Kininaru Chapter 27


I pinned down Kanae, who is twitching in my arms, and continued to poke her.

「You’re dirtily wet huh」

As I kept prying into Kanae’s depths, my penis scrape out most of the lotion I poured into her vagina.
Then right now, before I knew her love juice became our lubricant.

「Aren’t you feeling really good?」

「Tha、That’s not!」

I brushed away Kanae’s hair with my hand, and her white neck came into view.
I playfully bit her nape while pistoning.


Her vagina overflowed with love juice.

She’s certainly feeling it.

「You seem to feel it deep、how does it feel having me explore you?」

「That’s not it! That is not the case!」

「Then lemme take my time confirming it」

As I hugged her tight Kanae widened her eyes.

「Don’t stare at me too much」

Kanae looked away

「If we have sex while facing each other like this I’ll stop after one hour」

「っ! Really?」


Kanae faced me at a distance that a kiss can be made anytime.

I began to violently piston.




At first Kanae kept a straight face when I poked her, but gradually she couldn’t hide that she’s feeling it anymore.

10 minutes in

Her cheeks blushed, her eyes are intoxicated.

20 minutes in

Drools were hanging from her mouth

30 minutes in

Her eyes lost focus

40 minutes in

She started to hold me with her legs and moaned an an enjoying herself

50 minutes in

Unable to bear it anymore, she used both hands to hold my face and kissed me.
Not even remembering that I’m her partner, she twined her tongue with mine in a trance.
As her love juice piled up, the insides of her vagina felt burning hot.
We tangled with each other violently.

After one hour.

As I take my penis out, I separated from Kanae who’s still trying to kiss me.

「That’s the end。 As promised you can go home now」

Kanae reluctantly stared at my mouth.

「What’s wrong?」

「My legs don’t have any strength left…so…」


Kanae opened her legs invitingly. Love juice hung from her twitching pussy.

「Why don’t you let me lodge here today…」

Kanae put on a thoroughly passionate face to tempt me.

My penis became hard.

「It can’t be helped if you can’t move」


As soon as we stopped talking I jumped at Kanae.
As I sucked her nipple I enjoyed her girly scent while putting it into her vagina.
Having my tongue crawling over her breast, Kanae trembled while arching her back. (TN: Actual text is lifting her waist, but that sounds shit)

As she raised her back her entrance met with my penis.

Her love juice made a sound *kuchyuri*. Kanae clung to me with a disordered state that seems to say quickly continue.

As we kissed while I inserted Kanae’s insides squeezed down tightly.

From there, I had sex with the heated Kanae like that of lovers. (TN: Rip baldie)