ISSL Chapter 6


After hearing about how they were going to film a video at the factory tomorrow showing how it’s all done, Ryoko couldn’t hold back her curiosity anymore.

“Hey Ryu, I want to visit that factory today!”

“Today? Why not wait till tomorrow, we have to go there tomorrow for the shooting anyway.”

“NO! I want to see it today!”

Although Ryoko couldn’t understand the reason behind why Ryu was so unwilling to visit the factory today, she soon found it out.

“How much further do we need to go?! It has already been 2 hours!!!”

“Sigh…..Just a little further ahead.”

And just like what Ryu claimed, after a few minutes the factory came into their view. With walls covering the whole location it looked more like a jail rather than a factory.

Since huge and all walls were covering the whole factory no one could see anything from the outside, this only further intensified Ryoko’s curiosity.

No matter what Ryoko had imagined, it was completely crushed when she entered the factory location. No, I couldn’t even be called a factory at all! It was more like a forest housing community!

Since the moment someone passes through the doors and enters the ‘factory’ they would definitely be shocked. The whole ground was covered in grass, with huge tress covering the whole surroundings.

“After intense research it was discovered that an environment closer to the nature would increase the amount of milk they produce.”

Sakura spoke to clarify the doubts which were visible on Ryoko’s face.


Even though she answered nonchalantly, Ryoko was completely shocked on the inside. She was shocked because such a huge project was done by her own company but she knew nothing about it! But that shock didn’t last long before it turned into anger.

This was because the further she walked inside the more women she found around her. Either walking in groups, or lying on the grass, no matter where she looked girls completely filled her sight. But that wasn’t the reason behind her anger. She was angry because all of those women were naked!

Yes naked! It didn’t matter who it was, all of them were completely naked with nothing but a collar on their necks.

“Hey Ryu, how come they’re all naked?”

Even though Ryoko tried to suppress her anger and act as calmly as possible, her voice was clearly filled with anger.

“Oh that, it’s because no men are allowed to enter the facility, I thought that it would be good to look at so many naked women myself. Why? You’re not feeling jealous are you?”

“Who’s feeling jealous?! Humph!”

Saying that, Ryoko no longer spoke but kept sulking in silent.

“Calm down Ryoko, I don’t visit this factory unless I need to you know. As for the naked thing, its because we perform milking at least three times a day, and it becomes a nuisance to have so many women strip every single time.”

Even though Ryoko didn’t respond, her face was clearly more at ease than before.

“Mistress, do you want to see how we milk them?”

“Of course I want to!”

Even though Ryoko wasn’t interested in watching females playing around, she was deeply interested in how the milking process worked.

“If it was during a normal time you would only be able to see a single woman being milked Mistress, but now its different.”

Not long after Sakura spoke, a ringing sound rang all around the so called ‘factory’. As soon as the sound was heard all women began walking in the same direction. Feeling curious Ryoko began following them with both Ryu and Sakura behind her.

After walking for a little while she saw that every woman was entering a huge warehouse, while no one entered the warehouse beside it. Walking a little closer she saw that the two warehouses were connected through various huge tubes.

Looking at it for a while she then entered the first warehouse, inside all women who entered before began entering various rooms. Though it seemed like they were entering them at random, one could see clear coordination between them.

Not knowing which room to enter, Ryoko just chose one at random and entered. She was once again shocked after entering the room. Inside all the women who entered were standing on all fours and looked like they were waiting for someone.

Soon about 10 women entered the room, and began working. After noticing Ryu, and Sakura they were about to stop when, Ryu told them to keep working and just observed them.

Feeling both ecstatic and nervous, the women began working. They approached the slaves who were on their fours, and started attaching two breast cups to each of their breasts, and then tied a huge band like object around their waist before pushing a final suction cup against their pussies. Like this they connected all the women and then stepped back.

If one observed they would discover that only the tubes attached to the slaves’ breasts were all connected with a huge empty tank that was in one corner of the room. But even after all the work was done there didn’t seem to be any sort of difference. That is to say, that the machines didn’t turn on!

“Hey Ryu how come nothing is happening? And also why did you attach a tube to their pussies and a band around their waists?”

Not answering the question himself Ryu called the 10 women who were working with the slaves.

“I want one of you to explain about everything that is happening here to her, while another one of you to go ahead and call Shizuka.”

Just as one of the 10 women was about to exit the room, a woman entered it.

“There’s no need for that, I’m here Master!”

The woman who spoke looked completely similar to Sakura in every aspect that even her voice was the same. Both of them were exactly 5 feet and 8 inches, with brown bob cut hair, and brown pupils. The same white skin, and the same facial features too. If there was any difference which could be noted, it was the aura around the two of them. Though Sakura wore an OL outfit, the only vibe she gave off was that of a mature lady, while Shizuka had a cold and indifferent air around her just like how Ryoko is during her work time.

“Good afternoon Mistress, I’ll tell you everything about this factory.”

Not waiting for Ryu to speak Shizuka began explaining all about the factory.

“Even though all of the slaves are connected to the suction pumps, they won’t start working immediately because the whole factory starts milking at the same time.”

Just after Shizuka spoke till here, another alarm rang out and the tubes which were connected to the slaves began working.

While the two breast cups began squeezing the nipples and sucking the milk from them, the tube connected to their pussy began squeezing on their clitoris. After a little while, brown color liquid began flowing out of every single slaves nipples. It was chocolate breast milk!


Hearing Ryoko’s exclamation a look of pride appeared on Shizuka’s face before she continued speaking.





A while later uncontrollable moaning began resounding throughout the room. This was meant to happen sooner or later, due to their clitoris’s being stimulated and nipples being sucked.

“Though you might think that the suction tubes are enough, it actually isn’t. The tube which is sucking on their clitoris stimulates excess pleasure which will further increase the amount of milk they produce per each session. As for the bands around their waists, it is a sort of security measure. Sometimes the slaves faint from excess pleasure, in which case they lose control of their body and fall down. And since we can’t have this happen regularly, we attach the waist bands which will keep them in position even if they faint.”

As if to prove Shizuka’s point a woman fainted fro pleasure with her mouth wide open and drooling. And just like Shizuka said the waist band kept her in position allowing the breast cups to kept sucking the milk out of her nipples. But, because of the clitoris which was still being stimulated she soon wake up and continued moaning.


“As you can see, all the chocolate milk is being stored in that container over there. Once the milking session is over, all of this milk will be transported to the warehouse beside us through the tubes which are connecting them.”

Shizuka was talking about the same tubes which Ryoko had seen before.

Though it was fine for a while, after a few minutes every single person in the room began sweating and taking heavy breaths. It was a clear sign of all of them being turned on. But fortunately another alarm rang and soon the milking stopped.

After that the 10 women once again went forth and started removing all the tubes from the slaves. Though a few slaves were still able to walk, a lot of them fainted and began twitching from pleasure,

“Mistress, here is a catalog containing all of the best milk slaves of our factory. You can choose whomever and how many ever you want based on the flavor you want. They will all be later on sent to your house, along with a few portable milking machines to use on them. Though you can suck the milk directly from their breasts, you will need to use the machine if you want to extract and store the milk.”

Saying that, Shizuka handed a thick catalog to Ryoko who was still immersed in what just happened here.

“Ah, yes!”

Taking the catalog Ryoko broke out of her stupor before she began walking out of the room.

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