Kininaru Chapter 33

Sakimori’s secret

He took me and Yuki-chan into the living room and showed us a video.

The video projected the 6 hours of Miyu-chan which I wasn’t aware of.
Seeing the video of Miyu-chan being embraced by him from the point of 5th hour onward, I can’t think she’s a middle school girl at all
She was in disorder.
Miyu-chan took advantage of the opening and ran, but she was naked so she hesitated to run outside the door but ran into the room I was in.
Even though she understood that I’m useless she still wanted to cling to me.

He stopped the video there.

「You also want me to do you this way right?」

He asked me while fondling Yuki-chan’s boobs.
Then he gently brushed her pale pigment colored hair revealing her nape and crawled his tongue over it.
Yuki-chan got goosebumps but he kept on persistently licking her nape.
Even though she’s being done like that she’s not detesting.
Some time ago she was slightly feeling it too, but Yuki-chan seemed to be acting that she disliked it.
Seems like Yuki-chan was called here frequently, and had accompanied him for a whole night just like Miyu-chan earlier, so she’s quite used to having sex.

My pussy has been wet since earlier and my body aches.
Every time I recall the time I was confined and had sex with him, I had to masturbate to calm down my flushed body.
I’ve never done such disgraceful thing up until now.
But despite my head disgusts it my body keeps aching more and more.

To distract my mind I try to think about other things.

Speaking of which…

「What’s your relationship with onee-chan?」

「You’re acquaintance right? I saw you walking together before so」

「I don’t know your sister」

「It’s the person in my phone’s lock screen。 I don’t mind if you want to see it now」


His facial expression changed.

「Wh、What’s her name?」

「Mafuyu desu」




The memories I tried to forget one by one was resurrected

My head throbbed in pain

Cold、it’s cold so it can’t be helped。
If I don’t warm up my head…
There’s something warm…
I notice the warmth of something sitting on my lap

I want to make 「that」 mine !
My thing ! !




The moment he heard my sister’s name, he hugged his body and began to tremble. He seems to be really cold, Yuki-chan hugged him tightly as if to warm him up.

Seeing that I thought that Yuki-chan doesn’t hate him.

He also hugged Yuki-chan tightly.
He squeezed so tight that Yuki-chan’s back seemed to break, Yuki-chan looks painful.

Seems like he wasn’t seeing Yuki-chan

「Yuki-chan are you okay?」

「U、Un it hurts but I’m okay…Sakimori-kun is occasionally like this so…after this it’s probably…」

He suddenly carried Yuki-chan in Princess-style and rose on his feet, then began to walk

I went after the two of them.

「What happened so suddenly?」

I talked to Yuki-chan while walking.

「Sometimes、when this happened he’d absolutely never let me go so…」

「Will Yuki-chan be alright!?」

「I’m okay! So Suzuka-chan can just go home now!」

「Yuki-chan also go with me!」

「Right now he needs me so…」

Being carried in Princess-style like an important figure, Yuki-chan looked kind of happy.

While speaking they went into the first room at the beginning. He carried Yuki-chan in his arms to the bed.

「I beg you please don’t look any further than this!」

I couldn’t see Yuki-chan because of his back,  but I left the room exactly as told.

Just before the door shut tight, I saw Yuki-chan kissed him.