Kininaru Chapter 35

Electric train

As I woke up I recalled the things from yesterday.
Me remembering nothing but embraced Yuki many times has been a thing for many times up until now.
Every time it happens Yuki always clings to me.

Previously, I asked Yuki what did I do to her once, but she made a pained expression so from that day on for some reasons I didn’t ask again. It shouldn’t be me who worries about such thing, but did affection sprung inside Yuki?

Embracing each other to sleep became a warm period of time too.

Soon after the finals is summer vacation

I’ll study diligently for this week





I got on the train. I’m going to study at the public library of the neighboring town
Yesterday I devoted myself to studying so today I’ll give myself some margins.
As I started memorizing things by heart, I produced the image of the pages by reading it over and over again and made sure to remember it.
Unlike middle school, where the amount of memorized things is important, in high school the speed of recalling is more important than the amount.
The trend of questions in math tests is easy to expect so it’s more than enough even if I study at the last minute.

The train became crowded as I think about this and that.

In front of me there was a middle school girl entering. She wore the same uniform with Miyu, seems like she goes to the same middle school with me.

Her slender figure and small breasts is pretty cute.
She seems a bit cheeky but that’s fine too

I didn’t have sex yesterday so it piled up. (TN: Oh…………….rip)

Even the air conditioners aren’t having any effect, people glue to each other on the crowded train so it’s hot
That girl too, flapped the breast part of her shirt.
Glimpses of her humble white bra holding her moderate breasts could be seen, but the nice scent coming out from her breasts made my pulse throb.

Unable to bear it I touched her butt on top of her skirt.
Then I put strength into her butt, and lifted the flesh squeezing it tightly.

The girl looked around restlessly, then she noticed me standing behind her.
She glared at me.
Without care I slid my hand into her skirt, and lowered her panties down to her thighs. (TN: This guy is too boss, somebody report him pls)
She stepped on my foot and raised one leg, but at the same time I moved my hand from the back into her crotch and firmly seized her secret place. My middle was just enough to fit into her vagina, I used the finger tip to feel up her clit.


She raised her voice, the obaa-san siting in front of her asked 「Are you alright?」.

Without saying anything I openly grasped her crotch
It was stuffy probably because it’s hot, I gently feel it up

「Y、Yes。 It’s nothing」 (TN: Uhh…hello? You’re being molested, remember?)

The girl who got her important place grasped didn’t say anything.
「That’s good then」 said the old woman before she went back to sleep.

In order to confirm that whether the girl was a virgin I used my middle finger to search for her vaginal opening.
Then she shut her crotch and interrupted my hand.
I didn’t see her face but her ears were bright red.
Does this mean she wants to stop me from doing anything further

I moved only my finger and found the vaginal opening.
She also noticed that it’s been found out, and clutched her butt tightly. It felt good to have my wrist locked between the soft buttocks.

I used my index finger and ring finger to open her labia.
As her genital came into contact with open air her legs shivered

As I felt around her hole my nail touched her hymen.


Holding her voice to a low volume she covered my hand with both her hands.

「If you do more than that I’ll raise my voice」

「It’s fine even if you let your voice out、but that moment your hymen will be gone」

I used my fingernail to scratch her vaginal opening


「If you’re obedient then I won’t tear it。 So let me touch your pussy」 (TN: Right. We know your “promises” well)


「Oops are you fine with me tearing it? Open your legs a little」

After a brief moment of hesitation she opened her legs a little
The hand that was held between her legs was free’d.
At the beginning I put my hand so that it covers from her butt to her clit.
It felt good touching her wet place

She trembled her shoulders

Next I moved my hand forward to her pubic hair.
I gathered the hair and suddenly pulled on it
As expected it’s thin because she’s only middle school

I dug my middle finger into her vagina and it got wet
I slowly moved my hand back and forth rubbing the vagina
Her hips started to twitch as her crotch rapidly got wet.

「Does it feel good?」

「Of course it does not feel good…」

「It’s amazingly wet、your pussy」

The love juice from her genital twined my fingers and I smeared that on her butt
I slimily rubbed her butt

「You get it? Your butt is all slimy you see? It’s love juice from your pussy」

「What the heck is love juice!」 (TN: Hahahahaha)

「It’s vaginal lubricant。 It’s the proof for your pussy feeling good」

I rolled her clitoris over while tampering with her labia


She bent her body a little

「You leaked a feel good voice」

Pota pota

Love juice dripped down on the panties hanging on her thighs.


As she leaked a small gasp she covered her mouth with her hand.
Looking at her from behind a little and I saw her cheeks deep red.
Seems like she was embarrassed that she raised a strange voice

If I do it until she cum the surrounding will notice me so I’ll stop here
Judging from her reaction perhaps she won’t masturbate.
She’s not used to it so it’s all the more dangerous when she cum

I took my hand from her crotch and pulled up her panties.

「It’s cold…」

As the panties wet with love juice touched her vagina she twitched.

I pretended to scratch my nose and sniffed the smell of that girl’s love juice.
Then my penis got hard from the lewd smell of the girl in front of me