Kininaru Chapter 36


I got a boner, but still it really is impossible to continue any further than this.

I want to penetrate her right here and right now, but I just met this girl so I thought I’d stop here today.

「I’ll let you go today、but the next time we meet I’ll take this membrane」

I whispered so while rubbing her crotch and the legs that were sandwiching my hand trembled
She has nice smell and good bearing, it’s a girl that excites me.

「I’ll never meet you the second time…」

I kept touching her butt until I got off at my intended station.
I touched her genital over her panties on last time, even when there was the cloth a string of wet juice stretched.





The finals started yesterday. It was scheduled for all 4 days that classes will end in the morning.
However, there are some tasks that would take something this afternoon.

I went to my old middle school Somefusaki. (TN: 染布)
It was Miyu’s request that I refused, but I decided to repay her nursing me when I caught a cold.
And it’s also good because there’s a person I want to meet there.

As I walked pass the staff room my old homeroom teach came out, we had a reminiscent talk for a while.
After that I stood before the 3rd year students, I talked to them about study method and real exams with a suitable atmosphere.
While talking I searched for a certain student. It’d be good if that person comes to this place but…

Spotted !

In the middle of the 3rd row from the right there was a girl with twin tails sitting on the ground grasping her knee while looking at me. Her eyes were as if she saw something impossible. It’s understandable when the guy who molested her the other day, and moreover said that he’d snatch her virginity the next time they meet, comes to her school.

As I finished my speech the whole open space was wrapped in applauds, a student that seems to be the Student Council President gave me words of thanks.

After that I received more words of thanks from the teachers at the staff room and I was finally freed. After getting the permission to tour around the school a bit, I magnificently walked around.

I quickly met Miyu at the hallway. She approached me the moment she saw me.

「Today was really fine right?」

「It’s fine、it’s a request from the cute Miyu after all」

「That’s…what’s with the cute part」

「Come to my house this weekend。 I’ll embrace you again」

「T、There are kisses right?」

「Yeah、I’ll kiss you lots。 And sex too」


Miyu fidgeted with her face red.
Then she nodded with feverish eyes.

Next I searched for the you-know-who girl. I looked around the classrooms but didn’t find her. Perhaps she’s running away from me constantly. I went back to the first floor again, and did a thorough search. I gradually moved up each floor and finally there’s only the rooftop left.
I observed the state of the rooftop and there seemed to not be anyone.
But I tried searching just to make sure and saw her hiding under the pump.

「Fo~und ya」

She jumped in surprise hearing me greeting her from behind.


I embraced her slender body from behind, then touched around her whole body.
Her nape smells really good.

「What do you mean how、you wanted me to continue what I did earlier so you chose this deserted place right?」

「That’s not it! I don’t even want to see your face…」

I held down her hands with my hand, and used my other hand to pull her skirt down.
If I do foreplay beforehand even this inexperienced girl is okay right?
I’m sure that she’ll squirt tides of love juice endlessly.
She has classes after this so it’s no good to dirty her underwear.

I held her panties with my hand and smoothly pulled it down exposing her dazzling lower half.

「No…don’t look」

I couldn’t bear the gap between her small breasts and her lady-like legs and butt.
This unbalance is no doubt her ero-strength, I thought

I moved my hand to her vagina.