Inma no Hado – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Change

Waking up the next morning was unpleasant.

He was dripping sweat from his whole body; It must have been the result of the dream last night. He assumed that it was an omen since he usually didn’t sweat right through the sheets as he slept naked. When he remembered the dream, it brought a strong feeling of fear; he felt hatred and despair.

“What a dream!” He voiced unconsciously.

Only vague memories should have remained by now. It should have been what’s called a dream which fades as time passes by, but he remembered the events of the nightmare last night completely like it was real, and it didn’t fade at all.

On the contrary, the intense sex between Junko and Usami, the sounds, even the voices, and smell, could be remembered clearly as if he had been present there.
At that point, Kenichi was convinced.

The dream that he had last night was truly what happened between Junko and Usami. He didn’t want to believe it, so he tried to desperately rationalize and deny it, but his heart and instincts realized that it was true.

(Ms. Yoshikawa had an affair with vice-principal Usami.)

He wanted to cry that morning when he thought about it.
Of course, Kenichi knew that she was an unattainable object which didn’t suit him. He himself did not seriously think that he could go out with her.

(Why did it have to be Usami?)

Even if he is handsome and cool, he still had a child and a wife. This relationship wasn’t permitted by ethics and by law. After he saw the woman who he loved deeply crazed about such a man, Kenichi felt depressed like he was sinking to the bottom hopelessly.

(Ah, wake up.)

Still, time passed without mercy. If he didn’t get up soon, he wouldn’t make it for the attendance.
He raised the upper part of his body from the bed and he tried to pick up his glasses which should be at the side of the bed as usual. Suddenly, he noticed an abnormal state.

“Eh? Eh?”

For some reason, he clearly could see his glasses at the bedside.

(Huh? What does that mean?)

His sight’s circumference was warped intensely when he took his glasses and looked through them. It seemed that he was getting a headache when he continued to look through them, so he took them off.

(That’s, that’s impossible.)

Kenichi was extremely shortsighted since his days as a child which came from the heredity of his parents. He wore glasses since the days of a second grader and it was something which couldn’t be avoided after that. His eyesight fell below 0.1 these days, the thickness of the lens protruding out from the frame of the glasses.

Kenichi attempted to wear the thick glasses he was used to once again, but still he got an intense pain in his eyes and the world was twisted uncomfortably.
No doubt!

Kenichi finally accepted that the glasses were no longer necessary for him.

(Was my myopia cured?)

While being puzzled over the change that happened to his body suddenly, Kenichi was going to think calmly about what kind of thing this was.
The words that the devil told him in yesterday’s nightmare were remembered in a flash.

“The power is yours.”

(Is this “the power”?)

The extreme myopia since the days of childhood had been cured for some reason overnight. Though he was struck dumb while thinking so, it was a phenomenon which couldn’t be understood.

(For the moment, I’ll consider it later.)

When he went to the bathroom to take a shower, he took off his underwear which became soaked with sweat and his dick appeared. Although it wasn’t erect at all, it was a long, shameless and bold fellow. It was clearly more than double the size of an average man.
However, Kenichi didn’t think that much about it. In fact, given the experiences he had so far when trying to display his sexual desires, it could be said that he felt his size was unpleasant because he was told it was too big by the brothel hostess who waited for customers.
He was told that their mouth would be tired if he had them do a fellatio. When they were going to put it inside their mouth, they said that it was too big and would be painful. Because professionals had an easier time the smaller they were, basically, they liked short and small men who prematurely ejaculated. In that respect, Kenichi who had an extraordinary megalo penis was nothing for the sex industry but an uninvited guest.
He was looking at his too big penis when he noticed it suddenly.

(A mole in such a place?)

Where it was obvious to see, there was a black design in the middle of his penis. A black butterfly seemed to have spread its wings exactly on it with a size about 2 cm long. There was nothing on it just yesterday.
It was too big for a mole, and it was totally like a tattoo or a carved seal. Above all, he couldn’t understand how it appeared so suddenly.

(When? Perhaps it is a melanoma? Possibly…)

Then Kenichi waved his head and threw away such a stupid thought before he took a shower. He changed into an unimpressive suit as always and left the apartment. He decided to put the disused glasses in his bag just in case he needed it.
From his apartment building to the Ellis All Girls’ high school, it took 30 minutes by train. Kenichi had no appetite, so he hurried to the station and felt bad about skipping breakfast.
He got off on the train during rush hour, went through the ticket gate and mixed with the students who walked to the high school wearily. Several students were doing greetings in the morning and he just responded to them with “Yes” While wearing a gray expression.

The event in yesterday’s dream still was a trauma for him and his gloomy feelings didn’t stop.

“Is something wrong, Midou-san?”

When he entered the school building and opened the door of the staff room, he was called out to from behind. Kenichi’s whole body trembled. Now, the one person he didn’t want to see the most was standing right behind him, vice principal Usami.

“Don’t be so depressed in the morning, are you able to shake it off?”

He rubbed Kenichi’s nerves the wrong way when he patted Kenichi on the back from behind and laughed boldly.

(Damn it!)

The face which was tanned and wore a well-defined sweet mask. A white teeth which formed a line neatly peeped out when he laughed. It was no wonder that women go crazy.

“Well, that’s about it…”

The sickness in his chest welled up again and Kenichi answered while giving a fake smile as hard as possible, fighting back nausea.

“Umm. Well, you must do the self-administration properly because you are an adult.”

Mistaking him for being hungover, Usami judged Kenichi with shady eyes and a cold demeanor. This man made friendly faces to any woman, but he was cold enough for it to be abnormal when dealing with the same sex.

“Everybody in your surroundings feels sick when you look so gloomy. Your outline isn’t always such a cheerful person….”

When the vice-principal clapped Kenichi’s shoulder, he sat down on the huge desk at the end of the first row that was his seat. He could look at the whole staff room from there.
Kenichi walked along the row of desks which were just connected and sat down at his seat in the first row.

“Are you alright? You are pale blue?”
“Well, it is nothing.”

The middle-aged female teacher’s question was troublesome so Kenichi wore a timid smile on his face while answering. The answer wasn’t convincing without force behind it. Now, he was silent and waiting for the time to pass.
After his mouth opened, he made a quick breath which was a shallow exhalation. He was dripping with bad vibes like a student who had anemia throughout the morning gathering.
The door opened up, and a figure came into the staff room whose appearance was like applying salt to Kenichi’s wound. All the glances in the faculty’s office concentrated on her appearance which extended out dashingly.

“Good morning.”
“Oh! Good morning.“

Junko Yoshikawa entered the staff room in a state that didn’t differ from usual. She wore a beige chic jacket and skirt today. At once, her gorgeous expression lit up as she took her turn standing in the spotlight, the eyes of all the male teachers chasing her figure all at once. “Hou” Kenichi let out a sigh, being reminded of his past self.

“Good morning. Vice-principal.”
“Oh, Ms. Yoshikawa. Good morning.”

While being eyed by all the men including Usami, Junko sat horizontally from the vice-principal in a seat by the entrance while exchanging casual morning greetings. However, for Kenichi, he felt like he could see the light of shyness and a flash of black greed when their eyes met.

“Good morning.”

Junko took the seat in front of Kenichi’s while smiling at the teachers in her circumference. Today, Junko’s beautiful face was sandwiched between various miscellaneous books which were stacked up in a pile. Every day, Junko wore silver-rimmed glasses, and it normally enhanced the intellectual impression she gave off.

(Hey, quick! Hurry up! I want your fat penis.)

Her current face overlapped with the disgraceful behavior she showed in the dream the previous night. For Kenichi, this intelligent woman was like an animal. He still felt disbelief. While he looked patiently at the beauty, their eyes incidentally almost met before he averted them in a hurry.

(I’m a complete loser.)

Kenichi almost cried again while sneering to himself.
He neither had the features nor the appearance. Furthermore, he didn’t excel as a teacher in particular. He was single and had not associated with a woman up until now. This year he turned 32 years old and didn’t even have the courage to confess to the woman he liked.
For hobbies, Kenichi collected specimens of insects and surfed on the internet. He didn’t even have a friend who knew his cell phone number, Facebook, Line or Mixi. (Tls note: Mixi is a Japanese social Network)

Of course, he didn’t have the courage to tell Junko that he loved her. After he looked for a long time in that vicinity, he still only just had feelings of love.
In the faculty’s office, the morning instruction was carried out long ago aloof to Kenichi’s attention. In place of the usually busy principal, Usami as the vice-principal conveyed short instructions and messages.

Kenichi remembered the nightmare from the previous night when he saw the face of the vice-principal and he felt sick enough in his chest to nearly throw up. He turned his face away in a hurry and closed his eyes and the hallucination continued on in the back of his eyelids while Kenichi continued to worry.
However, when he looked up, Junko’s beauty fell into his eyes and he became even sicker. Without being able to open his mouth a bit, he began to suffer a case of hyperpnoea. He breathed out briefly trying to survive it somehow.

(Quickly…, quickly, end it.)

Kenichi wanted to escape to the science preparation room as soon as possible. He thought only about this for some time.
Because he was in such a state, he didn’t hear the vice-principal talking.
Noticing Kenichi’s distracted state while wearing a dumbstruck expression, Usami cried out with an irritated tone.

“Mr. Midou! You have been absent minded since a while ago; did you hear what I said properly about the matter from a little while ago? What do you think? Speak your mind!”
“Oh, come!”

He stood up unintentionally while answering, his thoughts frozen. Kenichi didn’t hear what Usami had said at all and couldn’t even say what the topic was about.
However heartless, the eyes of all the staff gathered on Kenichi who had stood up. Everybody was waiting for an answer and to see Kenichi’s reaction. When he cast a side glance, from the interior of his metal frame glasses, Junko stared at him with eyes looking down as if feeling pity for him.

(Stop looking with such eyes! )

After that small thought drifted through his mind, two seconds of quietness flowed by, and a cold sweat flowed down Kenichi’s back.

“Eeh… aah… ooh.“

He tried to make out a word somehow but wasn’t able to at all. Anyway, because he hadn’t heard what the vice-principal had said at all, there was no possibility that he could give an accurate answer. He was thinking desperately. His head began to panic and his mind went snow-white, starting to completely shut down.
Unable to work up an apology and say, “I did not hear it,” Kenichi remained flustered.
Then it came over like lightning.
Before thought, an unexpected word erupted from his mouth.

“Yes, I think it’s as the vice-principal says. It is a fact that recently there is a degradation of public morals. In fact, there is a love hotel on Kasumicho Street and there was a rumor that yesterday morning, someone from our school was seen there. Thus, I quickly went to the neighborhood yesterday to investigate whether it was a fact.”
“Ugh, I see. You had trouble with that…”

Kenichi was stunned by his own words as they fell out his mouth.
He was busy with test preparations yesterday and stayed in school the whole time. Besides, he didn’t go to Kasumicho that morning. Speaking of Kasumicho, it was considerably far from here by the morning commute. It took more than 30 minutes by car. Besides, because there were plenty of love hotels in the downtown area, it was difficult to think that a student from this school was there. However, the vice-principal seemed to understand obediently without having any doubt for some reason.

Kenichi was completely absent-minded, but even though he didn’t know at all what Usami was discussing, he seemed to survive a critical situation for some reason.
After Usami seemed to become disturbed a bit for some reason, he signaled that Kenichi could sit down with his eyes.
Kenichi didn’t know why these words left his mouth, although he seemed to have been bewitched by a fox, so he took his seat. From the state of the meeting, Kenichi’s reply fit into the flow of the meeting, feeling natural and precise.

For a while, Kenichi found that Junko glanced back at him frequently and something flashed like divine revelation again.

(Those fellows, yesterday, they went to a hotel at Kasumicho in the morning!)

It was so.
Therefore, Usami became upset, and Junko looked about anxiously.

Kenichi had said “someone from our school”, he never said “a student from our school.”

Thus, for two people with a secret, Kenichi’s remark hit them where it hurt.

(Is this the ‘strength’ of the contract… or…? )

A chill ran through his back, and Kenichi shuddered like a bull.

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