ISSL Chapter 3


After a long time they both separated, after all the shocking revelations the atmosphere was a bit awkward

As Ryoko was thinking of what to say, Ryu didn’t bother wasting time as he had been looking forward for this moment since the day he met her

Stepping up to her wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her near and kissed her without any warning

Not even letting Ryoko get used to the sudden outburst he pried open her mouth with his tongue and pushed it inside her tiny little mouth

While greedily sucking on her lips, he moved his arms all over her body trying to savor her body dimensions

And finally his hands reached her plentiful breasts and started squeezing them roughly, as Ryoko was shocked her mouth opened a little further letting his tongue go in even further

Enjoying her cute reactions Ryu moved his other hand near her pussy

As his hand went below her panties and felt it, he was surprised to find no hair on it

Noticing his intent Ryoko answered while blushing

“As I was going to propose to you tonight, I shaved it……….”

The longer she spoke, the more lower her voice became

Listening to her Ryu felt so happy that he started grinning like a fool

Noticing that Ryu wasn’t speaking, Ryoko thought that he hated her pussy being shaved

“If you don’t like it, I won’t shave starting from right now!”

“Silly girl, I love your pussy no matter what. Even better when shaved”

“Who’s a silly girl! I’m your MOM!”

Lightly chuckling he picked her up and started walking towards her bedroom

“Mom I’ll fuck you now”

Saying such outrageous statements he started moving faster

While blushing even deeper, Ryoko didn’t say anything and just kept silent

“Ryu I want to ask you something”

“What is it?”

“How many women did you touch before me?”

Although her voice was serious there was some jealousy in it

She herself knew how charismatic Ryu was, and even though she knew that he loved her, she wanted to know what place she occupied in his heart

Noticing the hidden intent in her question, Ryu answered while smiling

“You are the first woman I’ve ever kissed till now. Does that answer your question?”

“I don’t believe you!”

“You really are my first Ryoko. I never even pee inside female toilets!!!”

“But, why? With your capabilities you could have as many women as you want”

“I know that, and I will have many women later on. But I wanted you to be my first one ever”


“I love you Ryu! Even if you ever let go of me, I won’t ever leave you!!!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. No matter what happens you will always be my queen. You can enjoy everything you want once I conquer the whole world”

“I know you will be able to do that”

Finally as they reached her bedroom and entered Ryu was shocked to see all kinds of sex toys arranged on a table near her bed. There were even a few sex swings, and frames!

“What is this…….”

Shocked from the scene in front of him, Ryu’s mouth went wide open from shock

Remembering why she did this Ryoko felt a bit embarrassed explaining herself, but she steeled her heart and did it

“I always wanted to try various kinds of sex. Most importantly I wanted to be treated like a slave by you. do you hate me knowing that I’m such a pervert?”

“It’s possible that I love you even more”

Ryu said while kissing her, and then continued

“But, let’s leave them for some other day. Since today is your first time ever, let’s enjoy something normal. Okay?”

“Whatever you want Ryu, I’m yours forever! You can use me however you want!”

“Hahahahaha, don’t you worry. I’ll be using you in a lot of ways”

While grinning like a devil Ryu spoke and threw her on the bed

Looking at his smile, Ryoko’s felt even more turned on from just imagining what they would do together in the future

“I’ve waited for this moment since the day I first say you. Ryoko you’re mine forever! You better not even think about leaving me!”

“Fufufufufufu, aren’t you a bit paranoid. But, there isn’t anything to worry about, you will be the only man that I’ll ever be with”

“Does that mean you’ll cheat on me with a woman?”

“If I decide to not be with women, I’m sure you will interest in me along with time. Also I want to be beside you every moment, even when you are having sex with other women”

While feeling satisfied, Ryu began stripping her till she was left in only her black bra and panties

Looking at her boobs like a hungry wolf, Ryu could no longer wait and tore it off before sucking on her breasts

“Look at you sucking on mommy’s breasts. If you want milk, you will have to make me pregnant first”

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely have you bear my child. And it won’t be just one child”

Explaining himself he went back to sucking of her pink colored nipples, moving his tongue around her nipples he used his right hand to press her other breast into different shapes

“Annnnn. It feels really good Ryu!”

Enjoying her reactions he moved his other hand near her pussy and began rubbing it over the crack, it didn’t take too long before he pressed his finger inside her pussy


Moving it in and out he increased it to two fingers feeling how wet she was

And then 3 fingers were inside her really soon

“Aren’t you a slut? You are so wet already”

“No I’m not! I’m only wet because you are the one I’m having this with”

Trying to defend herself, Ryoko gave out an answer

Ryu not bothering with her reply removed his fingers from her pussy which was ready and took of his clothes

As he turned completely naked his dick was hard and facing the ceiling ready to pierce the sky

Ryoko’s eyes went wide and mouth dropped looking at his dick

It was the biggest she ever saw, after watching so much porn due to being a pervert she though she had seen everything there was

But, none of the dicks she saw could even compare to Ryu’s

“Will…….that even fit inside me?”

With both fear and excitement Ryoko asked Ryu

Grinning feeling proud of his dick Ryu answered

“Of course it will, you’re pussy is meant to be used by me. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll just keep fucking you till you’re pussy turns into the shape of my dick”

Laughing out loud Ryu pulled off her underwear and looked at her bare pussy

Enjoying it, he brought his dick closer and finally pressed it against the hole

“You look so beautiful Ryoko! I’ll take care of you my whole life”

Not giving her a chance to respond, he pushed his dick inside her

Knowing that she was a virgin he didn’t stop even when his dick broke through her hymen and only stopped when almost all of his dick was inside her

He didn’t want her to feel pain as he slowly broke her virginity, hence he did it in one full sweep

The face which was full of smiles, was now cringing with pain

Looking at her face even though he felt sorry he knew that there was nothing he could do about it

“Ryu, you can move now”

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait a little and get used to the pain?”

Still feeling a little uncertain about her request he tried to reason with her

Shaking her head Ryoko answered with her face full of happiness

“This pain isn’t worth mentioning in front of the happiness I fell right now”

Hearing her reply, Ryu no longer hesitated and started moving his dick

Pulling it out and then pushing it in, he did it slowly to let her get accustomed to it

Looking at her face which was still lightly in pain, he went forward and kissed her before greedily sucking on her fragrant little mouth


The sound of meat rubbing against each other could be heard in the room

As Ryu separated his mouth, he could see the difference in Ryoko

From the before one who was submerged in pain, the one now was blushing from pleasure

As he noticed her pussy getting more and more wet, he started moving even faster

“Aaannnnnnn! YEssssssssss! It feels goooodddddd!”


Ryoko didn’t restrain herself from screaming with pleasure as Ryu’s huge dick fucked her pussy more and more harder with each insertion

“I’ll fuck you everyday for the rest of your life Ryoko”

“Really? Thank you so much Ryu! I love you so much! Anannnnnnnnn!”

As he began moving faster, the sound of fless hitting each other echoed through the room along with Ryoko’s moans

“Husband I’m going to cum”

Along with the loss of her virginity, Ryoko changed the way she called him

Feeling her change, Ryu began moving even faster, his hands still squeezing her breasts

“I’m going to cum too honey!”

“Yes yes! Cum inside me husband! Fill me up with your sperm! I want your baby!”

Listening to her, Ryu’s dick turned even harder as it also started twitching

Feeling his ejaculation coming soon, he began pinching her nipples with one hand, and used the other hand to pinch her clitoris

“Aaaahnnnnnnnn! I’m cumming!!!!!!!”

As Ryoko started convulsing for her orgasm, Ryu also reached his limit and started cumming

“I’m cumming too! Take it all inside you!”

As Ryu released hi cloudy thick hot sperm inside her, Ryoko felt like her body became even more hot

Even her pussy tightened trying to suck his dick dry

Ad all the semen fell inside her, Ryu moved her slightly and slept on the bed with her on top of him still connected

While Ryoko was still enjoying her first ever climax while laying on top of her husband

Ryu started kissing her once again

“I love you Ryu”

“I love you too Ryoko!”

As the time was close to evening anyway, the both of them drifted into sleep holding onto each other, while still connected the whole time