Kininaru Chapter 23

The truth behind the rumor

As I entered the classroom it was the usual reaction.
The guys click their tongues, the girls stole glances my way.

I sat into my seat, the girl in my neighboring seat spoke up.

「Sakimori-kun、you skipped school yesterday?」

「No、I caught a cold」


That’s not a lie
This girl’s name is Ooda Kanae. She’s my childhood friend and she started going on a date since last week, she’s mostly just a normal girl.

「Sakimori-kun has this mysterious atmosphere so a lot of people seem to think if something happened you know。 Like、the girls our years are being bothered by a dangerous man」

「Give that up、I’m not particularly dangerous」

「Hnnn、that so」

「You don’t believe me」

「That’s unbelievable、there’s the rumor about that girl who confessed to Morisaki-kun that makes the guys cringe」

「Then、how about you try confessing to me?」

「Eee、I can’t do that…I already have Kacchan」

「I wasn’t particularly serious、it’s just something like a game」

「Uun、if it’s a game then Kacchan won’t get mad」

「I said it’s okay、alright then the location is the rooftop」

「Eh? Why? Is it no good here?」

「Yeah、even if we’re just playing if we don’t do it right then it’s not interesting」

「Got it got it。 Then let’s go」

「Yeah let’s go right away」

Because my excitement from earlier would explode anytime soon (TN: He’s referring to last chapter when he left Suzuka blue balled and he’s horny too)




I who came to the rooftop with Kanae, embraced Kanae from behind, I turned her skirt and put my hand into her panty.

Then violently rubbed her dry clitoris with force.


Kanae couldn’t endure leaking herself and crumbled down her knees from the sudden stimulation.

Then I pinned her crotch down while she wept and took off Kanae’s panty who is lying down, I opened her legs and licked the pussy smeared with urine.

Then as a defensive mechanism, Kanae’s crotch started to dripp love juice.

「Hora、even your pussy is happy」

It was interesting when Kanae climaxed by moving her clit on my lips. Seems like she’s masturbating

Kanae spoke out her boyfriend’s name many times. (TN: Netori ga kitaaa, well it’s already too late)

「Hora、instead of the boyfriend that won’t show up no matter how many times you call, I’ll make you feel even better」

I laid Kanae face down and closed her leg then inserted from behind moving my body violently.

Even if her legs weren’t opening I still inserted into the sad lady.

「Ah!Ah!Ann you’re too rough! It’s going to leakkkk!」

Since Kanae is starting to blow tides I took off all her clothes to not dirty the uniform and she became naked. I lied on top of her also naked.

「Now、cum to your heart’s content」

Kanae is in the Volleyball club, it’s a sports club so she has nearly perfect skin.

「What a nice body you have、how many times did you have sex with your boyfriend already?」

I asked while pinching her nipples.

「It huuuuurts。 I’ll answeer、once! We did it ooonce!」

They seemed to have done it right when they started going out. But that’s not rare these days. (TN: Tch. Kids these days…)

「How was it? Sex with your boyfriend?」

「It hurt、obviously ’cause I was a virgin…」

There’s that too

「Then I’ll make you feel good with all my strength」

「It’s impossible I already came two times、nee it’s good already。 Stop this。 I’ll stay quiet about this so、nee?」

I ignored what Kanae said and started my repeated piston. I do her mainly near the entrance

Then Kanae’s skin soon became sweaty. She’s silent but seems like she felt it.

I kept persistently tormenting one spot, then when Kanae is finally climaxed I thrust in deep, and pistoned vigorously. Her insides wriggled and at the same time I ground my penis into her womb entrance and ejaculated. Kanae lost conscious due to the big wave of orgasm. This morning, when I put it in Suzuka I endured, that’s why it piled up.
I made Kanae my outlet.