Inma no Hado chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Sex

The ‘power’ brought by the contract with the devil had turned the gloomy and gloomy high school science teacher into a lecherous beast, and was even transforming an innocent high school girl who had been instilled with pleasure by the leecher into a lewd and bewitching little devil.
In the science prep room after school, the watery slurping continued. A teacher in a soggy suit was sitting on the couch, his bottom half completely exposed, his fierce genitals towering in his crotch.

“Oh… that’s good…”

Sitting on an old couch in the dimly lit science prep room, Kenichi was savoring the sweet oral service of a beautiful girl.
The ugly, huge male organ was still in the young-looking girl’s mouth, her pink cheeks dimpled as she eagerly sucked on it. Natsuki Kurosawa, stationed between Kenichi’s legs, was passionately and relentlessly stimulating the man’s penis. She had poor technique, but her actions were so eager and lewd that it was hard to believe she was a young girl.

(Ahhh… wow… It’s the best…)

His arousal flared up as his member was sucked into her hot mouth. A terrifying surge of power made him feel like the king of the world, able to do anything

“Oh my God, my mouth is getting tired. Because you’re so big…”

The beautiful girl spit the huge glans out of her mouth and stimulated the seam area and the sensitive tip with her pointed and hardened tongue while laughing. She grasped the arch that had become slippery with saliva from her actions and rubbed it as if she had put lotion on it. Her movements and the expression on her face were those of an experienced sex worker.
Sloppy precum overflowed from his glans.
Natsuki smiled happily and quickly scooped up the harsh smelling fluid with her pretty tongue. After tasting it in her mouth for a bit, she dissolved it in her saliva and swallowed it.

“I’ll make you feel even better…”

While saying such naughty things, the 17-year-old whore twisted her pointed tongue into his urethra with a grimace. The intense stimulation of her tongue made Kenichi groan and thrust his hips out.
Natsuki herself was getting off on giving a blow job. The crotch of her black, shiny spats was discolored by her love juice while she swung her waist.
While his sexual sensations were swelling and he was savoring the exquisite pleasure provided by the beautiful high school girl, Kenichi also felt a calm part in himself. It seemed to measure Natsuki’s excitement, and while he tasted the pleasure that seemed to melt his crotch from oral intercourse with a beautiful girl, he was fully enjoying it without drowning completely.
If it had been him yesterday, he would have already exploded in the beautiful girl’s mouth and spat out his white pleasure fluid. Now, he was able to endure Natsuki’s fierce and nettlesome blowjobs and was still erect, in search of further pleasure.

(This is also thanks to the ‘power’…)

Kenichi was able to fully indulge in pleasure, while at the same time objectively analyzing the beautiful girl’s excitement and also grasping the situation around him with the expanded ‘power’. Therefore, if someone tried to break in here suddenly, Kenichi would be able to perceive it long before.

(Let’s see…)

While savoring the dense and unbearable carnal pleasure, Kenichi widened his perception radar to find the other beautiful girl who was the bane of his bestial lust.
There she was!
Kawashima Aiko, who had her virginity taken the day before, came to school today without a break, and also properly participated in the tennis club. It was probably a good thing he didn’t torture her until her strength was exhausted, as he had done with Natsuki, but taken it easy and sent her home while she still had some energy left.
Aiko was apparently trying to forget yesterday’s events, giving it her all while chasing the ball. The situation on the tennis court, which was so far away, was something that Kenichi could now ‘grasp’ from the fifth floor of the school building.
However, seeing Aiko’s desperation, Kenichi’s smile got wider. It was pointless to try and forget something like that just by immersing herself in the tennis match.

(Well, I made you this greedy…)

Kenichi grinned as he remembered his daytime class.
During today’s class, he had been wrapping his red tentacles around Aiko, who was at the front of the classroom. He was so excited by Aiko’s growing lasciviousness that he stimulated her juvenile sexuality in a slow and steady simmer.
By the time the class was over, she was red-faced and breathing heavily and staring at him all the time with hot eyes. That look of longing that would have made him push her down right away, had they been alone.

(I wonder how much longer you can hold out…)

A beautiful girl was raped by a man she didn’t even like and was given a taste of bone-melting pleasure. At night, she was raped again in the dream, and during the day she was made to lust after him in class.
There was no one to talk to, and no one could help her in this uncomfortable hell. The only way to get out of that torment was to become the demon’s prey again and have its poisonous stinger driven into her womb.

(I’m looking forward to that moment…)

Imagining the scene where the beautiful girl offered her sweet flesh, Kenichi twitched angrily. Natsuki smiled happily and rubbed her tongue against it to soothe it.
“Ahn, teacher…. You’re thinking about that, aren’t you? So what do we do now? Do you cum in my mouth? Or are you going to eat Natsuki with this girl?
As she rubbed his huge flesh stalk, which was as big as her own face, against her white cheeks, Natsuki asked with an enraptured expression, the seventeen year old girl becoming more and more lewdly tainted by Kenichi’s poison.

“Then let me lick your cunt too.”
“Oh no… you perverted teacher! It’s unwashed and sweaty and you want to lick it?”
“It’s okay… just hold still…”
“Danm! You’re really a pervert, teacher!”

While saying so, the beautiful girl giggled and straddled the teacher lying on the sofa while facing the other way. The rage between Kenichi’s legs was becoming more and more prominent and it was wet and glistening with saliva from her actions.

“Aaaaan… It’s too big to lick it like this…”

In a whisper, Natsuki said that, but still worked hard to extend her tongue and rub it against the murderous weapon of flesh. Even when she put power behind her licks, the surface which had become hard like iron, bounced back lightly.

“Ahh! No! It really… smells like sweat!

When she was suddenly sucked between her legs over the top of her shiny spats, her face went red with embarrassment as she protested. The perverted teacher, who of course didn’t care about such things, sucked up the oozing fluid from the beautiful girl’s body. His hot and rough breath became even more heated and he sucked natsuki’s crotch.

“Nooo… This is embarrassing…”

The 17-year-old writhed and screamed at the horrible and shameful act of having her genitals sucked, albeit through the cloth. However, she did not run away but rather pressed that part against him herself and lightly sank her teeth into the meat shaft to get back at him.
As the perverted teacher enjoyed the taste of the beautiful girl’s sweaty genitals through her spats, she resumed sucking him off. Kenichi invaded the side of her shorts, which had a lascivious design and color for a high school girl, with his long tongue.

“Oh hi hi! No! You mustn’t lick it, it’s filthy!

However, the perverted teacher who was a big fan of it licked off a beautiful girl’s embarrassing essence happily. He buried his face in the beautiful girl’s sensitive part and licked and sucked it as much as he liked.
He sucked her plump fleshy folds and licked the swollen and hardened flesh pearl. When she was about to come, he stopped caressing it and deliberately teased her again and again.

“Ahhh… no… no…

But when the tongue entered the narrow vaginal opening and wriggled inside, Natsuki was at her limit.

“I can’t… I can’t take it anymore…. I can’t stand it. Hey, teacher…put it in!”

The high school girl screamed and begged for his meat as her crotch was licked and sucked. The sharp pleasures pouring from between her legs made her lust run wild, and she couldn’t help but want to welcome the murder weapon of hot flesh into her womb as soon as possible.

“Well then, since you begged me to, go ahead and straddle me.”

Kenichi, who has gained confidence with women, shamelessly commanded the beautiful girl.
The girl licked off the saliva around her lips with her pink tongue, and then she straddled Kenichi’s lap in a hurry.
She swayed her hips and rubbed her slippery wet crotch against the hot towering member, then squirmed around Kenichi’s neck and begged him for a kiss, unable to endure. When Kenichi opened his mouth, the beautiful high school girl opened her petal-like lips and kissed him deeply.

“Ah-an… uh-uh-uh…”

After rubbing their mouths, tongues and genitals against each other for a while, and checking each other’s arousal, Kenichi and Natsuki let out a breath. A thread of saliva stretched between their mouths, and when it broke, they pressed their lips together again, already growing impatient.
Kenichi sucked up Natsuki’s sweet tongue to his heart’s content and rubbed the beautiful girl’s secret place aggressively.

“Please don’t tease me…can we do it now, teacher?”

Natsuki whispered to Kenichi as if she couldn’t stand it anymore, biting his neck and nibbling his earlobe. She rubbed her spread flower petals against his raging pole and swayed her hips with a little twitch. Seeing the weakness of this high school girl, Kenichi couldn’t stand it either. However, he still pretended to be calm and ordered Natsuki further.

“Then Natsuki must put it in herself.”
“No, no…”

Natsuki hesitated for a while while swinging her hips, but before long she floated her waist a little, making a gap and grabbed Kenichi’s anger with her hands, slowly raising it. She hesitantly lowered her waist by herself until it reached her opening, quickly dropping after it did.

“Ahiiiii! It’s huge! Ahhhh, I can’t fit it all inside!

A huge spear of flesh thrusted vertically through the beautiful girl’s vaginal flesh, making a rubbing sound.
The vaginal opening was stretched by the huge male weapon, and the 17-year-old high school girl screamed from the pain of her mucous membrane being expanded to the limit. But at the same time, a tremendous sensation rose from between her legs and ran up her back to the top of her head.


Her sphincter was squeezed unbearably and her womb tightened around the intruder, but the meat spear pushed the vaginal canal open and filled the girl’s womb with its tip. The girl’s vagina swallowed it up with a loud sound, and the middle-aged teacher’s genitals finally occupied the girl’s vagina.

“Oh, it’s deep inside me! It hurts, it hurts, but… it feels so good! Ah!”

The tip of the long meat sword poked at her young cervix, and the pain in her swollen sex frightened Natsuki, but at the same time, she became a prisoner to the monstrous stimulation.
The mucous membranes, which were still blue and hard, contracted and tightened up around Kenichi’s rage. Rather than to please a man, it was probably a physiological phenomenon in response to the foreign object entering her womb. However, the result still gave the man’s genitals unbearable pleasure.

“Mmmm, I’m totally hooked.”

Kenichi, whose voice had changed, whispered to Natsuki, who was completely skewered and unable to move. He felt the beautiful girl’s slippery mucous membrane on his skin and enjoyed the intensity of her tightness that every man dreamed of. While tasting the girl’s blue mucous membrane that twitched from time to time, he put his hands around her hips and stroked them.

“Hi! I’m cumming!”

With just that much stimulation, Natsuki reached a climax, climbing experiencing higher the pleasures than what she had been getting from her boyfriend. While enjoying the feel of Natsuki’s smooth butt, he licked his tongue, basking in the feeling of her still clamping vagina.

“I’m going to move.”

As he quietly told her so, he put his hands around the girl’s waist and slowly thrust up angrily from below.

“Hiiiiiiii! Hahhhhhhhhhhhh!

The beautiful girl let out an animalistic scream and writhed in unworldly pleasure as her t-shirt-wrapped body twisted and turned. Her mucous membranes were sucking incredibly tightly on his rage, so despite the fact that there should have been plenty of love juice coming out, the friction was so great that it was hard to move.
But Kenichi didn’t care about that, and thrusted in and out of her mucous membrane with ruthless force. His thrusts went all the way, rubbing her cervix with his tip. On the contrary, his giant meat pole ruthlessly spread her sensitive vaginal walls, stimulating them and fried Natsuki’s brain as her vision went white.

“Ahhhh! Kuhhhh!

Without being able to announce her orgasm, the girl was performing an obscene dance on the middle-aged man’s lap, her beautiful shoulder-length hair fraying and sticking to her sweat-drenched forehead. Her climax was so intense that she couldn’t even faint.
Kenichi fully tasted the beautiful girl’s vaginal walls and accurately grasped the girl’s excitement with his calm eyes and the ‘power’.

“Hmph, we’re only getting started.”

Sending his rage into the girl’s womb with deft strength from below, Kenichi rolled up her sweaty white t-shirt, exposing the girl’s breasts. When he found a pretty purple lace bra that matched her panties, he smiled and rubbed Natsuki’s small breasts over her underwear.

“Ahaha! Hi!

For Natsuki, whose whole body was now an erogenous zone, even such stimulation was amplified in her womb and overheated the pleasure nerves in her brain. Morphine was secreted in large quantities, and at this moment she couldn’t think of anything other than pleasure.
Kenichi brutally thrusted his hips up to fuck the girl while he pulled down her lace bra cup and took the floppy pink nipple in his mouth. Natsuki let out an animalistic scream and felt her vaginal muscles contract horribly as he licked and rolled it around with his tongue, stimulating it with her cory.

“Mmmm, do you like it?”

Satisfied with Natsuki’s condition, who could no longer reply, Kenichi decided to take the final step. While taking a nipple in his mouth, he put his hand around her ass and played with the beautiful girl’s anus. Ignoring the girl shivering and trembling in his arms, he lightly bit into the nipple in his mouth.


The girl’s entire body buzzed and shook as she was pushed to another level of stimulation not experienced in normal intercourse. At the same time, her womb tightened around his member, causing Kenichi to groan and send his seed in her womb.

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