Kininaru Chapter 25


We were scolded harshly by the teacher when we returned

While properly ignoring him, the preach ended
Kanae is also absent-minded

As we left the staff room we returned to the classroom.

During the boring scold I glanced over to my neighbor Kanae and saw her squirming around in an uncalming state.

Perhaps the sensation of insertion is still remaining

In the middle of the hallway, I confirmed that nobody’s looking and put my hand into Kanae’s panty.

Then directly rubbed her pussy.


Kanae stiffened feafully
After tampering with her vagina *kuchyu kuchyu*, I used my fingers to open her pussy

「I’ll put it in here again。 It’s looking forward to it」

I took my hand out of her panties and Kanae shut her legs tightly pinning both her hands into her crotch

My hand is sticky with Kanae love juice

Seeing so I changed my mind

Then I pulled Kanae’s hand and entered the male toilet

「Eh? What!?」

I locked the private room and slid Kanae’s panties down then inserted as she stood as is.

「Kuuuuu! Why so sudden…」

Kanae trembled her palm while enduring and concealing her voice

「I’m erected。 I’ll pull out after one shot」

「You just cum inside me thoroughly earlier didn’t you!?」

「From now on I’ll do you every time I’m horny like this!」

I stimulated her clitoris while swinging my hips savagely

「That’s no goooooood!」

「If you squirt on my uniform then we’ll go to my house and I’ll cum inside you till morning。 If you don’t want that then endure it til I ejaculate」

「No waay!I can’t hold iiiit! Stop your hiiiips!」

Zupan! Zupan! Zupan!


Bushaaaaa! Bushuuu! Bushaaaaaaaaa!

Kanae squirted big time and wet my uniform

Her legs trembled Kanae clung to me without being able to stand.
Her roughly C-cup breasts went up and down with her breathing

I pulled my penis out and returned her panties back to its place.

Aside from the big stain on the front of her panties and her blushing face then it was the same to before we entered the toilet.

「You still haven’t had enough huh、you wanna continue?」


Seems like Kanae didn’t hear my voice

「Don’t grow senile, let’s go」

I didn’t seize Kanae’s hand but pulled her nipple

「It hurts it hurtss! I’m going! Stop it!」

「Then let’s go」


Kanae sobbed while following behind me

How much would I get scolded tomorrow, that suddenly bothered me but I quickly stopped thinking