Inma no Hado chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Orgy

After receiving a blow job in an irregular sixty-nine position from the two high school girls and satisfying himself by licking their love dripping crotches, the teacher made them take off their panies and line up on the bed on all fours.
Natsuki, in her blue cheerleader’s outfit, had sexy black shorts, and Aiko, in her white tennis look, had striped shorts with a blue border on a white background stuck to their crotch, respectively.

“No ahhhhh… quickly…”
“…oh my god… I’m so embarrassed…”

Showing their soggy crotches, the two girls were wiggling their hips while pleading with their perverted teacher who was looking at their outfits. The faces of the two beautiful girls were drenched in excitement and lust as Kenichi wes using his red tentacles again to make them lustful.
But still, Kenichi thought.
The white Natsuki was wearing black underwear, and the tanned Aiko was wearing white underwear. The contrast between the color of the skin and the color of the underwear in both cases emphasized the beauty and lewdness of each.

“Sensei… fast… eat Natsuki…”
“Oh, God… don’t tease me anymore… teacher, I want to fuck you…”

The two of them were on the bed in good company, buttocks side by side, screaming sweetly from earlier for a stroke of muscular flesh. Of course, red tentacles were entwined all over their bodies, and the aura coming from both their bodies was visually evident to be dark pink and in full rut.

“Go ahead and beg for more it”

The lewd teacher grinned nastily as he put both hands inside their respective shorts and played with their squishy pubic areas as he pleased. Even as he did so, the red tentacles wrapped around their bodies greedily invaded their auras, forcing the 17-year-old duo’s sexual desires to increase.

“Oh no, an, that’s mean…”
“I don’t want to say that…”

When his finger entered the vaginal opening, the two of them were scared of the stimulation. The finger could in no way satisfy their clamping crotches, but they were unwilling to say the words.
But when he sent more red waves from his finger and put the incubus’ power directly into the womb, both of them were at their limits.

“Ahhh… give me that! I want my teacher’s big one… in Natsuki!”
“Me too. Me too. Your thick, hard… fast…”
“Try saying that more… lewdly.”

But the whores were still impatient. He knew that these two had been saying more extreme words in their dreams.

“….Aaahn, I want to fuck you! I want my teacher’s cock in Natsuki’s pussy! Put a fresh dick in me!”
“Hi, my… my pussy is too fat for you to skewer! My pussy is going to be slurping on your cock, teacher!”

The two of them threw aside their reason and spouted lines like graffiti on a toilet. Maybe they could no longer distinguish whether this was the usual dream or reality.
Kenichi was at the end of his patience as well, having two beautiful girls who could pass for idols begging him to that extent. When Aiko’s white striped skirt was put aside, he thrust his salvia-lubricated spear inside her in one go.

“Soo Gooooooooooooooooooood!”

[Aiko POV]

Aiko screamed and jolted her body at the intrusion of the huge, albeit wet, mass of flesh. The vagina that was ruthlessly being expanded screamed, but the pleasure, that was more steep and sweet, ran through the whole body and fried her brain.
When the contracted cave was pried open, the sweet flesh quickly became accustomed to it.

(Ahhhh… it’s just like the dream… It’s like in the dream… it’s amazing…)

She had been fucked only once in reality, but many times in the dream. Its hardness and size were the same as in her dreams, but the pleasure was even more intense than normal.
Her fingers, clutching the sheets, turned white from the force she used.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ahhhhhhhh!”

The seventeen-year-old fell into an orgasm, stiffening every muscle in her body as he buried the last part of his member and thrust ruthlessly into the depths of her womb. She squeezed the teacher’s penis just barely as she swallowed it into her womb, and the folds inside growled and tangled rigidly.

[Kenichi POV]

(Ohhhhh… A high school girl’s pussy, I can’t endure…)

A huge amount of energy emanated from her body, and Kenichi felt his body fill with even more power as he absorbed it. His penis swelled up even more ferociously and drove Aiko, who was in the middle of ecstasy, even further.
After enjoying the beautiful girl’s spasms, he unceremoniously pulled out and roughly pushed into the next girl, Natsuki, this time.

“Ah finally. Aaaahn”

The stimulation was finally obtained and the first thrust drowned her in pleasure. The teacher’s penis, which had already been put in many times, still gave her a shock at first because of its size, but even that only enhanced her experience.

“Ooh, my dick is about to be torn to shreds…”

The sphincter that she had trained with cheerleading contracted just in time and tightened up to bite off the column of flesh inside her. When the mouth of her cervix was poked and rubbed properly, she writhed in agony, crying out with tears streaming down her cheeks. Naturally, the energy flowed into Kenichi’s body, and the sponge swelled up tighter and bigger.

(Natsuki is so tight at the entrance… Aiko can’t squeeze the whole thing …)

The perverted teacher smiled wickedly as he compared the taste of his two pupils’ meat pots. The youthful Natsuki’s and Aiko’s tightness was slightly different in its position and intensity, and both were unbearable and delicious.

“See. You guys kiss each other.”
“I can’t…”

As the perverted teacher commanded while thrusting his rage into Aiko’s pubic area again, the two of them, who were hesitant at first, got on all fours and with their hips side by side, their petal-like lips closed together for a kiss.


He could see that they were earnestly kissing, even twining their tongues without being told to. He couldn’t help but watch them as he thrust his pale hips with wide strokes.
Once again, he turned back to Natsuki and enjoyed her insides, then pulled out his penis and twisted the stiffness between their lips as they kissed each other.

“See. You guys spit it out, so clean it up.”
“Oh no… It’s awful…”
“Oh, ah, it smells so… oh, hii.”

The penis that became sloppy with the honey juice they spit out was licked around honestly with their tongues stretched out from both sides. Even his semen was licked off with a joyful expression.
Their faces were now full of lust and pleasure, and were beautiful and charming like obscene whores.
After letting them lick his erection, he had them both lie on their backs this time. The two of them, each in their respective uniforms on the bed, spread their crotches wide apart under their miniskirts and waited for Kenichi.

“Well. Which one shall we eat first, the vanilla or the chocolate?”

When he said that with a smirk, the beautiful girls immediately understood and gave him a cute woozy.

“Ahn. Vanilla is better…, sir.”
“No, the chocolate is sweeter. I want you to eat the chocolate first…”
“Ai-chan, that’s not fair! Vanilla is better, right? Vanilla cunt is delicious.”
“Aah. I want more. … Come on, sir. Eat the chocolate. My cunt is much sweeter.”

In this way, the two beautiful girls, one with white skin and the other with wheat skin, were trying to get a head start. Both of them were still in their respective uniforms, spreading their legs as much as possible, waiting for Kenichi. The incubus was thinking extravagantly about which one to eat first in front of the delicious high school girls.

“An… teacher… what about this”
“I can touch it here, too… What if I do this?”
“Hey… you two…”

Leaning his upper body against the edge of the bed, the naked Kenichi let out a groan. Between his legs, Natsuki Kurosawa and Aiko Kawashima, who were also completely naked, were laying down on either side, their faces were close to his boner, which was slithering between his legs, and they were caressing him eagerly with their fingers and tongues.
It was a double blow job, but their combination was improving as he watched.
The small bedroom was filled with the rich smell of sex, and if someone were to walk in here right now, the smell would make them choke on it. The bed sheets were stained with the sweat and fluids of the three, and the floor was littered with the girls’ underwear.
Since then, the three of them, including Kenichi, had been devouring each other’s pleasures throughout the night and had been in bed all night, except for meals, toilets and showers. The date had already changed to Monday, the swing holiday, and the three of them had been having sex like this for the entire time, with only a little sleep.
The carnal feast that had started out with the cheerleaders and tennis uniforms, followed by soap play in the bathrooms, and finally turned into nude entanglement, and except for a few meals and showers, they had been mingling in bed the entire time. The pervert wanted the girls and the girls wanted the pervert, and they never let the other off the bed.
Natsuki had originally prepared an alibi to stay there, and Aiko was persuaded by Natsuki to stay, and Natsuki’s evil friend helped her in creating an alibi.
Aiko, who discovered the forbidden fruit of sexual pleasure, surprised Kenichi and Natsuki by becoming more and more aggressive over the course of two days, and with that, her sensitivity and the depth of her climaxes increased, and her skill at making her teacher happy improved rapidly.

They also became surprisingly good with double play, and without their initial awkwardness, they entertained Kenichi with skillful coordination that it was almost like playing a famous soap opera on a two-wheeler.
Kenichi had ejaculated four times during that time, and Natsuki and Aiko happily licked the semen off and shared it with each other, gulping it down. Strangely enough, every time they drank Kenichi’s semen or received it deep inside their wombs, they felt their dependence on him and the pleasure he brought them increase.
Natsuki and Aiko had experienced ecstasy many times, but Kenichi was careful not to take too much energy away from them. He knew that if they reached ecstasy too many times, the girls’ energy would be depleted and they would become spiritless like Natsuki at the beginning.

“It’s time to go home, right?”
“Oh? no!”
“No, no, I’m not ready…”

It’s past six in the evening, so it was time for both of them to worry about their parents. Both him and the girls needed to be careful not to let the school find out.

“Hey? Can we just do one more?”

The one who said that and begged first was Aiko, who was shy until yesterday. Now she had completely succumbed to the incubus’ poison and had been turned into a perverted high school girl who happily licked Kenichi’s asshole.

“I’m going to fuck your thick cock in my pussy, teacher.”

After saying this, without waiting for Kenichi and Natsuki to reply, she straddled Kenichi who was laid back, gripped his penis that was slipping off, and stuck it into her pubic area.


Aiko’s whole body emitted a bright red aura, her eyes were filled with lust, and her expression looked like a junkie who’s hooked on drugs.

“Oh… wonderful… I can’t endure it…”

The figure of the woman who eagerly sought pleasure as she slowly moved her hips was as greedy and lewd as a mature married woman. Both Kenichi and Natsuki smiled wickedly and nodded their heads to each other as they kissed at this behavior, which was different from that of Aiko until yesterday.

“It feels so good… ahhh… I never knew it could be this great…”

When she entered high school, she was fascinated by the fun of tennis, and until now, her life had been all about tennis. She thought she could devote her entire high school life to improving her skills.
But she didn’t know about this pleasure.
The wonderful pleasure seemed to make everything else fade away.
The overwhelmingly sweet pleasure of the huge column of flesh that melted her brain. The sense of domination from serving the muscular man’s whole body with her mouth, tongue and fingers, made her back tingle.

“Good, great…. teacher…this is the last time you’re going to cum, okay?”

She had learned all of her own weak points throughout the two days. She moved her hips, rubbing an especially sensitive spot and a jolt of pleasure ran up her spine.


At the same time, someone’s fingers entered her anus and joined with the raging member, which was widening her vaginal canal, manufacturing a dubious pleasure. The teacher crawled his tongue over her hickey-covered neck, thrusting his sharp canine teeth into her soft flesh.

“Higuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The pleasure signals she received from all over her body exceeded all limiters and Aiko screamed and jumped, caught in a huge vortex of pleasure.


Her whole body buzzed and shook in extreme ecstasy, and she clawed at the back of the teacher embracing her. Countless sparks flew behind her unfocused eyes, and her brain burst like microwave heated popcorn.


The red aura that covered Aiko’s body exploded as a massive amount of sexual energy was released, but it all got sucked into Kenichi’s body as if it were a black hole. As the massive amount of energy was compressed and sucked into the black bruise, it suddenly began.


As soon as the massive amount of sexual energy that Aiko spat out entered his body, a fierce pain ran through his entire body and made Kenichi scream in agony.

“Oh no! teacher!”

He shook off Aiko, who was straddling his crotch and Natsuki, who was hanging on to his neck, and rolled over seven times on the bed. His entire body was pierced with countless cones of pain, and he rolled around on the bed while the two of them sat stunned on the floor.

“Gahhhh! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”
“I don’t know…”

Natsuki and Aiko were at a loss.
They couldn’t help but look at Kenichi, who didn’t have any signs earlier, but suddenly had this kind of seizure.

“Teacher! Are you okay?”
“Do you want me to call an ambulance? Hey?”

However, in less than a minute, the intense pain that assaulted his entire body was gone just as suddenly as it had appeared. He felt glad to escape the hellish agony while breathing heavily.
It was the same for Natsuki and Aiko as well.

“Oh, thank goodness… But are you okay, teacher?”
“Do you want to call an ambulance? Hey, teach…”

The naked Kenichi was breathing roughly for a while, but when he eventually opened his eyes, he saw them. His eyes were faintly reddish and had a color that they had never seen before.
Looking at his eyes, for some reason, a shiver ran down their backs.

“…Te-teacher…. are you okay?”
“Oh, my God, what’s going on?”

Instead of answering, he raised his body and turned his head around as if to check the condition of his body. Then, when he inhaled deeply, in Natsuki and Aiko’s eyes, his back seemed to swell up. It’s as if something was pushing out hiss back from the inside and trying to spread its wings wide.

“Yeah, I’m fine… Let’s go take a bath and get cleaned up before we leave…”

When he urged the high school girls, who were covered in sweat and had the smell of semen all over their bodies, they both obediently stood up.

“Hey… Sensei, are you sure you’re okay?”
“I was so worried… It looked painful…”

Natsuki and Aiko, two of the most beautiful girls at Ellis College, cuddled up to their teacher from both sides, screaming sweetly and squirming. Both of them had experienced almost an entire day of bone-melting sex with the demon and had been changed from the inside out into completely different women.

“Sir… In the bath, for the last time…? Right?”
“Oh no, Ai-chan, you cheater… Natsuki is also really wet…”

With the two beautiful girls under his arms, Kenichi headed for the bathroom. The bat-shaped black bruise on his penis appeared to be growing a little larger than it should be.
The two couldn’t see it, but his face wore a wicked, cunning smile that would make any observer shudder.

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