ISSL Chapter 5


“When you put it like that…………… it makes me feel even more awesome!”

Ryu said with a face which was undoubtedly asking for a smacking. This in return incurred a giggle from a giggle from Sakura, and a glare from Ryoko.

“Oh, come on. Don’t look at me like that! It first started out as a business proposition, until their company went bankrupt due to various reasons, and in return they asked me for help….”

“And then the great you took pity on them and chose to help them for free, but they didn’t accept it and became slaves themselves right? Humph! You think I’m a child to believe such stories!”

Ryoko interrupted Ryu and snorted showing her discontent.

“At least let me finish my sentence honey”

Saying that Ryu pulled the pouting Ryoko into his lap, and continued speaking.

“I never said that they offered themselves as slaves to me. I was the one who put up that condition. Ask her if you want, they took more than a week before deciding on becoming my slaves in secret”

“Is that true? Then that means all you said about me being your first one was FALSE!”

To the end of her sentence Ryoko was almost shouting and not speaking.

“No no no no no no. You really are my first ask her if you want, you can even check her pussy to make sure. I never touched any one of my slaves till now! I swear!”

Ryu spoke as quickly as possible not wanting to leave behind a misunderstanding.

“Is that so? Fine I’ll believe you, so what was the original business about?”

“I’ll tell you all about it later, but first try this out”

Saying that, Ryu handed a clear bottle which was filled with strawberry milk. Not knowing why he was diverting the topic, Ryoko skeptically took the bottle and began drinking it.

“So how is it Mistress?”

It was Sakura who spoke this time, and her voice was filled with expectation. This only further fueled Ryoko doubts about something being mixed in the bottle, but still she answered honestly.

“It’s fine I guess, just a bit more flavorful than the usual strawberry milk I drink. Also it feels a bit heavy?”


Hearing her answer Sakura was so giddy that she began jumping up and down forgetting that she was a 27 year old teacher. But this was all understandable because, that strawberry milk was made through a very special method.

“Hey Ryu, what’s wrong with her? Did she make this milk herself?”

“Nooo! This milk isn’t from me Mistress!”

Sakura unintentionally blurted out something she shouldn’t. And Ryoko being as smart as she was immediately figured out something.

“From you? Is this milk made from natural means!!!”

“Sight, I wanted to directly show you the factory, but I guess I’ll just tell you how it’s made for now……”

Unable to bear with the damn suspense, Ryoko once again pouted and began pinching Ryu.

“Okay okay stop! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you”

Only then did Ryoko stop pinching him.

“Humph! You dare act complacent in front of me! Now tell me how this milk is made!”

“This milk is squeezed out from women directly”

Saying that Ryu paused for a while before continuing to make sure that Ryoko could comprehend what he just said.

“Yup, what you heard is true. This milk is squeezed out from the women in the factory. After a lot of testing, we’ve finally found a method to let female breasts produce milk without incurring pregnancy! And also how to induce flavors into their breasts to make sure that the flavor milk is naturally formed and not added after extracting the milk!”


“How…How is that possible?!!!”


Ryoko’s shock was understandable as currently though breast milk was used by those living in the higher classes, it was only obtained from pregnant slaves. Thus, the cost was unimaginably high and couldn’t be afforded by those of the middle and lower classes.


But if that Ryu claimed was true, then their company could undoubtedly dominate the whole market!


There was a reason why breast milk was used, after thorough research it was found that breast milk contains a particular vitamin which not only helps in strengthening the body, but also increases their vitality! This was something which no human could resist!


Although a lot has happened and humans could live up to a few hundred years before naturally dying. Breast milk can further increase the life expectancy rate without having a negative effect on the body!


“It’s completely true Mistress! The research was almost perfected by Master, and my sister after working for so many years! So now not only can we produce breast milk with various flavors, it doesn’t even compromise the quality of the milk! Master first planned on letting you know after a few days when we were going to have it broadcasted through a public conference. But you got together with Master and found out about it a bit earlier than expected.”


“So you’ve had these two slaves since a long time haven’t you?”


“That’s the only thing you heard?! Calm down Ryoko she’s exaggerating we only worked together for a few months. Before that, I only invested in their company and didn’t interfere in their research”


“Sigh, that’s fine. It’s not like i could hold you down anyway. It’s already great that you never touched a woman before me……. But I still won’t let anyone other than me be your WIFE! UNDERSTAND?!”


Considering Ryoko’s personality it was already a great concession on her part to let her husband have more than one slave.


“I know, I know. You’ll always be the most important one for me”


“Also, I want to know all about the number of slaves you have!”


“Fine, fine. I’ll tell you all about them today”


“Today? Aren’t you planning on going to school? You know that they won’t let you write the exam if you have too many holidays don’t you? You should know how many leaves you’ve taken already”

“It’s completely fine Mistress, Master has already made all the arrangements.”


Even though Ryoko was still a bit skeptical she completely trusted Ryu.


“So what were you going to do during the press conference?”


“Oh that? We were planning on milking a woman live in front of everyone. One woman per each flavour. What do you think about it?”


Ryu spoke as if it was a natural thing to do.


“Instead of one you should have at least two or three of them. Otherwise there might be claims that we are just showing the best products to the public, while hiding the truth.”


And an even more absurd answer came out of Ryoko who turned full Businesswoman mode.


“Not really Mistress, Master has already planned on releasing a video from the factory showing how the milking is done. We actually had it planned for today, but it got postponed for tomorrow.”

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