Kininaru Chapter 30


「Eh? Yuki-chan?」

「Suzuka-chan? Why…」

They’re both surprised meeting each other. One person got cuffed with shackles, the other is in her underwear.
Yuki undressed before going into this room.

Seems like she wouldn’t even dream about meeting her classmate in this place.

「Noo! I don’t want to do it in front of Suzuka-chan!」

「I’m showing your classmate your ecstasy you know? Rejoice」 (TN: Yorokobe Shoujo!!)

「There’s nothing to be happy about this!」

Seeing Yuki’s truly dislike this excited me.
My penis got brutally hard because of the figure of Yuki in underwear.

I immediately seized Yuki’s hand, and went towards the bed.


Yuki resisted, but the difference in strength was clear so she couldn’t do anything.

To lay her on the bed I picked Yuki up Princess-style.

As I slowly put her on the bed various kinds of womanly smells that soaked into the bed drifted.

「This bed、it has ecchi smells…」

「Kanae slept on this bed this morning。 That’s why Kanae’s smell is the strongest」

「That can’t be…Kanae-chan too?」

「Yeah、then from now on Yuki-chan’s juice will also soak into it a lot」


「I’ll embrace you lots as always」

「Wait、in front of Suzuka-chan…」

Seems like she’s resisting having her usual disorder condition seen by her classmate.

「Then we’ll do this」

I laid out the futon and had sex.




Yuki-chan and that person were covered in the futon.

They were rustling somehow but I don’t know what they were doing.

His hand poked out from within to drop Yuki-chan’s bra on the floor.

I was told that Yuki-chan has huge tits, but they really are big. (TN: Hahaha what the hell are you worrying about!!?)

Yuki-chan’s voice could be heard from inside.

「Noo! Please don’t lick it! Aaan sucking is no good too!」

Seems like he’s tasting her boobs. (TN: Now that I realize, if Suzuka started a Youtube channel for commentating people having sex…she might surpass PewDiePie)

Her panties were the thing coming out next. The part at her crotch seemed to be stained with wetness.
If these two things came out of the futon then right now, Yuki-chan must be naked

Guchyu guchyu guchyu

「Aaaaaaaaa! Nooooooooooooo!」

Together with obscene wet sounds, Yuki-chan’s shriek was heard.

I wonder what happened this time.

Guchyu guchyu guchyu !

「Stoooooooooooop stirriiiiiiiiiing!」

This is really something to make the usual quiet Yuki-chan to scream that loud, was what I thought

「It’s about time to put it in」


As the voices of the two were heard, the bed started to squeak.


As the squeaking sounds of the bed became louder Yuki-chan’s voice became flirty.

Then as Yuki-chan raised a big flirtatious scream the bed stopped shaking.

The futon was turned over and I saw Yuki-chan inside having her breasts sucked with the cock inserted.
Yuki-chan transparently white skin was flushed, a big stain was formed on the sheets around her crotch region.

As I saw that I realized my pussy was also wet.