Inma no Hado chapter 83

Chapter 83: Wedding night




The night of the same day.

“Huu, I´m tired…”

“…Uuh, I’m a little tired, too…”

It is past 10:00 at night and two people were finally freed.

Takada and Tomomi who held their wedding ceremony today in this hotel and followed to a second party with their friends which was over now, they were able to take a rest finally.

Both sit down unintentionally on the bed.

Anyway they’re busy throughout the day from early morning and had no time to take a rest. First the wedding ceremony, second the banquet and lastly the after-party, beside that, they have greet their colleagues and relatives. The drinking session that continued to the fourth party was finally over. One of their friends that gave the tact must declare the ending, without that condition they would continue forever.


“…Not good…I’m sweaty…”

Takada tries to hold the body of his newly-married wife who changed her wedding dress into an elegant suit and bring it near him gently, but she declined and run away with absorption.

“Is it really not okay…”

“No, wait, I will take a shower first…”

Dodging Takada´s hand which was going to grab her again, Tomomi escaped into the bathroom. The still virgin bride doesn’t forget her shyness.


Anyway it is a long night. Even if they don’t get impatient, they can enjoy themselves carefully now. When Takada think so, a smile spills unconsciously and he takes out a beer from the minibar, before he takes off his suit and get some air.


Nearly one year passed since he got engaged with Tomomi who is a girl brought up very carefully by strict parents and only permitted a kiss so far. He attacked her once when he drank too much in a hotel, but she has resisted and has run away while crying. Thereafter without starting a fight all the time, he endured it until today.

Which is the long-awaited wedding night. The day where he becomes one with his newly-married wife for the first time.

(Today, I take Tomomi’s virginity!!)

The moment Takada thinks that he can finally hold the sweet body of his wife, his dick erect in his pants. Occasionally he shows it to some prostitutes, but his black greed cannot be dissolved by such a thing and it almost explodes in his body.

His penis has begun to erect already and he pats it to cheer it up. He heard the sound of water which is from Tomomi taking a shower in the bathroom.

(I can´t withstand…. I don’t care! From today onwards we are married!)

Though he has been holding back up to now so that he won’t be disliked, Tomomi is his wife from now on. Takada throws off all his clothes which he is wearing on the bed. After that he goes to the bathroom where Tomomi is to take a bath together.

Letting his excellent specimen tower quickly, he approaches the bathroom.


Chills run down his back. Takada feels that something is strange and looks back while being completely naked.


An unknown man stood there. The rooms of this hotel are auto-locked normally, so no one can enter without a key, therefore Takada was surprised to the bottom of his heart.

While looking at an surprised Takada, the man stands up silently.

“Who are you!”

Unintentionally Takada cries out to the man, while the man stands up. Takada feels like having met this man somewhere before, but he cannot remember it now. It is weird that the eyes of that man seem to shine red.


When his surprise fades away, his anger influences his whole body in an instant.

His body has been strengthened by his rugby club since he was a student. As for now when he is 30, his body is in a good health. Confirming that his opponent is bare handed, he hits this man with a tackle by lowering his head.

(Take this!!)

However, the body has been dodged lightly at the moment when he thought that he hit it and Takada topples down. When his body is pushed from behind in the place where he lost his balance, his body is knocked down sidewise on the sofa that is in this suite.

(Shiitt!! What is he!!)

That unknown man approached him quickly and made a judo choke on him from behind. Because the arm has been studied thoroughly, he isn’t able to escape it and while he struggles, Takada gradually loses his conscious. The arm which was strong pressed against the carotid of Takada and after the blood pressure falls by carotid sinus reflection, his cerebral blood flow volume fell.


The view darkens in no time without understanding the situation. Soon after that, Takada´s conscious faded away slowly.







Coming out from the bottom of the dark sea, the circumference becomes gradually bright. The environment where he is is clarified with considering it clearly.

First, Takada noticed the uneasiness which has happened to his body. A ball gyve is attached to his mouth and his hands are handcuffed behind his back, so that he can’t move them.


Although he tried to raise a cry, no words come out of his mouth. Takada tried to move his arms forcefully, but there is something like a pillar between his arms and he can’t move. He tried to stand up from the floor, but he is restricted by something, too and it doesn’t go as he wants. He is connected with the leg of an strong desk, where his hands are handcuffed behind his back.


When the front is judged from his bloodshot eyes while being stark-naked, the figures of an man and a woman who embrace each other was seen in the bedroom next to this room. Surprisingly the woman wears a snow-white wedding dress and exchanges a hot kiss with the man in front of her.

Although they are little away from Takada´s eyes sitting down on the carpet, the bedroom which is lit up lightly by an indirect lighting is seen and the intertwining of two tongues is also seen clearly. They creep out from the mouths of that woman and man and it is indecent how they are connected with each other like creatures who have their own will.


The voice that this woman raised melts away indulgently and Takada understood that she completely shows her feelings. This lady is more aggressive and her arms that wore long gloves of white silk are wrapped around that man’s neck, while exchanging deep kisses from the bottom of her heart. Whenever she moved her head, the white veil which stuck to her head shakes too.

(Tss!! To, Tomomi!!!)

With this shocking fact, Takada completely woke up this time.

It is in front of him that Tomomi is kissing another man.

“Huguuuu!! Muguuuu! Guuuu!!”

Trying desperately to speak, Takada shakes his body and tries to get free somehow. However, the firm and heavy desk doesn’t move an inch and every time the chain is bumped against the leg, the handcuffs cut into his wrist and he feels the pain.

“Aah…more…kiss me more…”

Without taking notice of Takada, Tomomi whispers these words with an charmed expression and falls into heavy deep kissing again. Tomomi totally ignore her husband like air. When her white hips are stroked by Kenichi´s hands, she seems happy and snort while kissing.

(To, Tomomi…you…what are you doing…)

That was a shocking view so that Takada couldn’t express it in words.

Of course he has kissed with Tomomi before, but it was just a light touch. Of course as for using his tongue, they haven’t done it. For him, Tomomi is a treasured young lady and this is because she showed her refusal like a virgin in doing a vivid act.

But look now. His wife who he sees in front of him now, let her tongue coil itself around the mouth of that unknown man and she swallow even his saliva joyfully.

“Guuuu!! Nguuuuuu!!”

Takada utters a cry which won’t be a voice. Takada who is sitting on the floor completely naked has red bloodshot eyes. Right now he wants to throw himself on these two to stop such a ridiculous thing.

(Why…why, you…and this man…)

The act of kissing, in a sense is more important than fellatio and sex. Only with a man that a woman really likes, it’s said that they permit a kiss. His wife who kisses with another man so joyfully is completely fascinated with this man and it is clearly transmitted to Takada.

“Aah…love…love you…I love yoouu…”

Deepening Takada’s despair further, Tomomi whispers sweet words to that unknown man. After exchanging wedding rings and lighting up a candle(Tl note:ceremony during a wedding reception where the bride and the groom go from table to table lighting a candle at each) together in the wedding banquet, she whispers words of love to another man and the fact is that she kisses that man on her own.

Besides being her wedding night today, her husband is looking at her doing this indecent things.

Tomomi who just crouches down before Kenichi runs her fingers over his pants. With an enchanted expression, her appearance that is unbearably happy is vivid.

(Im, impossible…that is impossible…)

With the state from a while ago, it is clear that these two know each other.  Still, after Tomomi who seems happy strokes the groin of that man, Takada receives a shock when he saw it.

In front of an stunned Takada, Tomomi takes the erected dick out of the pants.

(Wh, what is this!)

As a man, this thing is clearly superior than his own son. The meat pillar is huge and stretched so as to be mysterious. In this strange figure that is twice as much as his own, Takada racks a howling voice from the bottom of his heart.

“Aaa…whenever I see it, it is sturdy and great…”

However, the shock isn’t only that. Without his newly-married wife flinching by being surprised to see such a huge penis, she rather grasps it while being enchanted and rubs it lewdly to check its hardness and size. From her words and attitude, Takada who thought that she was a virgin clearly knows that this isn’t her first time doing something like this to this man.

(You…such a thing hasn´t even be done to me…)

Takada seems to already been insensitive to his anger and jealousy and this hot feelings that burn in his chest influence him. His head becomes hot, too and his face blushes and an aching feeling wells up from his lower body.

“Noo, it has the smell of other girls…”

While saying such a thing, Tomomi seems happy and draws her hands over the dick of her lover. Like a young girl who gives a kiss for the first time, her lips are pressed against its dark surface quietly.


Just expressing her feelings, a rain of kisses are applied thoroughly. Meanwhile, her hands wearing white silk gloves skillfully she stimulates his meat stick slowly.

When Tomomi´s licks her lips with her long tongue in no time she begins to experience his dick slowly. Looking up at the man who is standing before her, she shows off her face that is serving him. Like enjoying herself over the best wine, she has an entranced expression.


His wife hasn’t done even a fellatio not to mention having sex before. The act that his wife shows in front of him, let his heart throb without stopping. His body becomes hot and his dick erupts inside his pants.

“Aah hey, already, can I already hold it in my mouth?”

While watching the man with an upward glance, Tomomi asks for his permission of doing fellatio. However, the man doesn’t answer and he only looks down silently.

“No, not good anymore…. I’m going to suck it…”

Tomomi who wasn’t able to withstand says so in a low voice and opens her bright red lips to insert the penis of her lover.


Both her eyes and expression are enchanted and she shakes her body shiveringly. The meat pole rubs against the inside of her mouth and she reached a light acme. Immediately she moves her white face back and forth to perform a hot oral service. Shaking according to her movement are her silver pearl earrings and the white veil.


At this time, her figure is very beautiful. In spite of the indecent act that his beautiful wife does with another man, Takada understood that she was excited.





Then as if his newly-married wife don’t get tired, she experienced the dick of that man slowly but sucked it carefully. The act that isn’t intense, shows his wife’s deep desire and love for that man. She tries to make that man happy using all her techniques and provides pleasure which he hasn’t received from other woman so far.

“You completely improved…”

The man who remained silent all the time opened his mouth now.

“No, you…you taught me who didn’t know anything…”

Finally separate her mouth, Tomomi answers bashfully.

“Did you do this to your husband, too?”

After Kenichi says that, Takada absentmindedly pulls himself together.

“No, I didn’t do such a thing to that person. I…I only do this for you…”

When she says so and greatly opens her red lips again, she put his huge meat stick in her mouth. With both her hands wearing white silk gloves she stimulates his dick skillfully.

“Look, your husband sees it enviously”

While Kenichi said so, Tomomi looks at Takada with a side glance for an instant. Her eyes have finished being enraptured already with sexual desire and applied with eye shadow lightly they are awfully sexy.

Takada and Tomomi look at each other. However, while Tomomi waves her head wearing a white veil, she sucks the dick of her lover slowly to show it off to her husband. From the movement of her pink tongue that is see occasionally, Takada finds out that it is used intensely inside her mouth while sucking.

“Oo…I can’t endure…”

He doesn’t need to hear the sigh of the man,because from seeing it the pleasure is transmitted.

It was Tomomi who gave a hot fellatio, until she stands up and takes the hand of her lover, before walking to the bed. In that way she went to the bed on her own, before she opened her legs when she laid her body dressed in her wedding dress down.

“Please…my…please get my first time. I give you my virginity…”


Her words were surprising in a double meaning. In fact, Tomomi who was used to such an indecent act was still a virgin and she offers her virginity to another man than her husband who is seeing it.

“Are you okay with it?”

“…Yes…in this dress, I want to become yours…”

When Kenichi takes off his clothes quickly, he goes on the bed and rolls the white wedding dress up.Shy Tomomi enjoys it and opens her long legs, which are wrapped in white stockings.

“What is this, isn’t it soaking wet already…”

“No! Don’t say it!!”

Tomomi doesn’t resist though she feels embarrassed. The moment Kenichi buries his face between her legs, she raised a high-pitched cry which is heard by Takada, because Kenichi licks her young pussy.

“Nooo!! Not good! Don’t lick this place!! Iiii!!!!”

Although being ashamed, her voice finished melting away indulgently. Sometimes she shakes her body, which is the evidence that she reached a light acme.

Kenichi who thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this shameful part for a while finally bends over Tomomi´s body, when he raises his body. Of course far from the wife resisting him, her long leg opened and invited him.


At last the purity of Tomomi will be robbed of by Kenichi. Moreover on the bed of her wedding night. In front of Takada´s eyes.

Checking their deep love once again before finishing the ceremony, Kenichi and Tomomi exchange intense kisses once again. While Takada sees this scene in utter amazement, he noticed that his son erected  intensely before he was aware.

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