Kininaru Chapter 31


「How does it feel to have sex after a week? Yuki-chan」

「Haa haa haa…」

「You’re out of breaths already? Having that condition while we’re doing it all night tonight makes me troubled you know」


Yuki tried to back off while have a string of love juice stretching from her crotch, seems like she’s trying a bit to run away from me.
Yuki’s crotch is as wet as if she pee’d.
I sniffed that stinky smell from the stain.

「There’s Yuki-chan ecchi love juice smell」

「Don’t smell it…」

「I’ll drink all of Yuki-chan’s juice」

As she heard my words Yuki covered her secret place with both her hands.

「D、Don’t drink such things!」

「Hold out you pussy this way」

「Absolutely noo!」

「Then I’ll just use force to drink!」

I caught both Yuki’s feet and picked her up. Then as I slowly lower her down to the bed Yuki’s anus was right in front of my eyes. Her hands still hid her pussy.

As her legs were opened Yuki was is a miserable shape. I peeled off the fingers she used to hide her pussy by force.

「No! Wait…」

Finally her pussy was laid bare before me.
Her pink colored inner flesh shone with love juice.

As I carefully observed her genital Yuki blushed

I placed my mouth on her vagina and sucked *chuu chuu* as if there was a straw.

「Noooooooo! Don’t driiiiiiiink!」

The sweet smell of a seashore entered my nose.

「It’s delicious、Yuki-chan’s pussy juice」

「No No Noooooo!」

I quickly drank up her love juice again

「Release some more」

I switched my mouth over to her clitoris and rolled my tongue.
Immediately Yuki’s legs trembled and more love juice came out.

I once again sucked up her pussy.

Then when I drank everything I got back to tampering with her clit and more love juice came out. (TN: But…how? Is she a love nectar vending machine now?)

「Nooooo this is disgusting!」

Yuki’s pussy twitched and became stiff.
This kind of motion is the proof that Yuki’s feeling good.
Yuki covered her face with her hands noticing that she’s feeling it.

I made one last *chyuba* sound and released my mouth as her labia turned red. I sucked a whole lot.

As an apology I poked my tongue into her vagina passage and politely licked.
Yuki’s legs paddled mid-air.

「Hauuuuuu! I don’t want it but it feels good…」

I think I also licked her vagina this same way before snatching her virginity.

That time she raged around refusing, but this time she seems obediently letting me lick.

Suzuka watched me as I licked her classmate’s vagina with ecstasy.

As her vagina became more tender inside I put my penis in again.

I grasped Yuki’s butt while she’s on all fours, I opened her pussy to left and right.

「This is embarrassing…」

I pushed my penis through her vaginal flesh

「Aa! It’s entering!」

「This guy is sloppily doing your important place isn’t he」

I hugged Yuki tightly from behind and clung to her body.

「You like being hugged tight like this right? Your inside’s twitching」

「That is not true…」

「Then I’ll stop」

I stopped putting strength into my arms

「Wait! I lied! Please hug me tiiight!」 (TN: Isn’t she cute?)

I circled one arm around her chest so they won’t shake, the other arm I embraced her waist closely.

「Then let’s begin」

I began to move my hips.

Her breasts in my arms waved