Kininaru Chapter 28

Wetting the bed

9 PM, Kanae lied face down sleeping while straddling on top of me as is.

Semen was drooping from her pussy after countless times of me cumming inside.

And the nipple that got squashed by me sucking was bright red.
I had the underside of her nipple inside my mouth the whole time while pistoning and chewed on it making her shoulder trembled.

Mid-way Kanae straddled me, she clung to me and kissed me countless times.

As she straddled me her legs were opened, with that I, from below, stabbed my penis into Kanae’s pussy.

Every time I pushed up, Kanae’s body shook so we couldn’t kiss properly.

「I wanna chuuu now so stop moving!」

As Kanae called out I changed to piston bit by bit. Then when we were able to kiss, 「Nmuuuuuuu!」 she began to moan like that convulsing.

Then my abdomen was tinged with a warm liquid.

Unable to bear it Kanae half rose on her feet and took my penis out, but I hugged Kanae tightly not allowing her to pull out. Then I blocked Kanae’s mouth with a kiss, shortly after that I made Kanae cum rapidly.

Not being able to run away from the pleasures Kanae trembled, finally strength left her body so she collapsed on me and slept just like that.

Kanae of the sports club does have physical strength, that’s why having sex with her this enthusiastic also wore me out.
It’s a waste pushing her aside so we piled our bodies and slept like that.




3 AM

Kanae moved on top of me so I opened my eyes.

「I need to go to the toilet」

Seems like she can’t stand up because I hugged her

「Do you know where it is?」

「Tell me」

It’s a hassle moving my body.


From below I rubbed Kanae’s breasts and rolled her clitoris.


I inserted my penis into Kanae’s slightly wet pussy.

「Aaaa! Not now I’m gonna leak!」

「That’s fine、wet yourself」

Since Miyu already pissed all over this bed, I don’t really mind

I moved my body up and down slapping against her and began to piston.


Unable to bear her pussy being plunged into, Kanae shivered and pissed herself.

Then I want to put her to sleep before she starts complaining, so I continued to poke Kanae further.

「Aaaaaa! Cumiiiiiiiing!」


As her vagina constricted Kanae was made to faint by me.

As I confirmed that Kanae is sleeping soundly, I also slept.