Inma no Hado chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Amusement

A few days later, on Sunday, Kenichi participated in a tennis match in Tokyo as an advisor.
Kenichi had returned to his apartment after being released in the evening. As an office worker, you would have a three-day weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but with schools and clubs, teachers couldn’t take a day off either.
However, the next Monday was a variable holiday, and it was a day when there really were no school activities whatsoever. Although he didn’t feel much physical fatigue after gaining the incubus’ ‘power’, he would still tire out mentally.


He let out a sigh of relief after being finally freed from so many things. Lately at school, both in class and at the club, his confidence was getting better than before. However, when coming home like this, one could see that he still hadn’t fixed his weak and indecisive nature.


He remembered the shocking event and felt gloomy.
Kenichi had seen it. No, it would be better to say that he knew.
That handkerchief. The handkerchief Kenichi had borrowed, washed and returned, Yoshikawa Junko had carelessly put it in the trash as if it were a piece of dirt.
Of course, Junko was not stupid enough to throw it away in the trash where Kenichi could see it. But he ‘found out’ that Junko had deliberately thrown the handkerchief into the trash can in the women’s restroom to avoid being seen, when he was curious and had been following her with his super senses.
He also saw that the reason for this was that she hated Kenichi, and didn’t want to put anything that his hands had touched in her bag.
Lies and deceptions didn’t work against super senses.

(Does she hate me that much…)

Yet still, more than regret and anger, sadness boiled in his tired heart. And so he despaired again over how much he loved her.

(Well, at least there’s the thing with the vice-principal…)

He finally smiled the wicked smile that he often had lately as he remembered sending the adulterer, Usami, to the hospital during the tennis match.

(Serves you right…)

He was hospitalized because of his injuries, and even when he was released from the hospital, he was on crutches, so his state was apparent. Therefore, neither of them would be able to meet for a while.

(If only I could see Yoshikawa-sensei’s aura…)

The most destructive part of the ‘power’ of the contract with the devil were the red evil tentacles that acted on women emitting the aura to make them go into heat.
The condition for triggering them was that a woman emitting the aura was exposed to black vibrations within a few meters of Kenichi. Kenichi understood from previous experience that once the wave motion sensed the target, the tentacles would then appear to automatically capture it.
Because of that, if he could see Junko’s aura, whom he admired and longed for, he could make her go into heat in an instant and possess her. He couldn’t change her emotions, but he could melt her reason and cause her to have dark desires.
He made Aiko Kawashima, who was a pure virgin, give him her virginity.
It was surprising that Aiko won the capital match today. She had beaten the best solo players in the world, winning the first title for Ellis College in more than ten years. It was a great accomplishment for her to win the title after only a year and a half of playing tennis, no matter how talented she might have been.

(I wonder if it was the devil’s “power” too…)

That reminded him of the words of another beautiful girl, Natsuki Kurosawa.
According to Natsuki, after having sex with Kenichi and getting semen in her womb, her body became lighter and her physical condition improved. For an athlete, who’s biggest enemies were injury and fatigue, this brought untold benefits.
But he had only had sex with Aiko once, on the day Kenichi had a tennis match with the vice principal. Since then, the demon wearing his face had raped Aiko many times in his dreams, but he had never actually held her himself. However, he had been amused during his classes and had played with the red tentacles, making Aiko go into heat the whole time.

(So much frustration…)

It reminded him of the Aiko he saw on the tennis field where the match was being held in the afternoon.
When he had noticed a gaze staring at him from afar, it had been Aiko, the sophomore and captain of the tennis team, a sports girl who often looked at him passionately, showing a lewd expression that was completely out of place in a tennis venue.
(Well, even though she was in heat like that, she still managed to win the championship, so maybe Aiko has amazing mental strength…)
Aiko only looked at Kenichi impatiently and didn’t do anything else, while Kurosawa Natsuki was a beautiful and mysterious girl who was greedy, active and cheerful in her desire.
Since then, Natsuki and Keniuchi had been having sexual intercourse with each other every day at school, sating each other’s lust at lunchtime and after school in the science preparation room. Natsuki, who was faithful to her desires, didn’t seem to have any sense of guilt, and even if she didn’t use her hands, she barged in on him every day with a red face and a lustful look on her face, and serviced him with her mouth and narrow meat pot.
(Oh, by the way, Natsuki said that she also has a convention today…)

Natsuki, the ace of the cheerleading squad, seemed to be in great physical shape after absorbing his cum, and he remembered that she was determined to make it to the top of the competition this year.
He got up from his bed, dressed as he was and was about to take a bath when the doorbell rang.

(Who could it be at this hour?)

It was past eight o’clock in the evening. As he had not ordered any delivery, Kenichi opened the door in a haphazard manner.
The person standing there was the one he had just thought about.

“Hee hee. Sensei, I’ve come to visit…”

Natsuki let out a carefree laugh as she said so.

The sudden visit of a female student surprises him, but he quickly regained his composure and let her into the house. He had to be careful about pulling a girl who was clearly a high school girl into his home because of the neighbors’ eyes, but his keened perception told him that there was no danger for now.

“You’ve found this place rather easily.”
“What are you talking about? Anyone can see and copy the faculty directory!”

While whispering “I’m sorry to bother you”, Natsuki, who took off her shoes, slipped past a dumbfounded Kenichi and entered the apartment building.

“Oh! It’s pretty neat and tidy… And it’s obvious that you’re not a woman at all. Well, a gloomy science teacher is usually not popular.”

Natsuki was inspecting all the rooms, laughing matter-of-factly with a vain smile. Kenichi wanted to ask her when she had become his mother, but as he didn’t know the intention of her visit, he let her do as she wanted.
Natsuki probably was on her way home from a game. She was wearing a stylish jersey with the logo ‘ELLIS GHS’ on her back and carried a large bag. It was a set made for the cheerleading club.

“Hey, hey…. teacher, I’m thirsty~. Do you have anything?”
“Only beer.”
“That’s alright. That’s fine, that’s fine.”

Natsuki shouted as she sat down on a chair in the kitchen without permission, banging on the table with her hands. Reluctantly, Kenichi took one out of the refrigerator, and she reached out for it without false modesty.

“Wait! Ooh!”

Kenichi thought it was a joke, but he was surprised to see Natsuki open the clip nonchalantly. The person in question didn’t care about it at all.

“Ah! That’s sparkling sake! teacher, why are you drinking this stuff?”
“Shut up! That’s not for minors!”

However, before he could do anything, Natsuki put the can to her lips and took a big sip.

“Puhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! I can’t get enough!”

After guzzling and drinking like an old man, Natsuki spat out a matching line of dialogue. As though it was scheduled, Kenichi awakened from his stupor.

“That’s the first thing you do when you get your hand on a sake bottle? I’ll be fired if I’m caught drinking alcohol with a minor.”

When Natsuki heard that, she lifted her eyes and refuted.

“Kaaah! What are you talking about? If you mess with your students, you’re fired too! You’re already getting fired! And because this is in Tokyo, you get a punishment of more than two years imprisonment or one million yen for the violation of Article 18-6 of the ‘Ordinance on the Sound Development of Youth’”

Kenichi’s pupils shrank.
Why did this high school girl have such useless knowledge? If there’s room for such a thing, you’d think she’d at least put the Periodic Table for the next test in her brain.

“Because the Periodic Table is of no use to me in my life!”

(Natsuki. You’re an esper.)

“And you have a funny way of remembering it, too. You say ‘sailor Liebe my ship’, but who’s ‘Liebe’? Don’t you think it’s weird that you’re a sailor and love a ship?”

(Correction. You’re just a drunk.)

For a while, Natsuki was talking and yelling one-sidedly like a machine gun, but eventually she became more calm. Before he noticed, her eyes had turned red making her look both drunk and sexy.

“By the way, what are you doing here?”

When Kenichi half-heartedly asked her while drinking his beer, Natsuki smiled with a grin and got off the kitchen chair, slung his bag over his shoulder, and walked into the bedroom.

“Come over when I call you~”

Then, without looking back, she closed his bedroom door. Kenichi remained alone in the kitchen, unable to make sense of the situation.
After a while, he heard Natsuki’s voice calling him from inside the bedroom. In response to the voice, Kenichi opened the door to find Natsuki, dazzling in her cheerleader’s uniform, standing there smiling with a red ribbon in her ponytail.


The uniform was based on a dark blue color with the logo written in red with the chest part in white. The blue top and skirt also had white and yellow stripes at the hem, a very pretty design that suited the pale Natsuki very well.

“Hehe~. Heh. Teach? Am I pretty?”

Then she paused and spun around in front of him. The centrifugal force of the rotation caused her skirt to open up, and he was troubled by the glimpse of a shiny blue undergarment.

“Hehe… I came to show this to you, teach. You love this, don’t you, teacher?”

Despite her provocation, he couldn’t respond at all, repeatedly swallowing his gushing salvia.The image of the cheerleader doing spins in front of him was being burned into his retina.

“Hey, hey… did you turn mute…”

While saying that, seeing Kenichi’s more than sufficient reaction, the prankster high school sophomore looked happy. She had already seen through this science teacher’s perverted preferences, so she knew that this outfit was a ‘critical hit’ for this man. [ED: not the literal translation, mtl was gibberish] “How’s that, teacher? How’s the current ace of the cheerleader club?”
With that, she sat down on the bed and invited Kenichi, who was still standing there, to join him.

“It’s not cosplay… It’s the real thing…”

As she said this, she deliberately crossed her legs as if to show them off. In doing so, she made sure that the blue panty was visible. The little devil laughed as she enjoyed watching the perverted teacher’s gaze follow it.
“And… I was sweating all over the place just now because we were playing a game…. So I’m sure my sweet sweat is soaking into this panty…”
The beautiful seventeen-year-old girl exposed her crotch with a victorious smile as she placed one side on the bed and spread her long legs. The panty, made of shiny, glossy fabric, was smooth to the touch without a single wrinkle.
Imagining its texture and smell, Kenichi’s vigor swelled up.

“Hey? tech, what do you think? Do you want to smell me?”

Natsuki, who understood Kenichi’s perversity perfectly, smiled bewitchingly and licked up her perky pink tongue. The beautiful girl, who was usually the lamb, provoked the wolf by lewdly inviting him to join her.

(Petit) [tsl note: the French word for small]

At that moment, Kenichi, for the first time in his life, heard the sound of his thread of reason being completely cut off. It would rather be unusual for him to hang onto his reason with such tasty meat dangling in front of him.

“Oh nooo! Scary! Help!”

Natsuki rolled onto the bed, letting out a deliberate scream as Kenichi rushed to the bed with a beastly growl. The man’s body odor that seeped into the sheets enveloped her as she fell, and like a conditioned reflex, the memory of that pleasure came back to her.

“No, no… I’m going to be attacked.”

Even though Kenichi hadn’t used his red tentacles at all so far, Natsuki was already in a state of unusually high arousal and in heat. Even before coming to this apartment, she had asked her friend to give her an alibi, so she was going to enjoy plenty of sex with Kenichi until tomorrow night.


At the very moment they were about to begin a long and intense sexual feast, the doorbell suddenly rang again.

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