Kininaru Chapter 29


I opened my eyes at 5 AM. Only two hours after that my lower body grew cold so I woke up. It’s because of Kanae’s pee turning cold. (TN: Who made her piss there?)

The said Kanae is still sleeping peacefully on top of me. She pee’d on the spot so below her hips is also in a terrible condition, so I took her to the bathroom.

I carefully got out from under her without waking her up, I lifted Kanae up in my arms.

As I showered her crotch in the bathroom Kanae finally woke up.

Holding the shower head with my right hand, I rubbed Kanae’s breast from below with my left. (TN: This dude is fucking opportunistic pfffftt) She’s weak right under her nipple so I rubbed it and made her feel real good.

「N…feels good…」

「Hand or mouth, which one’s better?」

「They’re both good、but I like being sucked lewdly」

I faced Kanae towards me, lifted her breast and sucked on it.

「That’s amazingly ecchi…aahn」

Kanae’s reaction was irresistible that I got hard.

「We have school so that’s a no go you know」

「It’s still just 5、we still have another hour don’t we」

As I lifted one of her legs, Kanae’s genital is already wet enough.

Even though she hesitated, Kanae was also anticipated.

I put Kanae down on the floor and quickly got on top of her.




As I went to school we were scolded by the first teacher.
It’s because we ditched school yesterday without permission.
Kanae who was forced also got scolded.

The first period is Japanese language, during class Kanae seemed to only look at me.
Because of that she got warned many times.
Kanae seems to not understand the sense of distance between us, she was worried about me not coming to talk to her.

At lunch break Kanae was in the mood of wanting to talk to me, but I paid her no mind and went to the cafeteria.
I’m really hungry because of having sex in the morning.

As I was eating the thing I ordered the group of girls encircled me.
They were all cute girls

「What business do you have?」

「Are you Sakimori-kun?」

The one in front of me greeted me

「Yeah but…」

「Then、you’re Kanae’s boyfriend right」

「No、that’s not correct」

「That’s a lie、there’s a rumor you and Kanae ditched school yesterday」

I clicked my tongue hearing that. If that’s the case then Kanae’s boyfriend shouldn’t stay silent. It will involve me in the future.
But let’s take care of the girl before me right now first.

「Then what business do you have with me?」

「Break up with Kanae」


「Becoming your girlfriend put a bad influence on Kanae、she’s a diligent kid you know。 She’s not the kind to skip school。 Yesterday was you unreasonably forcing her right?」 (TN: Now I want this bitch to taste his Remodeled Vibrator. Fucking nosy lol)

They misunderstood that I’m her boyfriend.


「You guys are unrelated right?」

「No、Kanae belongs to the Volleyball club。 Then the finals are coming、so if Kanae receives supplemental lesson because of you it will be a hindrance to club practice」

Seems like this bunch is from the Volleyball club

The eyes of the surrounding already noticed us.

「That being said、you understood right? If you don’t break up you’ll become the enemy of the whole female volleyball club」

Saying so they left. They went in a group but only one person talked. (TN: In other words, a bunch of PUSSIES, haha get it? A bunch of pussies)
Perhaps the other ones are just accompanying her.
Among that group I recognized a face. Seems like she noticed me and hid at the rear.

Looking at her face I got a good idea. (TN: Welp. Rip, whoever you are)
I texted that girl and called her out.
After school, she came to the room I prepared before hand in order to




After school, as I waited in my house the interphone rang.

As I opened the door, the girl I called stood there frightened.
Because of the pale color her hair looked light brown and her skin seemed to be transparently white.
She’s a member of the volleyball club Hoshino Yuki.


Her timidity peaked my sadistic interests

「Just come in for now」

Yuki went into the room.

「Did you tell your parents that you’ll stay over your friend’s house?」

「Y、Yes…umm…when will you err delete the pictures?」

「When I lose interest in your body」

「That can’t be…」

「Just come here。 Today I’ll also embrace you lots」

Yuki turned bright red to the ears.
This is not the first time she stays here

「Ah that’s right、today I also called a guest」

「There’s someone other than me?」

「There’s a spectator today」



「Speaks of the devil。 Yuki wait here。 Alright?」




「Suzuka、you’re good」

I also called Suzuka.

「You’ll show the whole school my naked photos if I don’t come…」

「Well don’t be so on guard、I’m not raping you today or anything。 I’ll show you something good」

「Something good?」

「Yeah、anyway just come in」

Suzuka came in as I urged her. Suzuka came into the room where I violated Miyu and Kanae.

As she came in I put on her the familiar shackles. She didn’t resist while I put them on, seems like I trained her pretty well.

The restricted Suzuka fidgeted her inner thighs. This girl, she was left waiting since yesterday so she should be quite itchy. (TN: The actually sentence is gibberish in english so I rephrased it a lot, still kept the original meaning though)

Right now, if I stuck my hand into Suzuka’s panties it would be drenched.

I’m not even going to touch her until Suzuka herself says she wants to be violated. Then today for the sake of making her saying those words I called Yuki. (TN: I like how boss this guy is, he completely ignored the nosy bitch LOL)