Kininaru Chapter 32

Miyu that day

I inserted into Yuki as we were face-to-face while lifting her butt. In that figure we changed rooms.

「You come too」

I tell Suzuka to follow me also

Showing Suzuka me having sex with Yuki made her blush.

Yuki only clung me and her pussy was convulsing.




Even though Yuki at first showed resistance, she was filled with pleasures mid-way and accept sex.

As my penis grind her insides she blew tides, when I licked her areola she trembled in pleasures.
I called Yuki to my house and violated her many times so the information of the pleasure of sex was written into her body, once started she won’t run away from me anymore.

But, if we continuously have sex without rest, gradually her condition will change.

「Pull out alreadyyyy!! I don’t wanna cuuuuum!」

As Yuki exhausted her body liquid, nothing leaked out anymore so she only trembled violently as she climax, this process was repeated many times.

Seeing Yuki’s anguish facial expression as she endured the pleasant orgasm, I thought about what would happen if I made her cum even further.

Then in missionary position I piston Yuki in a way that makes her tits bounce around, surprised because of the sudden violent force, Yuki clung to me pressing her tits tightly against me while arching her body. After that, like a string that has been cut, her body went limp.

I held the quiet Yuki’s nipple in my mouth. Yuki’s nipple has a soft and tender sensation.
It’s different to the elastic Miyu when I grabbed it tightly making it shake.




I went into the living room still connected with Yuki and sat down on the sofa.
Because Yuki body went limp my penis entered much deeper, I’m touching her womb.

Immediately after that, the pupils of Yuki, who didn’t react, shook.
Just now she seemed to enjoyed being poked at the deepest place.

I manipulated the remote, turned on the TV and a recording was reflected.

「This is…could it be」

「Yeah、that’s right。 It’s Miyu that day」

Then in the living room Suzuka was shown the video of me having sex with Miyu.
I recorded up until the moment Miyu ran into Suzuka’s room.
There’s six hours of recording so I only showed the moments just before she ran away from the room.




I poked the sweat soaked Miyu in missionary position.

She seems to push me away, but I hugged her tightly blocking her movements.

Just like that I sucked her boobs while pistoning in high speed making her scream.

Unable to bear the in and out movement, the middle school Miyu leaked herself.

I changed position

I inserted into Miyu in「Kakaedori」 position. (TN: It’s the Titanic legendary posture of that couple)

Her huge tits shook greatly in front of the camera.

I let go my hands and Miyu fell face-down on the bed.

Lifting her leg, I switched to the peeing-dog position.

The collapsed Miyu grasped the sheets tightly.

She couldn’t bear her most favorite position. (TN: Actual text is her ‘weak position’ but that makes almost no sense)

I cum inside her just like that and she trembled.

As my ejaculation ended she lifted her left foot and kicked me.

As the penis was vigorously extracted Miyu raised a voice 「auu!」 and held her crotch.

Seems like she leaked a little again.

Then the sweat soaked Miyu ran away from the room.

Love nectar hanging from Miyu’s crotch created a path

I followed it and chased after Miyu