Inma no Hado chapter 84

Chapter 84: Perfect wave resonance



In a hotel room at the wedding night.

Takada who is naked has his hands chained on the leg of a firm desk in the living room and he looks straight at the man and woman who intertwine their bodies in front of him. The beautiful woman in that wedding dress lies on the bed and greatly open her long legs which Takada loved to allow the other naked man to invade her.

Speaking of this beautiful woman, who performed her wedding ceremony and banquet today in this hotel, was his wife Tomomi. In front of him who can do nothing than to sit down on the carpet, those two try to exchange their love on the bed on the wedding night.

(To, Tomomi…aaa…)

This firm and heavy desk doesn’t move an inch even if he acts violently no matter how much, besides his mouth is obstruct so he can’t raise his voice. His willpower loses strength gradually in this hopeless environment and he can’t do anything but see the purity of his wife being robbed of in front.

The time finally came and that unknown man decides the position of his waist.

“Aaa…I love you…I love you, Kenichi-sama…”

While calling the name of that unknown man, his wife´s eyes are wet from her emotions. The tall and stout meat weapon is shown off until a while ago, while thinking that his wife is made dirty, Takada sheds tears of blood from despair, rage and jealousy.

The man with the dark skin is about to overwhelm his wife in her snow-white wedding dress. When his waist pushes forward,  Tomomi´s head warped behind the jerk.

“Ouuch!! Ouuch!!! Aaaa!! However, I´m haaappyy!!!”

With that size, it is no wonder. Her vagina hole breaks for the first time and is torn off and the acute pain she received from the penis let her utter a glad cry simultaneously with a painful cry. While Kenichi moves his waist, he creeps in slowly but surely to the interior.

“Aaaaa!! Ouuch! Ooouuch!! Aaa, cuuuumming!!!”

The virginity of Tomomi was robbed of at last. Besides, it is clear from her voice and gesture, that she reached the climax and Takada is stunned. The man runs more than a good minute inside his wife to savor the taste of the first invading slowly and carefully.

“Aaa! Good!! It hurts! it is good inside!! Higuuu!!”


Finish burying it to the very end, in order to stop to shine, Kenichi moves his waist. At the same time as Tomomi reaches the deep ecstasy then, Takada´s dick rise fearfully and spitted out the sperm which he saved up for several days for tonight idly to the air.




At the time Kenichi draw out his dick from the interior of Tomomi who was dead tired, he takes a deep breath on the bed. Just now he took the purity of Tomomi in front of her newly-married husband and thoroughly enjoyed her sweet body until a while ago.

Her anus was already violated innumerable times and Tomomi´s sexual feeling developed exhaustively. She felt the pain at the beginning but she also awoke the pleasant sensation in her vagina immediately. The bride of today´s wedding ceremony was violated in front of her groom in her wedding dress, that´s why Kenichi was excited and bent Tomomi’s soft body over and had sex with her in various positions.

After having played with her body for more than one hour, while holding her hips by after rolling up the bottom of her dress, he fully poured his sperm inside her vagina. While this newly-married wife is raped like a beast from behind by him and he ejaculated in her vagina in front of her husband he showed off their mating.

When Kenichi looks at Takada for an instant, he was already dead tired. His sleeping time was short, so he exhaust his physical strength busily all the time since morning. Besides, while his wife was raped, Takada ejaculated more than two times.

“Hey, please bring me a beer”

When Kenichi calls out so to someone, who might have been there since when, a beautiful woman appears from the dark of the bedroom and a beer is taken out from the minibar and is handed over to Kenichi. While relieving his thirst, that beautiful woman timidly draws her pretty face between Kenichi´s legs and brought her mouth near his meat stick.

“Aa…it has the mixed taste of blood and semen…”

While licking the mixture of virginal blood and sperm, the expression of this beauty is still enchanted. Her black suit glue to her body and her huge chest which is disproportionate to her pretty face can be grasped clearly.

When she licked almost everything, this beauty looks at Kenichi with the expression that seems to want to speak something.

“Do you want it?”

The beautiful woman nods approvingly. Her embarrassed and shy expression shows a complicated inside conflict like a mirror.

“Let’s hypnotize him before it’s too late”

When she said so to Kenichi,Noriko Aoyama who is a former member of “SHADO” put something-like goggles on her head.



Noriko who was going to remove Kenichi and his Inma used four machines.

  • Analysis, the radio wave measuring instrument that measures the wave of the Imma
  • The wave motion of the Inma is counterbalanced by the oscilloscope
  • The wave motion that the Inma put out is counterbalanced by canceller to enable secret actions.

What Noriko wears on her head now modulates the wave motion and amplifies when it is thrown at the target. It cause the wave to resonant with the user mechanically. This wave resonance generator puts its targeted person under hypnosis by interfering the mind.

Two out of those four instruments were broken by the blackout, but fortunately, the other two were battery drive as a portable type, so they were available now.

To do her undercover mission, Noriko used it for hypnosis Junko to let her be her hands and feet. It was this wave resonance generator she has used on this occasion. This device which was developed by the research department of “SHADO” isn’t usable for anyone. If it isn’t someone who can resonate easily with the other party’s wave motion, you can’t manage this machine.

At this point in time, Noriko who was assigned to “SHADO” as an official member this year was another person and the owner of a wave that was easy to cause resonance so as to be rare. The headquarters which knew it during training drove the skills of this machine and all of the hypnosis methods into Noriko.

Having not the general ability like Yusuke or Arisa, Noriko was inferior to other members, but using this wave resonance generator’s hypnosis, she is an expert who has other abilities and technology that can be mimicked by nobody.

Noriko who put the wave resonance generator on her head in front of Takada who sat down on the floor of the living room and switched it on using the control panel in her hand. The machine operates with a howling low sound and the LED of the control panel turns on. When she turn the dial, all LEDs become green.

Noriko’s wave motion sympathized with the wave motion of Takada. When Noriko opens her mouth slowly in front of Kenichi who still observe the state, Noriko insert false memories and hints into Takada who is in a hypnotic state.



Kenichi who ended the necessary treatment has gone out of Tomomi’s room while holding Noriko’s shoulder who is full of lust. After they let Takada and Tomomi change their clothes and lie down on the bed, they let them go sleep. When morning comes, this pair leave for their honeymoon in Europe. With a false memory and suggestion.

When Kenichi and Noriko get off from the elevator and go to the hotel lobby, a beautiful woman in a black suit sat down there with the state that had finished being emaciated. Being past 1 am already, the lobby is deserted. Only the illumination of the christmas decorations still hit the brightness shiningly.

The beautiful woman who finds Kenichi and Noriko who walked to the door stands up unsteadily and approach them. A mix of sadness and pleasure is shown on her pretty face and she doesn’t have a bit of her usual coolness.

“Ke, Kenichi-samaa…”

While she crumple and twists her face, Junko clings to Kenichi on her knees. Just burying him in her chest, she utters a cry and let a sob leak out.

In such an abnormal figure they’re watched by the hotel visitors and an employees with curious eyes as if they play a drama. There are two beautiful woman attracting the public eyes and both cling to a man, which is no wonder for such a situation.

“What’s the matter? did you not have sex with those men?”

Kenichi is smirking. Looking up when she heard his voice, Junko waves her head in disapproving intensely. Her eyes get wet with tears and she is like a abandoned puppy.

“Unpleasaaant! It is absolutely unpleasant!! Other than Kenichi, it is absolutely unpleasant!”

The surrounding people are stupefied to the extent that even Kenichi who questioned her is surprised of her loud voice in public. Junko who was self-respecting,and looked down on men took off her cool and calm mask and revealed her real feelings.

After the wedding banquet of Takada and Tomomi was over, Junko who participated in the second party of their friends was made to drink by Takada´s colleagues. After those men aimed at Junko with her outstanding beauty and body line during the wedding banquet, only used sweet words to attract her attention and compete with one another.

Junko didn´t receive Kenichi’s love for a long time and she was in a frustrated state so that her mind seemed to be out of order. Her body flushes hot constantly, weeping and dripping sweet honey from her secret hole to the interior of her panty. She wore a napkin with a tampon even though she hasn’t her menstruation, the body fluid was huge.

Because it was such Junko, she didn`t wavered once or twice for the temptation of having sex with men. After Junko who suffers from a body touch sensitively while sprinkling her thick pheromone is seen, all men like wild beast see through her frustration and tried to tempt her by taking the opportunity.

If it is Junko from several months ago, she would have followed those men long ago and covet in pleasure. The drought of her bottom looks like a traveler in the desert who is requesting a oasis and brought unbearable pain.

Junko pretended to look for a restroom in the near and rubbed and held her breasts. At that time other visitors come to the restroom accidentally and her body might have been given to that young man.

However, Junko endured the temptation. While waiting for the other woman and man who are absorbed in their sexual intercourse to go, she was waiting all the time in this hotel lobby.

It isn’t pure love. It was warped and dark, because it was colored by her carnal desires. However, for a beauty who gave everything to the Inma, her loyalty is that her body and soul belongs to him. If her master expects it, she would even give the last drop of her blood for him.


Junko who has a outstanding beauty which could pass as an actress clings to Kenichi like an office worker who is dirty. From the state of this strange pair all odds are grasped that this beautiful woman became crazy about this man from the bottom of her heart, while the visitors and staff look critically envious.

“Junko…Junko sacrifices everything for Kenichi…”

From her slit and beautiful eyes, tears of pearls are shed. Junko subordinated herself from the bottom of her heart to Kenichi and offers everything to him.


The next moment, mainly around Kenichi and Junko who draws close in the lobby an explosive blast of wind blew. After it spreads concentrically looking around for a human it is felt clearly.



For the gust of wind which took place in a closed room, the visitors in the circumference scream.

(Wh, what!! What is that!!)

Noriko who also closely received the wind pressure has an astonished expression on her face while stepping on the cod which has gone out of the place. This phenomenon is obviously generated by Kenichi and Junko and the reason to cause all these physical phenomenon is only one as far as she knows.

(A pe, perfect wave resonance!)

And the existence which can cause a perfect wave motion resonance is also only one.

(…Aa…by, by any chance, the demon king…)

For the words that appeared in Noriko´s mind while seeing the figure of these two people, she wasn’t overly-serious and stump fitting, though she shivered gradually.



(Huu…it was finally over…)

When she saved the file which she opened until a while ago and closed it now, Arisa Shinomiya breathed a deep sigh. She tries to drink her coffee that started to cool down, but its bitter taste which boils down is remembered and the hand which stretched out is stopped.

At such a time she feels like smoking. However, she recalled that here is the no-smoking zone of a family restaurant and she grimaces in self-mockery.

It was her bad habit which she stopped, when she entered “SHADO”, because she was a heavy smoker in her school days. This talented woman who graduated from Miyako Higashi university department of law as the best student is known for especially liking sake and cigarettes and was a celebrity in her department because of her beauty and there was no one who didn’t know her.

When she sends the update information of the half devils that she had open until a while ago, her duty is completed with this. However, although Arisa recorded it in her local disk of her PC, she kept it without sending it to the headquarters.

If this duty is completed, her next duty is given. It is a natural story. However, she sneaked into district M to look for Noriko who went missing while investigating a Inma, therefore she needs time. The updated list of the half devils who scatter in Tokyo was expected to take her four weeks but she ended it in two and a half weeks. The remaining two weeks are assigned to search for Noriko.

Remembering Yusuke incidentally, Arisa feels bitter.

To protect the mistake of Noriko who is his lover, he continued doing a false report to the headquarters and besides asked Arisa for the search. Not knowing whether he knows her feelings, in either case he is insensitive and audacity to allow more as a man.

(Why such a person…)

Having noticed her feelings, she entered “SHADO” and they immediately trained together. While they trained together, Arisa was puzzled over her vivid and hot feelings that arose among her for the first time in her life and she feels nostalgic for noticing the real nature, so she experienced embarrassment and joy.

(Where is this guy good…)

Another cry out. If she thinks rationally, it is a proper conclusion.

Her heart throbs when she sees his face. When she talks to him her heart throbs. The physiological response that happens to her body projects her accurate feelings with honesty.

(AAA. Even if I say so myself, he has a loss character…)

She has to be honest. Because she doesn’t want to be hurt when she  express her feelings. Arisa put on a cool and cold mask like a barrier to keep a fixed distance to everyone. Looking at Noriko in contrast to herself, how many times did she thought how envious she is….

Arisa was absentminded for a while, but when she pulls herself together, a different file is opened. The last report that Noriko left behind.

(Well, she was in a all girls high school…. How shall I do it…)

Arisa put on a serious look.

The person who fused with that Inma is almost certainly in this girls high school. It is a common conclusion of Noriko and Arisa. All circumstantial evidences support it.

However, a girls’ high school may be said is the worst environment of an undercover investigation.

First of all, the society named school is the closed one and hardly accept an outsider or let outsider’s discover its facilities. If there is an unknown human in this girls’ high school, he would be confronted by someone immediately. For outsiders to enter, there is no environment that has a higher hurdle like this one.

In the case of Noriko using the power of the headquarter, she is accepted as a student trainee for exceptional time and was able to get inside. However, because her false personality came out, the Inma can’t be caught on the same way.

26-year-old Arisa is too young for being a mother and too old to be a transfer student. Being a temporary teacher may be her entrance ticket. It is certain that she stands out and without the political ability of the headquarters which is necessary for her who wants to creep in without a teaching certificate it is impossible to investigate.

Anyway this is a secret only between Yusuke and her. Besides, the period is two weeks.


When she breathes a sigh again, Arisa shake her long raven-black hair and gave up and poured the coffee which became cold into her thirsty throat.

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