Kininaru Chapter 26

To the depths

We’re visible looking from the windows of classrooms and staff rooms in the south so we went to the dump site at the north and exited the school going to the station just like that.

Midway towards the station, Kanae linked arms with me and glued to my body to conceal her skirt that she got her squirt on from earlier.

The time is the middle of the day.

We got on the train with no one on it.

「After this、what happens to me?」

Sitting into a seat Kanae asked

「We’ll have sex at my house」

「We did it countless times already didn’t we? We’re keep going?」

「Your state is pretty good、you’re too good for that guy」

「I’m not Sakimori-kun’s property」

「Yeah、that’s right。 You’re his property。 Today is as far as I can get with you」

「That a promise?」

「Yeah、that’s why I’m doing you to my heart’s content today」

「っ!Mou do whatever you like! I won’t open my mouth for the rest of my life tomorrow on!」

Kanae raised her voice.




As we arrived at my house I invited her in.

I took her to the soundproof room where I violated Miyu. There probably are hindrances midway like that time with Suzuka again, I want to slowly enjoy Kanae today.

「Take everything off」

As I ordered Kanae quietly took off her uniform.
Kanae isn’t shy in front of me anymore, so after this I also won’t be affected it seems.
As I closed the curtain the room became gloomy making Kanae’s white body become well featured.
Her body was beautifully well shaped thanks to sports.
Piston in missionary position makes it easy to seize the constricted part.
It’s like she’s telling me to violate her in missionary.

I pushed Kanae down and placed my penis at her vaginal entrance.

「Wait! I haven’t prepared…」

「It can’t be helped then」

I put the lotion tube’s opening at Kanae’s vaginal entrance.
Then grasped it with all my might.

*Buchuuuu* it made a sound and flowed into Kanae’s insides.

「Hyaa!! It’s cold!」

Being surprised having a cold liquid flowing into her Kanae sat up

The lotion that went into her successively poured out.

「What did you put into me?」

Kanae asked with an anxious face

「I wonder? Who knows what it is」

「Then let’s begin」 (TN: This line is still the MC talking)

Kanae has more strength than Miyu, so to make sure she won’t run away mid-way I’d have to thoroughly embrace her making her cum until she’s weak while hugging her tightly.

「Ee!? What?」

Kanae was surprised being hugged tightly



Kanae opened her eyes widely as I inserted and drew close to point-blank.

I started moving slowly.

Nurun nurun nurun


The brimming lotion inside her vagina didn’t make me feel any friction, just the pressure of her vagina shutting alone was felt. Seems like I can piston anyhow I want to like this
I gradually increased my pace

「……Ee? Wait a minute! Fast! Noo! Nooo! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!」 (TN: Dame, damee, dameeeeeeeee)

Kanae’s voice grew in tension and finally turned into shrieks

Kanae seemed to fall into disorder from the *nuru nuru* sliding in her vagina

Every time my penis hit her uterus Kanae’s body stiffened.

I pumped my penis as if pushing up Kanae’s womb.

「It hurts deep so stop it!」

I kept on thrusting my penis in deeply

Kanae squeezed her vagina so that I couldn’t go deep but because of the lotion it became all but simple for me to go deep

「Uuu! It’s painful!」

Kanae started to flapped her legs kicking the bed refusing.

「Be quiet!」

I bit her nipple with my teeth to bully her from being noisy.

Then I poked deeply at the noisy Kanae’s vagina again.

「Uaaaaaaaa! Somebody help meeeeee!」

As expected she can’t take it and is now struggling

This time I won’t care anymore and enter serious mode to bully her.

I fixed Kanae’s posture and seized her legs tightly. Then I aimed at a deep angle and started to thrust with high speed in one breath.

「Guyuuu! Gaaaaa!」

Kanae began to groan in a voice unbefitting a high-school girl.
This is the last time I’m doing it with Kanae so I won’t go easy.

Pushaa !

Kanae’s crotch burst open and splashed.