ISSL Chapter 7


Walking out of the milking room, Ryoko was still both horny and shocked. Hundreds of non-pregnant women were being milked! And the product was flavored milk!


Calming down, Ryoko began looking through the catalog she was given by Shizuka. Unlike what she expected the catalog didn’t contain any pictures of any of the women, which disappointed her.


The thick catalog’s first few pages were all about how women were milked, and the things like the milk’s nutrients etc. Going a little bit further, the pages were contained details of the milking cows, and the three flavors. A total of 50 names were under every flavor, and beside the name were the three measurements of their body’s and a rating which defined their beauty.


Being the picky girl that she was, Ryoko picked out two women of every flavor whose rating satisfied her. Having picked her 6 women, Ryoko planned on leaving the factory and go back home, when she noticed that all the women after coming out of the room once again lined up and moved further inside the factory.


‘What are they going to do now?’


Her curiosity piqued, Ryoko began following them. Not long after walking, every single cowgirl was standing in the middle of a room which was filled with water jets all around.


Once every milkgirl was inside the room, Ryoko turned around and saw that a woman similar to those who milked the others pressed a button on the wall. Once the button was pressed water began flowing out of the nozzles around the room.


It was once again Ryoko’s turn to be shocked. The women were being washed like animals in a barn. After being milked they were being washed up in public. It seems like being a milkwoman isn’t easy after all.


“It’s not like we don’t believe in them, but we can’t take any risks regarding their hygiene can we?”


Coming up and standing beside Ryoko, Ryu began explaining about the reason behind the public shower.


“Also with so many jets of water surrounding them, it is more or less the same as them properly washing themselves.”


Hearing what Ryu said, Ryoko couldn’t deny it. After all there were jets covering every single part of the room making it impossible to not get clean even if they don’t want to.


After 3 minutes of water wash, the jets began spraying liquid soap, and then it was once again time for the water.  And finally after water stopped flowing, wind began flowing and stated drying them all.


It really was like Ryu said, it was impossible for the women to stay dirty even if they want. Once the drying session was over, all women left the room and went out of the factory.


“All of this feels like a dream Ryu.”


“I know, but this is reality.”


Speaking his part, Ryu and Ryoko walked out of the factory and got into their car and left the factory with Ryu driving them back home. It seemed like Sakura wanted to spend some time with her sister, and thus didn’t come back with them.

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