Inma no Hado chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Both of them

“Who’s there?”

They stopped moving, but of course, there was no way to know who had come. Kenichi, who had no friends or relatives in mind, thought that the police had come because of the joke he just made.
In such a situation, it would be good to use that powerful radar-like ‘power’ he had at school, but for unknown reasons, it was almost useless away from the school. Black waves could be emitted from his body, but at home they only reached half a meter. At such a distance, it would be much more efficient to check with eyes and ears.

“Wait here…”

When he whispered that to Natsuki, she felt something in Kenichi’s attitude and shook her head quietly. As he left the bedroom, he put Natsuki’s sports shoes into the shoe box.


The one standing there was a girl in a top and bottom jersey carrying a large bag, just like Natsuki.
The second sudden visitor of the day was someone one would be able to guess. If you reasoned logically, there was only one answer.

“Hey, good evening..”
“…oh, no.”

It was Aiko Kawashima, the sophomore who won the women’s single matches today, a member of the tennis club he had parted ways with in front of the station just an hour ago.
Aiko and Kenichi entered the kitchen.
Aiko looked up a little when she first met him at the entrance, but after that she kept looking down with a red face. It’s a good thing that she came into the room reluctantly, but if she remained quiet, Kenichi wouldn’t be able to guess her intentions.

“Oh right. Good job… Congratulations on winning…”
“…oh, thank you…”

Then there was silence again. Kenichi didn’t know what to do with Aiko, who fell silent. When he left the school, he still reverted to his old self, and he’s still fidgety and soft-spoken.

“Why did you come here?”

Thinking this was the second time today that he had asked this question, he called out to the slumped Aiko. Then, Aiko, who had been sitting still for a while, looked up and started to speak as if she had made up her mind to do something.

“Well, I’ve always been weird… Ever since the incident in that room with you, teacher…. Every time I see your face, I get nervous…”
“Even… even today, every time I looked at you, I was unsettled… I thought it was no good, but I couldn’t do anything about it….”
“So… so… so… And so… so… well… I mean…”

She blushed from the embarrassment of what she meant by going that far, and the pitiful Aiko slumped down again, red to her ears.
It’s an unusual situation that was happening in her own body, where every time she met face to face with her science teacher, she felt a strong sexual desire that made her body burn. That was the reason for the excitement and bewilderment.
But when she put that fact into words like this, it was like a confession of love. This fact drove her to a point of shame where she wanted to disappear.
And that’s not all. She would rather die than tell her science teacher, but these days she had been having disgusting sexual dreams every night. Moreover, their contents were lewd and greedy, just like the adult videos she had seen before.
Every night, she had sex with her science teacher and enjoyed herself in various poses. Last night, for example, she was on all fours in her school uniform, spreading her ass with her hands, exposing her vagina and begging for sexual intercourse with her teacher.
Every morning when she woke up, the 17-year-old girl layed stunned in her bed. In her dreams, she would shake her head with the man’s raging cock in front of her and grin happily as she drank his spunk.
It was said that dreams were the mirror of a person’s hidden desires. It was a shock to Aiko that her real self was so lewd and insatiable.
Aiko looked down in silence.
But Kenichi, who has far less experience with women, had no idea what to say to her. If it were an erotic game, there would be choices, but of course, there would never be choices in the real world.
As he was wondering what to do, the angel of salvation, or rather the devil, appeared from the bedroom.


Aiko was shocked when a woman in a cheerleader’s outfit, and a classmate whose face and name she knew, suddenly showed up while she thought they’re alone. Moreover, she had just made an embarrassing confession, and she may have been listening to it.

“You’re the captain of the tennis club, Kawashima… right?”
“Yes, yes…. You’re Class 4, Kurosawa…”

They had never spoken properly to each other since they were in different classes since they entered the school, but they recognized each other’s faces and names. Above all, both of them had good looks so they stood out even if they didn’t want to, and they were both aces in their respective clubs.

“I heard you talking in the back, but…”
“You’re terrible…”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. You didn’t tell me not to.”
“I mean, that’s true, but…”

Kenichi was listening to them talking as though invisible attacks met in mid air. However, he only appeared calm on the outside, cringing inside while being at a loss on what to do in this situation. After all, the chemical reactions of a woman’s heart were not mentioned in any textbook or reference book.

“Come over here for a minute and take that bag…”
“What… what… why…”
“Just…I’ll tell you how to settle this…”
“No, no… Oh, no… Okay, okay, okay, okay…”

Like that, Natsuki pulled Aiko by her hand and retreated back into the back bedroom. The two of them were gone, and he just cringed again in the kitchen. There was nothing to do, so he slurped down a bottle of sparkling liquor.

“Teacher. Come here!”

There was a flurry of movement in the back of the room, like some kind of argumentative struggle, but once again Natsuki called Kenichi from inside the bedroom.
In front of Kenichi, who opened the bedroom door, an even greater shock than before was waiting for him.

“Then…. What do you think? Don’t we two high school girls look sexy?”

The two beautiful high school students were waiting for Kenichi on the bed, each in their respective uniforms, with their legs opened in an M pose. Natsuki was smiling just as brightly but bewitchingly as before, but Aiko was turning so red that Kenichi felt sorry for her and turned her head to the side, still desperately spreading her legs to show off her crotch.

“Oh… no… no… this is embarrassing…”

Even though he had seen her a lot during the tennis tournament, this obscene pose at close range added extreme destructive potential to her outfit.
The white tennis uniform was completely rolled up, which also revealed a full view of her crotch covered by pure white underwear. It had lovely, ruffled laces, slightly dirty with clay dust.

“Look, look… let’s pick up where we left off earlier, shall we? Teacher…. You wanted to smell a high school girl’s cunt, didn’t you?”

Like Natsuki, Aiko, too, had been exercising all day, so she must have been sweating all over. Of course, she came here directly after the tournament was over, so she didn’t have the time or luxury to take a shower. Therefore, the sweet sweat and body odor that the maidens emitted rose thickly from their bodies and quickly filled the small six-mat bedroom.

“Look, look… don’t be shy, teach! Kawashima-san, just like me wants to have sex with you after all.”
“…Noo! That’s not true!”
“That’s the only explanation… If you’re huffing and puffing every time you see your teacher’s face, I can’t think of anything else!”
“…ahhh… I don’t know… I don’t know if it’s really…”

‘That forceful comprehension and problem-solving ability of yours is as powerful as that cat-shaped robot’, Kenichi was tempted to say.

“Look, look… Don’t stand there, come over here, too, teach~”

Impatient with Kenichi, who was standing in an endless daze and not responding, Natsuki reached out and pulled him onto the bed.

“…Hey, hey…”

His hand was suddenly pulled, but the large bag was at his feet, so he stumbled, and Kenichi fell onto the bed. Trying to protect his head, he stretched out his hands in the direction where Aiko layed with spread legs.

“….Are you alright?…”

As he said this, his eyes met with Aiko, who was now underneath him, and as usual, her large dark eyes began to moisten as she looked at him. The healthy, tanned beauty, who looked good in white tennis wear, hesitated for a moment before hugging the fallen Kenichi.

“Ahh……..teacher~! teacher~!”

Saying that, Aiko was desperately clinging to his neck, and as if the shame she had felt earlier was a lie, she became enthralled and planted a kiss on him. That hasty and unsparing action of Aiko’s spoke volumes about her bottled up desire.

“Aumuuu… Fuuumuuu…”

She covered Kenichi’s back and aggressively entwined her tongue with his. With the same ravenousness as the first time he used his red tentacles, she used her tongue to lick around inside his mouth as if the science teacher’s mouth was a sweet dessert.

“Nnfuuu… nnnguuuuu…”

With Aiko on top of him and facing downward, a mouthful of turbid saliva fell from her mouth as gravity pulled it down; the seventeen-year-old beauty tasted like sweeteners, and Kenichi gulped it down in a frenzy.

“Ah-an… Kawashima-san, that’s not fair! Me too. I’m gonna kiss you too, teacher.”

This time, from Aiko’s other side, Kenichi’s left, who was lying on his back on the bed, Natsuki pulled his face to her and took his lips by forcefully turning his face towards her. Kenichi, whose neck was twisted with a force and speed that was nearly enough to break it, almost screamed in agony from the intense pain as the other beautiful girl sucked his tongue.
In the blink of an eye, the science teacher was sandwiched between two beautiful high school sophomore girls, and took turns kissing them, sniffing and coaxing them. As they did so, black blood began to flow through his ragin member, and his sponge body rapidly expanded.
With that, a black wave was triggered, and spread around his body. At home, the range was at most fifty centimeters, but it’s still far enough to reach the two high school girls who were holding their bodies close to his.

(Here you go!!!)

With a creeping sensation, tentacles of red evil thoughts extended to their bodies and clung directly to the bodies of Aiko and Natsuki on either side of him.


Aiko let out a sharp cry of pleasure with her open mouth, and Natsuki let out a muffled scream in the back of her kissed mouth. Their auras, which had been pink from the start, turned red in a flash, pulsating as usual, changing their color to a deeper one. Their appearances, aroused by the vibrations, made it clear that they were in a state of lust.
As always, the effect of the red tentacles was tremendous.
Aiko’s change was especially dramatic due to her lack of experience and shyness. Like a butterfly moulting from a pupa to an adult, the beautiful girl who was just an ordinary high school girl quickly became a lewd and bewitching little devil.

“Hey, Sensei….. I’m going first since I arrived earlier.”
“Kurosawa-san and I are going to make you feel so much better…”

The two beautiful girls, both of whom have outstanding looks that stood out in the school, said so, and began to take off the clothes Kenichi was wearing. With an expression of lustful debauchery on their faces, they moaned and let out hot breaths as they gleefully stripped the teacher on his bed.

“Hey, hey… I just got home earlier too, so I’m dirty.”
“What are you talking about… You made me lick your ass in my dreams…”
“Huh! Have you dreamed of having sex with teach too?”
“Yes. Maybe Kawashima too? It’s every night these days!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Me too, me too! It’s become normal for me to have sex with my teacher every night in my dreams.”

Hearing that conversation, Kenichi thought with his fuzzy head.
A night demon, also called an incubus, was originally also called a dream demon. As the name suggested, they associated with the target woman in her dreams, stealing her vitality and sometimes making her give birth to a demon’s child.
On the other hand, his own recent lewd dreams were real and palpable, everything was clear, and the memory remained strong when he woke up from the dream. It’s something completely different from ordinary dreams.
What if that dream world was not just a dream, but a world created by the dream demon whom he made a contract with? And what if Natsuki’s and Aiko’s dream world were connected by the power of the dream weaver and shared that world with him?
And what if the incubus was the inhabitant of the dream world, and through it could move freely into other people’s dreams as well?


His thoughts were interrupted by a sharp stimulus.

“If you think about another girl, I’ll bite you!”

While saying this, Natsuki bit Kenichi’s neck with her attractive teeth. Of course, even though she bit him, it wasn’t strong enough for blood to come out.

“I’m going to become Dracula and suck your blood…”

She said with a cute smile on her face, and crawled her tongue around the spot she bit and sucked it up with her lips. The place became congested and left a bright hickey in its place because of her sucking. It’s not like there’s anyone who shouldn’t see this, so Kenichi let the beautiful girl do what she wanted.
“No…no…don’t just stand there in a daze, sensei, make me feel good…”

On the other side, Aiko settled him on her naked upper body and he licked her nipples with a flicking motion. Since it’s an act he had done many times in his dreams, he was familiar with the technique, even if it’s the first time he was actually doing it.
They were both excited while doing so. They were still in their cheerleader’s and tennis uniforms, and she was wiggling her raised buttocks from side to side, just covered by her miniskirt. The scene was caught in the huge mirror of the dresser at the edge of the bed, and it was clearly visible to Kenichi, whose eyesight had improved to a phenomenal degree.
He wanted to pat himself on the back for putting the dresser in such a place, he really wanted to.
Natsuki’s blue and Aiko’s white panties, as usual, were slender and wet and changed color vertically due to the honey liquid that flooded from inside. While doing this, the red tentacles, although not strongly, continued to wriggle and excite the girls.

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