Inma no Hado chapter 280

Inma no Hado chapter 280: Final evolution



The dick erects and stands firm like steel. The tip is a triangle like the head of the cobra and the developed cocoon overhangs to form a deep neck. It is muddy and thick, with thick blood vessels on the black surface, like a sculpted object.

“Huuh…. I just have to say, you have a splendid thing…. But this size is not uncommon in America…”

Saori who laughs with her nose caress Kenichi’s son on the huge bed that can comfortably ride five or six people. Certainly the blacks who have been dealt with so far have also had this size. But that’s just the size. Saori has never seen a shape that makes a woman look like this. This penis seem to be a weapon for slaughtering a female body.

(Well, it’s a easy victory, but…)

But no matter what the shape of the genitals is, it cant beat Saori who is a real devil. When she holds it with her thin white fingers, she activates her magic power suddenly.


The red aura that wrapped Saori’s body glows and sparkles and it spreads from the arm to the tip of the penis and joins with Kenichi’s black aura. It looks like a red mist, seen by the red magic eyes and it wraps the man’s body like a pulsating wave. The male’s black aura had resisted a little, but with further effort it was gradually eroded by the red aura of Saori and eventually turned into pink with a focus on the dick.


Kenichi in front of Saori who is forced to subordination raises a voice. If she rubs his son slowly, he will be about to detonate and raise a sad voice. It is the same reaction as usual, and it is no different from all other men. Saori smiles at the fact that her magic overwhelms the other party and makes him go crazy.

“What? It’s not a big deal at all. How? This is the only way to be alive, right?”

Even this so-called handjob, brings pleasure of different dimension to Kenichi. Exquisite stimulation is added while sexual feeling and sexual desire are raised to the limit. The strength of the wave, such as the point, strength, and speed are understood and all weaknesses are completely exposed.

“Uuuu!!! Kuuuuaaa!!!”

Kenichi who let Saori take the initiative is delighted with a humble voice. The rubbing with the hand, it seems that pre-cum is dripping out from the tip as early as possible. The meat weapon is erected in a rattle and tighten way and shakes in front of Saori as it ejaculates.

“Are you still a devil? This is…pathetic…”

Saori laughs. She thought this man was tougher, as he has many succubus by his side, but this isn’t a story. Handjob alone let him become a virgin.

“Well, it’s possible to make you cum just by hand, so I’ll do it by mouth”

When she licks her lips, she puts her face on the crotch while wearing her CA uniform. It’s a tight-designed uniform, but when Saori comes in, it becomes a prop that invites sexual excitement.

“Huhu…. The shape is certainly amazing…. I’ll admit that…”

Raising the corner of her mouth and laughing, she immediately compliment the variant seen in the near future. Then she stirs up slowly from the bottom to make fun of the man shaking his body. Of course there is plenty of magic power on her tongue, so the black aura begins to erode from there.


The finest tongue use of a real devil that many men in the past experienced and let them cum immediately. Kenichi, who feels truly unbearable pleasure, utters a voice and closes his eyes. The stimulation is at a tremendous level because the cells of the whole body are excited by the devil’s power and the pleasure nerves are extremely sensitive.

Blaming the point he feels with the correct power and angle, you will hear a voice like a high school student who receive fellatio for the first time. When the meat trunk is licked, the exhalation breathes over the tip. Kenichi’s body has convulsions from that alone. Of course that is not the end. When the red mouth opens wide, the mouth filled with plenty of hot saliva crawls over the tip.


Hot cheeks envelop the penis that has become engorged. Saori’s tongue crawls around the dick. If she sucks as it is, something overflows from the back of her waist. Like an iron rod placed in a blast furnace, you can even feel the illusion of melting into a mud. A spectacular pleasure like the word excellent occurs. The movement of the head and the movement of the hands synchronized and managed to keep up with Kenichi.


(It’s strange…. He should have already put it out…)

How long has it been since Saori started her blowjob? While doing a thick fellatio on the bed, Saori, a real succubus, gradually began to notice that the situation was different. The oral sex that made all men succumb to her. It is that all men shot out their sperm. They should always ejaculate before long.

Looking at Kenichi, she sees the distorted face from pleasure. The man is sweating from the pleasure and shakes his body, but he hasn’t ejaculated yet. It is not the case that the strength isn’t enough or the other person’s excitement isn’t good enough. It is understood by the wave. The man isn’t acting, he is swayed by the tremendous pleasures Saori gives and is delighted by the pleasure of inviting his ejaculation. But at the end there is something getting in the way.

“What? You can’t get him to ejaculate yet?”
“Unable to live up to one´s claims…”
“Even if you are a true devil, what are you doing?”

Saori can hear the voices of the women watching them. While brushing in her heart, she strengthens her magic and give a deep fellatio. The man’s aura turns red as it burns up. If it is an average man, he should cum from the excellent service in a few seconds, but the man is still not reaching ejaculation.

“You know, you can do sixty nine that Ken-chan likes”
“Oh, maybe I’ll put it out. I love the smell of an unwashed pussy”

As prompted by the voice, Saori straddles Kenichi’s face and exposes her crotch in front of his eyes.


The crotch, which has been steamed from the long flight, emits a rich and mellow aroma from the back of the black underwear. While distorting the face to pleasure outside, Kenichi sucks up with a roar to the treat in front of his eyes. Saori also screams small and became angry from the attack on her secret place that has become sensitive before long.

(Aaa…. There is nothing to say. This is the first time I’ve ever felt so good)

The tongue that slides into the back of her black panty licks around the genital and Saori reacts. Her body in light estrus responds to such a stimulation and the door of her vagina opens its mouth. Indecent juice overflows from the back. Contrary to the usual freshness and the surprising stimulation that let Saori make a noise, Kenichi sucks in a way that stimulates the weak point properly and inspires desire. But of course Saori shouldn’t be concerned about this.


The two real devils attack each other like ferocious carnivorous while giving each other their genitals. It is clear that Saori is taking the lead, but Kenichi has decided not to collapse at the end. Saori gradually begins to burn. As usual, the man should have cummed three or four times already. After all, the whole body of the man is eroded by her red aura and dyed in the red color until it is poisonous.

“I’ll do my best…, Should I say that?”

Saori who thought that it was difficult to invite the ejaculation by mouth straddles Kenichi as it is when she wakes up. When she raised the skirt of her CA uniform, a fat and ripe lower body appeared. The skin is as if oiled and dusted over it, glowing sparkling white.

“Well, then, the last thing…. I’ll squeeze it until you´re dried up”

Saori takes a firm stand, holds the dick against her pussy and pushes it into her open genital region like a carnivorous plant. It was originally a narrow and complex interior, but since she fuses with an succubus, it has become a super incomparable instrument that instantly kills any man.

“I’m not going to let go of you…so be prepared…”

When you go through the very narrow and muscular opening, the fleshy meat that fits any sized penis will squeeze with its own will. The fine coral is very rough, and it vibrates like tens of thousands of earthworms. There is a rough projection on the back of the ceiling to stimulate the sensitive tip by 360 degrees. Furthermore, the back and center and the entrance show independent movements and even the movement that sucks in the contents tightens. It is the ultimate pleasure instrument created by God, no devil. A embarrassing voice is leaked from Kenichi’s mouth because of this ultimate pleasure


(If you suck it in to here, it’s too fast. Well, maybe I can enjoy it a little bit…)

Kenichi has greasy sweat on his body and has closed his eyes with an expression that he cant endure. Apparently one more push is sure to let him cum without hesitation. Having confirmed that, Saori convinced herself of her victory and swallowed the dick into the womb.


“Am, Amazing…”

A number of graphs created by complex instruments. Arisa outspoken involuntarily while seeing it on a huge screen.

Intermediate equipments. The penthouse where Kenichi lives is always equipped with various equipments related to the devil’s wave developed by SHADO. It was brought in to measure and study the pattern and strength of the wave and the resonance with others. There are five wave detector machines alone and analyzes phenomena that are not fully understood, such as resonance from various points.

In the bed in front of her, there is a real succubus caught by “SHADO” and a a real Incubus in cowgirl position. Because they are real devils, their wave powers are orders of magnitude stronger than half-devils. The waves of each other mix and interfere with each other and as a result, the way they resonate are drawn as graphs one after another. Arisa, the only unmanned eye in this room, can’t catch it visually, but instead the device’s sensor will tell her in real time about the conditions.

(Why…why can she do this?)

That was a surprising fact. The intense succubus wave that Saori emits is trying to overwhelm and resonate with that of Kenichi. But at the end it cant be completely overwhelmed. Even if the power of the magic power is increased and the wave is strengthened, it repulses a little more and more avoiding the perfect resonance state. The wave itself is undulating and periodically changing, but it corresponds to the changing wave. It’s as if a good-looking boxer beats the punches of the opponent being fed one after another with a single layer of paper.

(This is an invitation to identify. The strength and pattern of the opponent’s wave…)

Clearly that is intentional. No, it may not be Kenichi´s conscious. That is probably another thing’s will.

(The case of the devil that is fused is too different…)

Perhaps Kenichi can overwhelm Saori from the beginning if he presses her with his skill. However, instead of turning down by force, they try to identify the other party’s force and respond. In that regard, Arisa feels the evil and humble intentions of the intermediate devil who is fused with Kenichi.

(He is going to evolve further…)

The most horrible thing about this intermediate Inma is that it is an evolving devil king. Not only to increase the power, but also to analyze the power of the other in this way and take measures, it will gain new powers. What future is waiting for it? Arisa gets cold in her spine when thinking about it.


Kenichi is also raising a voice of pleasure for the complex internal stimulation. It is not acting. In fact, it is a fact that he is suffering from pleasure that is likely to be overexploited by sex with this succubus. But it has been deliberately stopped at the end by the devil who has merged with Kenichi.

But the sex is already nearing the end.

“Hey…I will put it out now…”

Kenichi slowly sits up in the upper position and Saori makes a faint voice. It has been a while since they came to a little more, but at the very end, something flee. Saori becomes hot while being rubbed over time and she realizes that her sexual feeling is starting to increase.

(Yaaaa…. It’s hot inside…. Stuck…stuck in the back…)

The meat weapon which has been fitted into her vagina is rubbing the uterus with its long tip. Although protected by the aura, the sensitive part is already engorged by the stimulation and from now on a sweet pain has covered Saori´s entire waist.

(A little bit more…some more before this guy is falling…)

Kenichi´s aura is burning red. Saori is convinced of her victory while seeing the poisonous color. Kenichi who is chasing down a cliff will fall with a little push Just a little more. After a few seconds.

At that time, Kenichi’s eyes opened suddenly. His red eyes emit a laser-like light that intertwines with Saori´s eyes.


Kenichi raised his body and changed from cowgirl to back to back posture. Suddenly screaming, Saori is picked up by her buttocks as if she obeys meticulously.

“You want to do doggy style…. All right…I like this posture too”

Kenichi released such a line and Saori shakes her ass provocatively. In this form, it is known that the flesh around the rough womb swells and stimulates the tip of the penis more. But if Saori was seeing the scene behind her, she wouldn’t be able to say anything and would have screamed out of fear.

“Ken-chan, he is serious…”

Juri who has magic eyes see the thing that appeared from Kenichi’s body and makes a statement. At the same time, Arisa staring at the graph which changes in a crazy way, distorts her expression. The graph and the digits of the numbers are increasing.

(W, What…what’s going on…!?)

Eight red tentacles appeared from Kenichi´s back who fucks this CA in doggy style. However, their sizes are so huge that one is as thick as an adult’s torso. Furthermore, in the red semi-transparent inside, it can be seen that countless lights are flying. Dense magical power is about to be materialized and physical waves that press on the skin are transmitted even to Arisa who has no magic eyes.


As Kenichi shakes his lips and exhales, eight huge red snakes attack Saori´s body. It looks like eight giant anacondas, which prey for small rabbits, to Juri and their sorrowfulness makes her have goosebumps throughout her body.


Saori that is burned in a flash of pleasure all over her body instantly screams into an explosive ecstasy. If this room wasn’t soundproofing, it’s loud enough to make the neighbours from around to complain, as it’s a true devil’s cry and a true demise. The devil who gave in to the overwhelming power was preyed by means of resonance.

“Hiiiii!!!! Agiiiiiii!!! Iguuuuuuaaaa!!!!”

Saori who screams is burned by ecstasy fire. In the life she has lived up to now, her brain melts to the greatest pleasure without fail and her body and reason become numb. The victory was decided at this moment. Saori no longer has a clear consciousness and is suddenly thrown into the great whirlpool of pleasure and experience the joy of a true woman.

“See here, it’s fun…. The number of new toys has increased…”

Kenichi grins. The vagina tightens his penis by contracting sharply from receiving convulsions at the last minute and it moves in desire of getting sperm. The uterus has descended in search of an offspring and the mouth is opened to prepare for fertilization. As the intense waves are coming out, the mucous membrane inside also makes a cry of delight at the cellular level.

“Hey, stop. I’ll put it out in this way, so give up”

Kenichi releases his ejaculation valve and pours plenty of magic sperm while enjoying the best pleasure. From the urethra, sperm is released like a bullet and invades the inside of the new sacrifice like a nanomachine with will. It is aiming for the hidden magic egg. Hundreds of evil devil incarnations rape Saori’s cells. And even the spirit was deceived and Saori was deceived into becoming a sex slave at this moment.


The black wave that spreads from Kenichi’s body also engulfs the women around. Juri and the others fall into Acme one after another even though they aren’t touching directly. Of course Arisa, who was a little away, is no exception. A large amount of love juice is released into her underwear while shaking to the orgasm while seeing the unbelievable number shown by the instrument.

(This…this is…aaa…I can’t believe…)

From all women’s bodies, something like a white mist overflow and eventually it swirls into a huge whirlpool slowly around the circumference of Kenichi and then is sucked into his body. He sucks a huge amount of sex energy exhaled by eight beautiful women and pulsates so that the Inma may rejoice it. The black wave reappeared. On the monitor all numbers increase like crazy. Even the barrier of the wave canceling machine placed so as not to leak outside is likely to break through.


However, at the next moment, Kenichi who was in the center of the bed suddenly began to struggle.

“Ke, Ken-chan!!! Ken-chan!!!!”

The beautiful girls around him worry but they cant approach. It is because Kenichi is rolling on the bed to due to severe pain as if he is stabbed by something sharp on the whole body. The beautiful women are scared. The numbers on the monitor of Arisa are repeatedly rising and falling and the graph draws irregular lines.

However, Kenichi’s severe pain was about a minute long and it left as suddenly as it came. The violently crawling naked body becomes quiet momentarily.

“Al, Alright…?”
“…Yes…all right…”

Naked Kenichi raises his body while exhaling a rough breath on the bed. Sweats due to severe pain floated on his face, but the women whose expressions were calm looked very relieved. And like replacing the air in the lungs, Kenichi takes a big breath. Then he observed the room and Juri asked him which Kenichi answered. It seems as if something is coming out from inside.

(No, no way…no way…really…)

Looking at the screen while shaking tremblingly, Arisa knows that it is a fact. She remembered that Noriko had previously reported the same phenomenon. It is something that should never occur in the material world. Seeing the evolution of a devil king, Arisa panics in fear and despair.

Review again. The display shows eight devil hosts in this room.

→ Succubus (Half-devil) 6
→ Succubus (Lower-level devil) 1
→ Incubus (High-level devil) 1

(Really…really evolved into a high-level devil. A evolutionary type devil king…that…it’s real…)

It was doubtful to hear Noriko’s report, but now the measurement data proves that it happened in front of her eyes. The power of the wave is orders of magnitude and some instruments even cause errors beyond the measurement limits. The wave canceling machine in this room no longer has enough power and spreads to the entire high-rise apartment. The worst situation that humanity will encounter.

And Arisa is not alone in trembling because of this existence. The fact that anyone who belongs to “SHADO”, who defeats devils, lends power to this high-level devil´s birth. It despairs Arisa and she is in fear. The guilt doesn’t diminish even if she says that she won’t be hurt by him.

(Such…who can win against such an existence…)

On the bed, the orgy of seven beautiful succubus and one male Incubus has begun. Seven beautiful women who swarm around one man while screaming small. All of them are ab existence that kills men of a certain level, but Kenichi who acts like a devil in the middle makes them envy and enjoys it for the pleasure brought by him. The eight waves are mixed and resonated and it is a hell named chaos and extravaganza.

“You can come, too”

Arisa approaches as if being hypnotized promptly after hearing Kenichi´s voice. There is still plenty of time until morning. The bright beauty attracted to the devil is melting down and gives in to the pleasure like hell.



At late-night in a chapel with nobody. A sister greets and prays for one’s heart. Soft moonlight pours in from the window near the ceiling and lightly illuminates the black-clothed nun as if a spotlight were there.

The sister, who felt something, opened her eyes. Her eyes are pale blue and if you look at her, you will feel overwhelming quietness, intelligence and dignity. Her eyes that glow like a laser looks at the sky hanging down through the ceiling of the church.

(The world is screaming…)

It wasn’t taught by someone. She just felt that way. The world is now poised to swing its way back, as the immense imbalance of power causes the rock mass that causes stagnation to occasionally cause large earthquakes. But it will bring many disasters and misery at the same time. Even if it was done by people.

The pure and evil things that people have. It is supposed to be equivalent and same, but it is out of balance and one is swelled enormously. In this state, the reproduction of ancient Sodom is imminent. It will surely come before anyone notices it. If people just seek their own desires as they are.

If a person causes it, it is also a person who corrects it. The sister praying for prayer felt that the day was near.

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