ISSL Chapter 4


The rest of the night was peaceful with no disturbance

Ryu was the first to wake up next day, the moment he opened his eyes the love of his live was right on top of him

Her face seemed to be in bliss, a light blush was still present on her face

Looking at her Ryu couldn’t control himself and lightly kissed her on the lips as softly as he could

Since she lost her virginity just yesterday, he didn’t want to wake her up too early and let her rest as long she could

It was only then that he realized that the both of them were still connected

Lightly moving he took his dick out of her to make sure that he wouldn’t get too excited And he just laid there holding onto Ryoko till she woke up

Finally she woke up, the time was already 9 a.m by then

Even though Ryu had to be at school, he stayed home and didn’t bother about it

“Good morning, husband. Chuu”

Wishing him good morning Ryoko daringly kissed him on the lips

Hearing her call him husband made Ryu felt like he was in heaven

“Good morning, honey”

Not wanting to lose to her, Ryu once again kissed her

But unlike before he didn’t separate with a small peck, but pushed his tongue inside her mouth and began licking all inside her


Being shocked Ryoko tried to move away and calm down, but Ryu didn’t let her

He tightly held onto her face and kept kissing her till he was satisfied. While he was immersed in kissing her his dick once again turned hard and started pressing against Ryoko’s waist

As he finally left her mouth, Ryoko was hurriedly breathing and her eyes were close to breaking into tears

Knocking on his chest she started scolding him

“How dare you bully your mom! I won’t let you go off easily this time”

Even though she acted like she was angry, happiness was clearly conveyed in her voice

As she was speaking she finally felt his dick against her waist

“Husband, if you want to have sex…….we can do it…….. I’m fine”

Seeing through her, Ryu smiled and caressed her cheeks with his hands

Lightly pushing away the hair that was on her face

“It hasn’t been long since you lost your virginity. So I don’t mind taking it easy Ryoko. You should just rest the whole day today”

“But I can still have sex! You don’t have to worry about me!”

Feeling anxious that Ryu didn’t want her body, she felt really paranoid and started offering her body once again

“Ryoko calm down, the both of us will be spending the rest of our lives together. I’ll never ever leave you, so don’t worry. I’ll use your body to my content, so don’t worry too much”

Understanding that Ryu saw straight through her, Ryoko started blushing furiously

Not knowing what to speak, she finally noticed the time

“RYU! It’s 9:20! Aren’t you late for school!”

“It’s fine if I’m late, I would rather spend my time with you rather than there”

“But, you have to go to school Ryu. You took a lot of holidays the whole year due to helping out the company. If you take even more holidays, they won’t let you take the final assessment”

“Who care about their assessment, I already have a loving and rich wife to take care of me. Don’t I?”

Being called a wife, Ryoko couldn’t speak for a little while

And she knew that even without the final assessment, Ryu could still manage to live like a king with his intelligence

“Fufufufufufu, you want to be a man who is dependent on his wife?”

“I don’t mind that as long as I can be with you. But unfortunately I’ll have to go to school for a few more days. There are a few things I need to finish up, before I leave school”

“Oh, what are your next plans? And how will you get into school today? It’s already so late”

“You don’t have to worry about my future plans, a too nosy wife isn’t cute. And it is really easy to get into school”

“Oh, how so?”

With a bad smile on his face Ryu brought his mouth closer to Ryoko and whispered in her ears

“I’m sure that my sexy mom would write me a letter explaining why I was late”

“And what would your sexy mom write in that letter?”

“I’m fine with whatever she writes. I don’t mind even if she writes that she kept me up late at night due to us having sex”

While grinning like a fool he once again kissed her and then lightly slapped her ass

“You! Fuu……. What will I ever do about you! I’ll think of a reason myself, now go and make something for me to eat I’m too hungry. I haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday afternoon”

“Isn’t the wife the one who should cook for her husband? But don’t worry I’ll let you of the hook this time. Also the food must be ready”

“Ready? Who made it?”

“Sakura did”


The loving and cute Ryoko turned ice cold in a single moment

This was the Ryoko who everyone knew, the ice queen

“Calm down honey, didn’t you say that you were fine with me having other women?”

“Answer my question RYU! Who is Sakura! And didn’t you say that I was your first one? Don’t tell me that you found a woman in the time I was sleeping!!!”

“Hear me out Ryoko, you really are the first woman I’ve ever been intimate with. Sakura is someone whose life I once saved. She promised to do anything in exchange for my help, and so I had her become my slave”

“You didn’t even kiss her?!”

There was still some suspicion in Ryoko, but she knew that she couldn’t force him

“I really didn’t honey”

“I have another condition if you want to be with me”

Not wanting to let him off the hook to easily, Ryoko decided to add another condition

Feeling a headache coming up, Ryu sighed and just accepted his fate

“What is it?”

“From now on you need to tell me everything about any new women you take! And if you ever do anything big and special I want to be there with you!”

“Whatever you want. I’ll never reject you, you know that don’t you”

“I do, but it always feels better hearing you accept whatever I say. Fufufufufuf……. Now about this Sakura, is she prettier than me?”

Women were naturally jealous beings, they couldn’t bear with someone being better then they are

“Of course not, Ryoko is the prettiest woman in the whole world”

“You sure have a glib tongue don’t you. But remember what you just said, no matter when and where I ask, you will have to repeat the same thing. Now lets go down and have breakfast”

Getting off of him, the both of them showered and got ready

Ryu in his uniform, and Ryoko in a bathrobe that was let down loosely

She didn’t even bother tying it up, since she knew that the only ones in the house were Ryu and his slave, she didn’t mind them seeing her

And she also wanted to intimidate ‘Sakura’ and show her who was the most important for Ryu

The whole time during the shower Ryu kept on rubbing her breasts and ass with as much soap as he could find

Even though he didn’t want to come out, he had no choice but to stop and get ready

As they stepped down the stairs, Ryoko saw that someone was walking towards them

Knowing who it was, she pulled Ryu closer to her and tightly kissed him

Wanting to see how the slave looked, she didn’t let go of Ryu, but just turned around with him while still kissing

But the moment she saw her, due to shock she wasn’t able to respond

Knowing what happened Ryu pressed one fnger inside her pussy, and used the other to rub her nipples


Pushing him away, Ryoko tied her bathrobe as quickly as possible

“Ms… ms….Honikawa!”

“Good morning mistress”

“You choose to be Ryu’s slave?!!!!”

Of course she would be shocked

Even though Sakura was just a teacher, her family ran one of the most successful companies in the country

Even her own company was currently in a cooperation with them

“Yes, mistress. Master saved my life and helped out both me and my sister when we were having troubles”

“Your sister?”

“Shizuka Honikawa, the current CEO of ‘H industries’”

It was Ryu who answered this time

“You enslaved a pair of sisters!!!”