Kininaru Chapter 24

Incident on the rooftop

One hour later

「Nguuuuu! Nmuuuuuu!」

I blocked her scream with a kiss and continued pistoning

In missionary position I continued to scrape the vaginal wall on the side of her front body vigorously

Sometimes when she convulsed violently I pinned her body down against her will and guided her towards orgasm, Kanae trembled in pleasures widening her eyes

「A girl shouldn’t spread her eyes like that」

「Mou”you’re staring too much…my head ish terning weeeeird!」

「Kanae-chan is just a normal girl when it comes to things like this huh」

As I pulled my penis out Kanae raised a voice 「Ah!」。

「Then this is the end、you can go back to the classroom now」

As I relieved myself after violently tormenting Kanae, she crawled to take back the uniform I took off.

Semen mixed with love juice bubbled inside her vagina and dripped out
Then I targeted the defenseless tight ass
My penis regained its hardness

Without any prior notice I leaned on Kanae from the back, I blocked her mouth with my hand and inserted my penis.

「Nguuuuuuuuuuuuu!」 (TN: I swear, if you’re Vietnamese you’ll laugh at this word pffffft)

I began to vigorously piston into the convulsing Kanae


Something gushed out from her crotch

I didn’t confirm what that was and kept poking violently

Kanae’s heated body was held by me and continued to accept my torment

「っ!っ!っっっっっ!」 (TN: A pat on the back for whoever get this lmaooo)


As her insides shut tightly Kanae bent back, her tits projected out so I grabbed them and rubbed them strongly
At first she twisted her body as I rub her breasts, but right now there’s no reaction from her lower half

I continued to piston the Kanae that was exhausted from cumming and crumbled down




After that big orgasm Kanae’s pussy became all loose so it took time for me to ejaculate. As I came inside the absentminded Kanae there was no reaction.

After that no matter what I did she didn’t react so I decided to put her uniform back on. (TN: Yup. Completely broken)
As I put on her bra I sucked her nipple, then kissed her while buttoning her blouse.

After putting all her clothes on I let Kanae sleep on the ground lying sideway
I also accompanied her and slept.




Bann !

As the loud sound of the rooftop door opened we opened our eyes


A bald guy walked towards us with a super intimidating attitude (TN: Hahahahaha is this who I think it is???)

I quickly became tense. This dude is Kanae’s boyfriend (TN: Exactly hahahahaha. Not that I hate baldie, Jun was a bro, but this kind of netori worth it lmaoo)

「You! What are you doing sleeping with Kanae on the rooftop!」

「Who knows? I wonder why?」

「This morning before HR I heard that you went to the rooftop with Kanae、and you’re still here after 2 hours!?」

「Wanna know?」

「I told you to talk didn’t I!」

「Hearing it directly from Kanae-chan is fine right?」

Kanae stared at me.

「Why don’t you tell him everything? Do as you like、I’m the one who made that puddle over there blew out from poking you」

As I whispered that into her ear Kanae shivered in chills

「That’s…I can’t…」

「You’re not telling? Then I’ll say it instead」


「What are you doing? If you don’t say it then I’ll keep violating you from on you know? I’ll make you feel it by poking you and make you blow tides again you know。 Next time it’ll be done carefully in my room」


Kanae’s face is dyed in despair

「You’re terrible…」

「What are you going to do?」

「What have you been whispering since earlier! Kanae! What happened?」

This dog has been barking noisily since earlier

Kanae spoke in one breath

「Uun…nothing happened…」 (TN: RIP. GGWP. The deal is sealed. LMAO)