes had ended. The traditional Ellis all girl’s highschool was no exception; The students indulged in their favourite club activities once their class had been dismissed.
The passageway at the back of the gymnasium was a long paved road leading to the incinerator, but the open area was a perfect wind passage. On the other side of the gymnasium, to obstruct the view of the neighborhood, a row of golden roses were planted inside the fence and the yellow flowers and unique fragrances amused the students.
The cheerleading club was practicing on the paved road. She stood in the fourth line and repeated the same formation many times according to the music.

“Alright, then, let’s take a break for a moment”

The formation exercise that had continued for a long time was over and they took a break until five past three. Because a major tournament was drawing near, the exercise entered the final stage, too and everyone was fired up and diligent.

“… Look here, Jun. Slightly bad…. Can we do basic training today? …if I can, I would like to go home and rest … I still feel that my physical condition isn’t good…”
“What again? …anyway, You were absent from school yesterday, your physical condition is bad, there’s no helping it until you recover…”

The captain said so, and showed a face of astonishment at Natsuki Kurosawa, the ace of the cheerleading club.
According to the captain, Natsuki’s motor nerves were exceptional. She, who would become the next captain originally, was disinterested and cut corners.
She would not do so openly of course, but she left out quite a few nonessential parts. However, because the rest of the dance formation was flawless, it wasn’t obvious. For a 1st grader, this behavior would be unacceptable usually, but with the reason she gave, the captain could only let it go.

“Aha! Thank you, Jun! …I love you!”

The captain sighed while watching Natsuki run to her bag, preparing to leave and told the other members to resume practice.
It was the second time she went to the room on the fifth floor but her heart throbbed even more than last time. Since morning, she wanted to meet the man she would finally face now.
(Is there a teacher?)

Natsuki was dressed in black spats and a sweaty white t-shirt. The steps up the stairs felt light. No, she had noticed in the morning, but her whole body seemed incredibly light.
Her body moved faster than usual during club practice and she was able to perform sharper movements. She was amazed when the others looked at their junior’s dance with envy.
No, she knew the cause.
On that day. The day she was violated by the science teacher until he ejaculated inside her womb 3 times and made dead tired.
She had been crazy about the pleasure while her body relished in the overly sweet stimulation. When she awoke, she had returned to her room and took a day off from school because her body felt powerless.
But a strange thing had occurred in her body simultaneously. Before the light feeling in her body, she had noticed the tension in her skin. The face reflected in the bathroom mirror after taking a shower was glossy like a babies, surprising even her.
That the pain in her waist had disappeared was even more marvelous. She had failed a landing exercise about half a year ago and had heavily landed on her waist, which had been duly aching ever since.

(… Probably, it is the result of that…)

She didn’t buy the popular belief that semen had beautifying effects. But when the teacher had filled her womb with semen, a strange power had certainly filled her.
It couldn’t be explained with logic, but Natsuki was convinced. It had healed her waist, cleaned her skin and caused her body to feel light.

“Teacher, I came again …”

She turned the door handle after saying so without waiting for an answer. She didn’t quite understand it herself, but she could tell that he had been expecting her. It wasn’t intuition or guessing which told her so, but she ‘understood’ it.

(After all, he was here!)

The teacher sat down behind the office desk, and seemed to be working on something. She felt he looked good without turning on the lights in the dark room, as she thought it was unnecessary.
She found herself blushing and the room’s temperature rose several degrees. Thick sweat, different from the light transpirations she had wiped off earlier, oozed out of her skin.

“What is the teacher doing?”

Midou Kenichi wouldn’t look at the beautiful girl approaching him without hesitation. In fact, he was busy with tests and preparations for class, but she was sure that he had been waiting for her.

“Kurosawa. Don’t you have your club?”

Without looking up from the document, the teacher said with a monotonous voice. She couldn’t understand why, but hearing his voice caused shudders to run down her spine. But Natsuki felt herself being attracted to this wicked person.

“He he…. I got lost… “

Natsuki stuck out her tongue cutely.

“But, even the teacher is lazing around. … Don’t you need to go to the tennis club?”

She said so while standing next to his desk with a chuckle. It was certainly true that there was tennis practice at this time and he, as the vice advisor would usually have to attend. However, saying something along the lines of “I feel responsible for yesterday’s accident and feel unwell”, he left his tasks to the main advisor and the original coach.

[Kenichi POV]

As if he had predicted that Natsuki would come here at this time.

“I heard some news. You’re apparently a master in tennis? Everyone in my class knows about your game with Usami.”

Natsuki got closer to his right side while saying so. She stood there with only a T-shirt covering her skin and a black spats on her bottom. The sweet fragrance of a young girl mixed with the weak smell of her sweat.
As though she knew that this was the best way to awaken the teacher’s obscene desire, she dropped on his back.

„What should you do, what should you do? If you become popular with high school girls because of it, you could have a lot of fun”

When she said so, he finally looked up from the document, staring at Natsuki’s face. She had the feeling of something magnetic coming out of his eyes, causing the beautiful girl to shudder while remembering yesterday’s joy.

“By the way, what do you need today?”
“Well. Isn’t that slightly cold? Even though we loved each other so passionately…”

Natsuki clung to Kenichi’s neck from behind and uttered a sweet cry. Wrapped in the smell of her sweat, the science teacher’s excitement rose and his crotch congested.

“Aah, well… Natsuki wants to play more with you, teacher…”

She twisted her body and coquetted to rouse Kenichi’s interest. Her bright, idol-like smile had completely disappeared, replaced with the obscene smile of a witch.

“Hey…, don’t you want to know what color Natsuki’s panties are?”

Chuckling as she said so, she, who was well endowed for a second grader, pressed her lower body against the teacher’s pitched pants. Her usual innocence disappeared and her face and vocabulary changed as though a licentious poison had acted up.

“Ufuh. If the teacher holds his hand out and lowers the spats a little, Natsuki’s panties will be visible…”

As she said so and laughed lasciviously, she waved her hips, deliberately provoking him. Using the super sense, he could clearly see the love liquid overflowing and wetting her pubic region.
(Natsuki is more aggressive than the other day…)

Even as his crotch heated up, Kenichi kept his cool. He was convinced that the girl had been changed from the inside out after a single time with him. The beautiful girl had been an ordinary high school student, but sex with Kenichi had changed her personality and even her gestures, and she was now inviting a man to join her in the ways of a prostitute.

(No. It wasn’t only once…)

He had fucked her body in the flesh in this room once, but he had also fucked Natsuki in her dream. Both the girl and Kenichi vividly remembered the intercourse in the obscene dream as if it had actually happened.
Her sweet panting voice. Perfume rising from her body. The taste of the saliva and love liquid. The sound of colliding meat. Her 17-year-old meat which squeezed his penis to the utmost. He clearly remembered every part of the dream,as though it had actually happened.

(Every time I ejaculated into your womb, you became more enslaved to me and as you did, you became more and more licentious.…)

Just like with Kawashima Aiko, as he ejaculated as much as he wanted in the real world and in the dreams, he could feel his seed being released into the bodies of the beautiful girls and he felt that he was slowly dyeing their pure bodies in his color.

“There’s something I want you to do…”

Kenichi lowered the zipper of his pants slowly without breaking his calm expression. When he took it off, and the belt was unhooked, the beautiful girl got down on her knees between Kenichi’s legs with a laugh.

“Ahn, teacher, you… want to put it in Natsuki’s mouth?”

Saying that, Natsuki happily helped him take off his pants, and as it was, she clutched the soaring crotch inside his pants with her cute hand.

“No, I’m all right now… Teacher’s lewd”

Natsuki said so and sent a fierce glance unbefitting of a girl and slowly put her mouth on top of his pants. She opened her mouth immediately and held the hambone to check its hardness and size.

“It’s so big! Will it fit inside my mouth?”

Staring at Kenichi with glittering eyes, Natsuki stretched out her long, thin tongue and licked the murderous weapon of flesh through the fabric. Immediately, the fabric became wet and discolored, but the beautiful girl didn’t mind that, using her own saliva to make the middle-aged teacher’s underwear sticky.

“This is great. Oh no, Natsuki, I can feel it.…”

It was indeed an unusually large genitalia. Whenever Kenichi showed them his penis, the prostitutes were all overwhelmed by its size. However, they were negative about the size of his penis, complaining that it was too big or that it hurt.
But now? The beautiful girl in front of him was sincerely numbed and enraptured by the size other women had complained about.

“Well, it’s about time we get it out.“

Natsuki began to take off his pants when she said adorably. She seemed to enjoy herself as the huge meat pillar was caught in the shorts, preventing them from being fully removed.
“Amaaazing! It is so big…. this is the first time I can see it in a bright room…. no wonder having sex felt so painful…”
The girl loudly marveled at the size of Kenichi’s towering member compared to the male genitalia she knew. If Natsuki had been a woman with more sexual experience, her admiration would have been much deeper.

“How is it compared with your boyfriend?”

Kenichi, who knew that Natsuki and the ace of the baseball team at a high school in the neighboring town were dating and sometimes haing sex with each other, asked her meanly.
Natsuki seemed a bit surprised, but she immediately smiled and grasped the base of the huge pillar of flesh with her slender fingers and moved them loosely and obscenely to rub it.
“Ahem. Teacher knows anything…. Yes…,but compared to Koji’s, yours is in a different league…”
As she said this with an enraptured expression, the beautiful girl, still wearing her white t-shirt and black spats, nuzzled her face into the craggy, knobby male genitalia and extended her surprisingly long, slender tongue to lick the stem.

“Ah-hum, mmmm.”

Sniffling and making sweet noises, she let her tongue crawl over Kenichi’s slippery erection. In terms of technique, she was far from a mature woman, but the fact that a beautiful high school girl in gym uniform was performing such an obscene act in the school building after school excited Kenichi to an extraordinary degree.

“Hmph, teacher, do you like the feeling?”

While occasionally laughing mischievously, Natsuki rubbed the saliva-soaked pillar of flesh obscenely, flicking the surface with her own tongue, or sweeping across it. The tip of her tongue which was thin and pointed, giving strong stimulation and wet with saliva spread out with a slippery, sticky lick. Sooner or later, Natsuki became impatient and brought her mouth to the huge tip of his penis.

“This thing looks really enjoyable. It has naughty shape. Just looking at it, my head is going dizzy….”

When Natsuki said that, she really sighed with slightly drunken eyes, then slowly opened her mouth and tried to swallow it from the tip. The glossy, beautiful girl’s healthy, pink lips that didn’t need rouge spread out and she swallowed the cobra-like tip, which stuck out in a reddish-purple, throbbing manner, with a slurp. When the huge glans was finally contained inside her small oral cavity, Natsuki closed her eyes, enraptured and tightened her mouth around it.

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